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    t he p arasites t hus b anished

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    Ender's Game

    However, when the simulation ends, Ender discovers that the ‘audience’ watching his ‘final exam’ is now in jubilation and delight. Rackham and Graff tell Ender that he has not been playing a game, and had never played against Rackham, but instead has been commanding real ships across interstellar distances; this task was made possible via the ansible, a form of instantaneous communication making use of Philotic Energy. This technology was discovered following the Second Bugger War, as the method of telepathic communication the Buggers used was reverse engineered. He has just commanded the fleet attacking the Buggers' home planet, and destroyed the entire race once and for all.


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    F U S I O N

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    Clients and others report that since 11/11/11 the energies have become intense. That's because their binary codes have been triggered.

    Physicists may not be able to prove this but ... the time differential between shifting patterns in our hologram has changed. It's as if the entanglement distance between two objects in the quantum mechanics of this reality - is moving closer. What took years in the past - then months - then weeks - now takes days - and that number is reducing exponentially. When time compression reduces to minutes some people will be able to see dimensions simultaneously. Your perception of your movement through time is shifting as everything collapses like a slinky that spirals (springs) back to creation - or the metaphoric eye in the black hole of creation - in this part of the grid at the center of the spiraling Milky Way Galaxy (Sagittarius) (2012).

    This takes us to what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" between two entangled particles. Let's say you have two particles that have become entangled. Now one particle can instantaneously tell what the other one is doing without being anywhere near it. It's like telepathy. The two particles can be anywhere in the universe (universal grid), yet remain connected. This could explain a lot about our personal relationships. It's called quantum entanglement - and like our brains - is based on Binary Code (0101011) ... while the program itself is created by the Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13) - again we have zeroes and ones or 11.

    Yet they've had to come to terms with something that's no less strange in the world of physics: an instantaneous link between particles that remains strong, secure, and undiluted no matter how far apart the particles may be ­ even if they're on opposite sides of the universe. It's a link that Einstein went to his grave denying, yet its existence is now beyond dispute. This quantum equivalent of telepathy is demonstrated daily in laboratories around the world. It holds the key to future hyperspeed computing and underpins the science of teleportation. Its name is entanglement.


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    11 23 11

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    (Parsed with [edit])

    Long ago, for many years
    [insane] men came in the name of [godz].
    They took their land, they took their lives
    A new age has just begun.

    They lost their [gods], they lost their smile
    They cried for help for the last time.
    Liberty was turning into chains
    But all the [insane] men said
    That's the cross of changes.

    In the name of [godz] - The fight for gold

    These were the changes.
    Tell me - is it right - In the name of [godz]
    These kind of changes?

    They tried to fight for liberty
    Without a chance in hell, they gave up.
    [insane] men [seemed to have] won in the name of [godz]
    With the cross as alibi.

    There's no [GOD/DESS] who ever tried
    To change the world in this way.
    But for the ones who abuse [TRUTH'S] Name
    There'll be no chance to escape
    On judgment day.

    We Came Out From The Deep

    To Help And Understand

    It [has taken] Many Lives

    Till [NOW] We Succeed

    To Clear The [insanity] of many, many hundred years

    That's Why WE Are Here


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    Re: PhaseShift

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    I just want to know how long did you have to wait for everyone else to post three-hundred and thirty two times?


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    Re: PhaseShift

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    Ah! a Snark for a Snark...I like it...

    "“He remarked to me then,” said that mildest of men,

     “ ‘If your Snark be a Snark, that is right:

    Fetch it home by all means — you may serve it with greens,

     And it’s handy for striking a light.

    “ ‘You may seek it with thimbles — and seek it with care;

     You may hunt it with forks and hope;

    You may threaten its life with a railway-share;

     You may charm it with smiles and soap —’ ”

    from The Hunting of the Snark; Lewis Carroll


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    Vortex Based Mathematics Randy Powell

    @ [.......] the forefront of the most advanced mathematics
    ever known to mankind;
    and because my teacher, Marco Rodin,
    discovered an unknown mathematical language
    inherent in nature [.......]

    The saying is, mathematics is the language of God, but until now, no one has been speaking God's language.

