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    THE FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY - ask and I will tell you


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    THE FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY - ask and I will tell you

    Post  Carol on Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:51 am

    This was a great thread at GLP over a number of years started by Gaia Man. Many of the predicitons he made have come true and are coming true now. It seemed having access to the pdf file would be of interest to some at Mists.

    "The Future of your country?..ask and I will tell you,..
    What will happen to your country the coming years? I have the power to see,
    if you like to know. But a warning, for some the future is not so bright.
    But if you wanna know, I Gaia Man will give you the answer."

    The pdf compiled writings are here:

    for examples from: 5/16/05


    There is coming The Great Cold.
    Many people shall leave, for many it will be to late! This year before The Great Cold, a murder will shock your nation.


    Many bad years to come.
    There will be 2 more big wars.
    We will see, that the young boys will go abroad with guns to kill. The man in the White House will be there for many years to come, at least 7 years from now.
    USA will be the country the Pope is killed.
    The old President will be President of the UN.

    There will be a dispute with Mexico about Ufo´s.

    I see many soldiers in blue across the USA. The great virus will make Martial Law a fact.
    The Camps will be full, many people will die.
    The old President will work together with the With House.

    1 State will be total empty, leaving behind the Golden Sun

    will make a big change in politics in the near future. It will be isolate itself from Europe, but that will be a wise move at the end.
    The red white color of Danmark will work together with the yellow blue color to stay out of the military problems of Europe.
    The weather will change, but you will adjust to it.


    The black en white scarf of the Bali Temple will be burned. The great Mountain of Java will blow.
    From Jakarta to Surabaya people will live in dark. For there is good news for some Islands.
    They will have their Independence day end 2008.

    This is the link to the last page.

    "For Earthquakes there will be many in different places. The first big one, will be in
    the New Zealand Area (southern) I think it will be in late 2006 or begin 2007.
    The Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest has more than a dozen potentially
    active volcanoes. Its a concern from today to many years to come.

    But I see not that great eruption like people say. Indonesia is a bigger concern
    with eruptions like South-America."

    Thread Page 8

    Big 7.4 in southern New Zealand near Christchurch. Volcano erupting in Indonesia.

    Anyway, I've always kept the page linked and like to check it out due to the many hits he did get.

    And please keep in mind.. I know nothing until I read it on the net. geek

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    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Re: THE FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY - ask and I will tell you

    Post  lindabaker on Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:31 am

    "And please keep in mind.. I know nothing until I read it on the net."...Carol

    Carol, that gave me the laugh of the day. Or week!

    Regarding the Danmark (Denmark) prediction: Did they ever get out of the EU? I don't recall any news on it lately. All we seem to be getting is more celebrity stories here in the wasteland of u.s. media.

    His Indonesia prediction was excellent, I'm motivated to pull up the PDF, oh, no, I'm going down the rabbit hole again, someone save me...

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