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    Institute for Shamanic Synthesis


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    Institute for Shamanic Synthesis

    Post  lindabaker on Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:40 am

    My spiritual mentor is Amari Magdalena, an Elder who lives in Arizona. She was given the name Amari Magdalena by DonMiguel Ruiz, who taught her the Toltec shaman's path. Amari blends several shamanic paths into a beautiful method that everyone can use. Amari is one of the most beautiful, powerful human beings I have ever met. I highly recommend that you study with Amari, or just meet her if you can. Just standing next to her reminds you of the feeling of standing next to a large waterfall...

    Here is the address of the brand new website:

    Here are some of Amari's words for us:

    "Here's hoping your New Years (2) are starting off fortuitously and that you are accessing peace in the midst of the global chaos! May the Spirits of the East ignite your Imagination and Creativity leading you to Wonder; May the Spirits of the West powerfully lift the veils of any remaining Illusions leading your to greater Truth and Appreciation for this Earth Life; May the Spirits of the North shout (not whisper) words of wisdom from the beyond that you will Heal and Be Healed; and May the Spirits of the South break through your doubt and lead you on the Path of the Phantasmagorical and Magic that You May Keep Alive Your Wondrous Inner Child. May You be Blessed as you have Blessed!"

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    Re: Institute for Shamanic Synthesis

    Post  Arrowwind on Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:56 pm

    Thank you for the link to this site.. I am enjoying the woman's blog.

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