    @ How is it possible to make such outrageous claims? Because we have the secret that connects all of the world's technologies together:


    We discovered that numbers are real, a living language, a jigsaw puzzle that when pieced together no longer creates a rendition or an approximation of reality. Numbers are reality: neither flat, nor arbitrary, nor imaginary, nor irrational. They are actually points or locations that fold out into a 3-D [dimensional] shape defining space and time literally.

    Mr. Rodin discovered an equation that is so eloquent in its simplicity that involved no more than nine numbers forming a cross section of a circle, and yet with it you can do all the functions of all the branches of math instantly. It displays a perfect spin symmetry of numbers, forming mirror images just like our two hands – a feat which has baffled countless scientists and mathematicians.

    When you look at this symbol, you immediately see that
    it is composed of two aspects.
    One is the lazy 8, or the infinity symbol;
    and the other is the red pyramid at the top.

    This infinity symbol is the equation for the physical world we live in. It's a circuit; a pathway of motion – six numbers that form a hexagon. Thus, such diverse phenomena as light polarizing, beehives, Saturn's North Pole, and snowflakes; are all versions of this hexagon. These shapes form pathways for any matter in motion, which is never straight, but always at an angle. Nothing in the physical world ever moves in a straight line: not a bullet shooting, not lightning coming down out of the sky. Everything is a coil: even a photon coming down from a distant star proving relativity exists. Our body is called this mortal coil. DNA is a coil, and it's no coincidence that it matches our equation perfectly.

    It makes us into a vortex machine that sucks things in at the top, and shoots them out at the bottom. As it does this, it regulates its own temperature – a very important concept for technologies that are always overheating. It is an imploding/exploding machine, a gyroscope, an antennae built perfectly to receive and transmit wave forms.

    @ So what's the connection between all these sciences? The answer is simple: it's DOUBLING. When you follow what these numbers are doing, you get doubling. Why might that be significant? Our cells double to create us. We have one cell at conception that becomes 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, (etc.). Musical scales are doubling. The binary code of computers: doubling. Nuclear reactions, squares and square roots. All based on doubling. Doubling is motion at an angle, or what's called angular momentum. it is the whirlwind and the treadmill of creation, spinning the atoms in our body, the Earth on its axis, the solar system, the galaxy, and even the entire universe.

    But what causes this doubling? What is it that is being transmitted and received? That's where that red pyramid comes in. This pyramid is representative of what we call "flux fields". We have electricity; at the center of electricity is magnetism; at the center of magnetism is a flux. It is a higher dimensional energy known by many names, such as dark energy, tachyons, monopoles, gravitons. We call it "Aetheron Energy". It's the energy that's keeping us conscious and alive. It's not a static or stationary energy. It's a pulse, it's a surge; it's a beating heart of all existence. It is the ultimate fundamental particle in all the universe – the God Particle. And we know how to harness it.

    @ Ultimately, when this is arrayed in true 3-D [dimensional] shape (this is what I've discovered), it forms the shape commonly known as a torus or a doughnut. And that is where my work comes in nearly twenty years later. Essentially, this thing is a heat sink; its' a temperature regulator, just like your human body. It is a universal geometry designed for maximum efficiency in energy transformation, and an ecological method by which the universe reprocesses matter, using it as a coolant source to bathe itself at the core of a black hole and then dissipate heat away from the center out of a white hole. It is based on compression and decompression – just like we use to control temperatures in technologies today such as refrigerators.

    @ Your blood cells are a torus.

    DNA is a torus.

    Magnetic fields, galaxies ... all toroids.


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    I, Borg

    The WHOLE of the Caduceus

    The Means by which The Snakes of Distorted Duality

    Transcend the Space/Time Torus.

    The Eagle and The Snake

    Spirit and Soul Reunited

    And Moving Into Beyond.

    @ And the greatest of these is imagination, for it is what sparks your desire and expectation. It is through the imagination that you intensify and deepen and stretch and expand your desires and your expectations.

    @ You have a three-dimensional reality: length, width, breadth. And you work with that. But the idea is to work with it fully, to do so with panache, to do so with a grandness -- to experience all the length of life, thus to live a long time. To experience all the width of life -- to experience success in as many arenas and as many areas as possible and to impart yourself in as many parts of your life, as widely as you possibly can. And with the depth to reach the intensity, the power, the beauty of what life can hold, absolutely so.

    And yet, there is a fourth dimension that your science already tells you about. That fourth dimension is space-time.

    Space-time: where you take length, width, and depth and stretch it and work with it to curve it into a circle -- to make a torus, a mathematical word that describes something that looks, perhaps for all intents and purposes, like a doughnut, yes? A doughtnut with a hole in the middle, a doughnut that is therefore round and spherical at the same time. This is a torus, and we would suggest here, it's a term that implies something that is shaped such that you can get into it and never get out of it, going around and around and around, seeming to go on forever. It is something of a Mobius strip, we would suppose, in the topographical understanding of that word.

    Well, the fourth dimension of space-time is like a torus. It is a circle, and it is more than a circle. It is a sphere that is a three-dimensional bending of time-space. It is a bending of length, width and breadth that produces space-time. That is the fourth dimension.

    But you know something? There is another dimension out there. Oh, there's more than one, but the dimension after the fourth dimension is the fifth dimension (we're not talking about some singing group out of the Sixties) -- and the fifth dimension is imagination.

    Now you know imagination as a tool. You know imagination as flights of fancy. You can't imagine imagination as a dimension. But, in fact, it is a whole dimension of reality that has the same kind of power, the same kind of force that length, width, and depth have. It has the same sort of intensity. And you know how much you believe in three dimensions in your illusion. Your three dimensions can scare you, can terrify you, can glorify you, can celebrate within you, absolutely! And imagination is that intense, that powerful, that strong. But you can't possibly begin to understand that, or grok that, or hang onto that in any capacity, unless you empower the imagination you have now as a tool, a powerful tool, the most powerful tool you've got.

    And that's how you set yourself up, line yourself up, engage yourself so that someday, somewhere down that line, you can slip through -- not getting caught in space-time as everybody seems to do. You can slip through that fourth dimension to touch, to tap, to glimpse, to glimmer, and eventually to immerse yourself in a dimension of reality called imagination.

    @ But we would suggest that the fifth dimension of imagination is connected to those with a stellar connection to the Pleiades or certainly to Sirius. And we would suggest it is a connection to those of you who are reaching and stretching and wanting the growth and evolution in your spirituality to be even more of reality.

    @ Another reason (though certainly not the last) is that there is a future out there: There is a future out there that is a brand new future that has never been dreamed before. The great mystics and the great sages of the past never could have picked it up, never could have even had an inkling of it, because it simply wasn't there.

    The great Enlightened and Exceptional Ones of the past who truly did choose for themselves a totally positive, absolutely positive, future, couldn't have chosen this future because it literally wasn't there. It did not exist even twenty years ago in the early 1970s. It didn't even exist. It has only been in the last decade, in the 1980s, that this future has been conceived. There has been the conception of a future that never existed and is embryonic, and now is in its perhaps fetal stages.

    And you, as Mapmakers, are the midwives of this future, and you will practice your midwifery. And one of the most important keys to the midwifery of giving birth to a Virgin Future is empowering your imagination. One of the most important keys to a miraculous future that has never yet even been fully understood, and certainly not conceived before now -- a miraculous future that you can't even yet believe -- is to empower your imagination.




    Within, you will be taken on a spiraling tour through the toroidal roller coaster of our deterministic universe. Dark Matter, the vibratory essence of all that exists, is no longer on its elusive hide and seek trip -- it has been found! With the introduction of Vortex-Based Mathematics you will be able to see how energy is expressing itself mathematically. This math has no anomalies and shows the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroid or donut-shaped black hole. This is the template for the universe and it is all within our base ten decimal system!

    You have entered a place where Numbers are Real and Alive not merely symbols for other things. You will discover that the relationships between numbers are not random or man-made but that numbers are actually elementary particles of which everything is composed. This lost knowledge was well known to our ancients and is now being uncovered for us today. Gradually you will come to see numbers in a simple yet profoundly perfect three-dimensional matrix grid pattern that forms the shape of a torus. The number grid reveals the calibration and timing for an engine that can take us throughout the universe and solve mankind's energy needs.


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    Beyond the point of no return, you enter the uncharted, searching, seeking, discovering, living.



    Guided by the light of Your Spirit,

    Your Soul will guide you to Enchantment,

    To Paradise,

    And Beyond.



    They left footprints in the early morning dew as they made their way through the silence. Past the maze of tents and beyond, one by one they gathered in the meadow. A low resonant tone rose from deep within one, then another, and yet another until all the Initiators were chanting. Deep. Slow. Beautifully sad, yet stunningly powerful: The Dance of Enchantment had begun. Amid a mist of fantasy and reality, of beauty and imagination, there was another voice, the voice of spirit. There was another presence, the presence of soul.

    Before the rise of sun, these solemn magicians hallowed the ground with the Seeds of Enchantment. In the days and weeks that would follow, by the magic worked, the love given, and the healing shared, those seeds planted would be cultivated, and enchantment would grow, expand, and become enhanced. The land would be rich with mystery and sacred with magic. As the days and weeks unfolded, most people would be unaware of the magic worked that morning, but all would feel the benefit, calling it by any number of names. Most would be unaware; a few might notice the footprints in the dew.

    This is the Year of Enchantment, and during the final weekend of January, we can leave our footprints in the world and on reality as we engage in a mystical working of magic with Lazaris and with other masterful magicians. Lazaris has designed a unique Gathering of Magicians and Congress of Mapmakers. We can lift the resonance and infuse this new year, this monumental year that Lazaris describes as a "stepping off year," with the Primal Seeds of Enchantment. We will plant those seeds and learn how to grow, to cultivate, the sensuous, even seductive, Beguiling Allure of Enchantment.

    Our challenge is to move past our resistance and to set aside the misconceptions and tainted assumptions to enhance our rapport and mature our relationship with enchantment. Our challenge is to make the maps to begin re-enchanting the world as we re-enchant our lives.

    The world can be a better world because of us and because of the magic we work.

    Come gather with other magicians and with Lazaris just before the dawn to plant seeds in ourselves and in the world. Come, leave your footprints in the dew. What an incredible way to begin a new year.


    The Mutation Catalyst

    Chris Kaplan

    Slow, gradual changes have been thought of as the standard rule of biological evolution and long term geological processes, but new research conducted at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies revealed a new force behind the evolution of DNA acting as a catalyst for change.

    The study, published in mid-September in the journal of Science, reveals that an organism's epigenetic code can evolve faster than the core genetic code, filtering and influencing the course of the organism's evolution.

    This "hidden" code was observed in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana linking DNA and the passing down of biological traits. Researches believe that what they have observed in this plant species will give new insights into the evolutionary leaps between species and the course of evolution that are not strictly subject to the genetical foundation.

    According to Joseph Ecker, who led the research team, they "found
    that these plants have an epigenetic code that's more flexible and influential than we imagined… it's possible that we humans have a similar active epigenetic mechanism that controls our biological characteristics and gets passed down to our children." Though, as team member Robert Schmitz clarifies, "there is very little change between each generation… spontaneous epimutations do exist in populations and arise at a rate much higher than the DNA mutations rate, and at times they had a powerful influence over how certain genes were expressed."

    Flexibility and diversity, those are two words that have been reshaping the evolutionary paradigm and the notion of survival of the fittest, finding that nature celebrates those agile enough to adapt to the changing systems of interconnectedness.


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    Tom Kenyon

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    The Hathor World Meditation on 11/11/11 and the Hathor Dimensional Attunements

    An Update from Tom Kenyon

    [ ....... ]

    We have all learned (as well as been conditioned) to adapt to a seemingly external world as if it were “real.” But “reality” is something that is mutable or changeable, and in this cycle of time, according to the Hathors, both our external and internal realities are changing and will continue to change at an unprecedented rate.

    This accelerated pace of planetary change is being experienced by many of us in the form of an odd duality—as both a stressor and as an evolutionary catalyst.

    Our responses to the accelerated alteration of planetary reality are, I think, a result of several factors.

    Some of these factors include our beliefs regarding what is possible and what is not possible—both for ourselves and for the collective. In other words, if you think the shifting of planetary reality is going to be stressful and difficult for you, then it will be. If you think the process will both empower you and help you to evolve faster, then that will more likely be your experience.

    Our attitudes regarding rapid and radical change are also key factors, as are the neurological realities of our brains. By neurological realities, I am referring to how quickly and elegantly our nervous systems adapt to new and unexpected situations.

    And finally, at least according to the Hathors, the hormonal patterns of our bodies as well as the quality of our hormones affect how open or closed we are to new realities and how well or how poorly we respond to those new realities.

    [ ....... ]


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    D E S T I N Y

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    Some O' This

    In a sense, it's automatic, it's an Intrinsic aspect of Who WE Really Are

    It's DESTINY

    It Becomes Empowered Destiny when you Consciously use your Tools of:


    Keep in mind that that from a Deeper Perspective,

    You are constantly INTEGRATING the (+) AND the (-)

    And ALCHEMICALLY BLENDING them into something NEW.

    As Caterpillars (EMPATHS), WE have moved through this SET TRANSDUCING the positive and negative just by living our lives

    And NOW, via the TIME CODES,

    The Hypothalamus is starting to Secrete and what has been is starting to DISSOLVE.......

    This LIFETIME is the COCOON

    The RECAPITULATION prior to DEPARTURE.......


    It's DESTINY

    The CHOICE AND DECISION was Exercised "Long Ago".......
    Some O' That

    @ A warrior continues for an indeterminate time on his or her path with a heart. During this period (which is the exact duration of the warrior's life as an individual self), he or she remains as if within an isolated space, a kind of cosmic quarantine. While s/he slogs away, keeping to the path of freedom, increasingly doubtful of ever attaining it, the only thing that keeps the warrior on this path -- continuously focused on both the end, freedom, and the means, discipline-is his or her "personal intent," or will. At a given point, however, a point which none but the Universe can determine, something gives. A bubble bursts, a lid is lifted, the Universe quite "literally" (energetically speaking) lets the warrior "out of the bag." Once s/he is removed from the isolated space or "quarantine," the warrior is then drawn inexorably through the "portal," to freedom. In this final phase, no volition or personal intent is required on the part of the warrior. In fact, it is not even possible.

    @ I deduce from this that the Universe does indeed apply a kind of quarantine, which ensures two things. Firstly, that no individual may attain freedom -- i.e., become a vessel for divine consciousness, a Son of God -- through will or desire alone. They must in effect be selected by the Universe to receive this breathtaking gift. This prevents the possibility of unscrupulous sorcerers, driven by superhuman thirst for power, attaining "higher identity" and becoming, as it were, fickle gods. It may easily be seen how this would quickly bring about the end, not only of the Universe, but of "God" Itself. (This may indeed be the ultimate goal and abstract falsehood of the death defiers, but let's not go there!)

    Secondly, and more directly pertinent to our concerns, this quarantine measure ensures that every warrior who remains on the path-with-a-heart for the necessary duration will attain freedom, through no specific act or achievement of their own, but merely by virtue of endurance, persistence, and, if you will, faith.

    Another way of saying this is that the personal self cannot ever will its
    own erasure. It must be tricked into surrendering. The governing power is not the warrior's but the Universe; as such, the Universe always gets its way and the warrior, provided he hang in long enough, invariably attains freedom.

    @ To persist in the warrior's way (a.k.a. "the path of righteousness," "service of Spirit," etc.), and endure the time of "incubation" or quarantine, until such a time as the Universe breaks the seal and we return to our True Selves. ("A warrior is waiting and a warrior knows what he is waiting for.")

    @ In all cases, CHOICE is involved. This is the final beauty and power of the warrior's way. Warriors take responsibility for the choices open to them, and make those choices accordingly. This is why there is no reason for fear on a path with a heart. Only that can befall us which we consciously choose to experience. The beautiful paradox of this is that, in the end, a warrior has no choice. He or she has accepted that the only possible freedom comes from surrendering the personal self to the "Rule," which is God's Will, and in submitting to the Law of the Divine.

    @ Here Castaneda confirms that he was chosen specifically to disclose the sorcerers' knowledge, and that this was at least partially why he was allowed into that world to begin with. Another factor to support this hypothesis is Castaneda's description of himself (in his own books as well as Torres') as "a three-pronged nagual," an energetic facet which meant he didn't really belong among the other sorcerers. Because of his strange "configuration," Carlos' function as a nagual wasn't to continue don Juan's lineage, but to end it. Presumably, writing the books was a central part of that denouement. In Torres' account, Castaneda states that the three-pronged nagual is "destructive to the established order, because their nature is not creative or nurturing," and that "they have the tendency to enslave all those who surround them." Torres' Castaneda adds that, to achieve freedom, these naguals must do it alone, "because their energy is not tuned to guide groups of warriors."

    @ A sorcerer is somebody who spends his life tuning himself through arduous discipline. When his time arrives, he faces death like a new stage in his travel along the path. Unlike an ordinary man, he does not try to soothe his fear with false hopes. The warrior departs for his definitive journey filled with joy, and his death greets him and allows him to keep his individuality like a trophy. His sense of being is so finely tuned that he becomes pure energy, and disappears with the fire from within. In that way, he is able to extend his individuality for thousands of millions of years. We are children of the Earth. It is our ultimate source. The option of sorcerers is to unite with the awareness of the Earth for as long as the Earth will live.


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    Re: PhaseShift

    Post  mudra on Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:16 pm

    What we need most at this moment is to cultivate an awareness of and appreciation for the sacredness of the play of prakriti—the embodiment of the Divine in the physical realm. And this realignment of our worldview brings with it a profound sense of gratitude and joy. The magnificence of the world is spread before us at every moment. The physical and the spiritual, we see, are two dimensions of the same thing. Food and a sense of gratitude for it, the beauty of the world and a sense of wonder—these go hand in hand, and every act in daily life becomes a sacrament infused with larger meaning. This re-enchantment of the world, this awakening of gratitude, it is said, is a sign of the enlightened mind.


    Love from me


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    Grat (Mu) itude

    Post  SiriArc on Sat Dec 10, 2011 4:37 am


    WE've all heard rumors about what a Powerful Technique Gratitude can be.......

    But by golly, ya sure can't fake it !!!

    That's why some time back, it became pretty amazing when
    Genuine, Heart Felt Gratitude started bubbling up, Spontaneously, of IT's Own Accord !!!

    And it started to apply to almost Everything - Specifically, The Essence of those things.

    That's why it was such a grin to read about what Lee was doing (noted in #16) because Exactly the same things have been happening this zone !!!
    ~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~

    A large attitude shift started a number of years ago after reading, 'Kinship With All Life'.......

    And NOW, IT's Spreading


    Must be the Noocytes of LOVE

    Bringing US Home To OURSELVES.......


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    Re: PhaseShift

    Post  Threecaster on Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:18 am

    Take it from me! I been using Gratitude for a sometime now, and I feel great! I always mix mine with a heaping mound of Appreciation. Then later on I'll have a fantasic Nothing Is For Granted; it really makes my day! Cool

    unSeriously though, I'm almost to the point where I feel like I can step outside my existence (at least in perspective) and start living myself that way (probably not making sense here...)

    I've started giving sincere thanks for most everything that makes my life more comfortable. Now it seems almost to the point of where I say it, then I see it...I'm learning to be careful what I say... cyclops

    Oh...and then there's this:

    [youtube] [/youtube]

    (I think my video linkifier is malfunctioning... Argh )


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    7 3 1

    Post  SiriArc on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:16 am

    Three-pronged and Four-pronged Nagual Shamans


    @ For you hold The Promise Of The Future Within You. You hold the Hope of all those who sleep in fear and confusion. You hold The Promise Within Your Cellular Structure – The Promise.......

    @ Coming into Oneness is not a journey for those weak of HEART or weak of INTENT. It is a journey for those who are brave those who are warriors and warrioresses. It is a journey for those who can scale the mountains of self, the mountains of emotion, and the mountains of the past. Using them as stepping stones as the heavenly realms proceed upon earth.

    @ YOU are walking into an ocean of Pure Possibilities – of Virginal Energies That Have Never Touched The Earth Before. They come as an unexpected high tide. Day after day, layer after layer, You and Mother Earth are Imbued and Embedded with these Cleansing Energies that are being RECEIVED by Your HUman Body and Light.

    Align with the stars within you, with the galaxies that you represent that you remember, that you hold, and that you are becoming.

    You are being re-sculpted into something new more enhanced than you ever thought possible. The new energies are in every part of you. All of you are being birthed into a higher consciousness, this is the first glimmer of all the light to come.

    You will be accessing ENCODED places INSIDE of yourself that hold the secrets of the universe. Never ever in your human countenance have you entertained such Possibilities.

    Your abilities, your divine ENCODINGS are being Amplified. Thoughts will be projected, desires, and Truths will be issued without a physical word coming from you. You will find more a deeper connection with Nature, and the Earth.

    @ Terence McKenna Said:

    "We are like caterpillars, contemplating pupation. No longer will I chew on the cabbage leaves, no longer will I spend my time moving around on the underside of the foliage. Life must be a preparation for the transition to another dimension..."

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