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    Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift


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    Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

    Post  Micjer on Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:00 am

    Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift Asteroids Weather Changes March 15th 2011

    Alex talks about debacle created by David The Sweaty Guy!


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    Re: Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

    Post  burgundia on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:05 pm

    That "sweaty guy" has read and heard so much that it got into his head, which most probably is quite weak and he just couldn't cope with all that information, got scared and lost it.

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    Re: Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

    Post  lindabaker on Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:19 pm

    The woman who calls a hundred times a day is not expressing herself in a logical manner. Too bad. There is pole shift information that is valid. Alex losing it is just as extreme as the woman caller. Ah, the Mists are calm and cool...

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    Re: Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

    Post  Micjer on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:14 pm

    You would think that Alex would have a prescreener and wouldn't allow the lady to get through if she was that annoying. Maybe that is why sweaty Dave said that she was trying to disguise her voice!

    She certainly was not making much sense. Seemed to going in about 4 directions at once with her thoughts. Drink Wine

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    Re: Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

    Post  arctourist on Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:00 pm will there be a pole shift,y'think?
    ( seems to me,there's just been kind of a constant pole 'drift')
    nancy leider says there will,right-ain't that one of her godlike predictions or whatever?

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    Re: Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

    Post  Carol on Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:10 am

    The scientific data that we were monitoring was pointing in that direction but none of us, not one are picking anything up on it and most here are empaths. If something is up, they'd sense it. So I would say not yet. There is also the threat of the astroid hitting the planet next month and what caught my attention on that was the military remote viewing report where they looked at two years 2008 and 2011. 2008, nada but 2011 they keep getting the word impact. So I'm looking at this (sensing into it). I feel its presense. Yet I don't quite sense it impacting the planet. I see space debris skipping across the upper atmosphere and some coming on down (after all we are in a ort cloud and I suspect the comet will have an effect on what is already up there altering smaller objects trajectories where they end up hitting the earth). I do sense more damage from the ongoing continued increase of cosmic gamma rays, more volcanic eruptions, Japan, China, Iceland, South America, Alaska, Oregon, North Korea, Phillapines, Italy... more stress on the planet with more water raining/snowing down due to all the excess of volcanic ash in the atmosphere and more cooling especially in the norhtern hemisphere in areas. From what we've been monitoring the current affected areas are China, Russia and the US. Even Mexico has been having some very cold spells so all of this cold weather is having a very negative impact on food production which will result in major food shortages, possible riots and civil unrest.

    No pole shift now.

    Possible impact of an astroid.

    Definite impact of space debris.

    Major change in the global financial world.

    Here are some other people's opinions.


    -The recent meetings at the White house are regarding this.

    -A group of men from several countries risked their lives over the last several years to come up with and activate this plan. China is working and backing them…with their army and trade.

    -January 28th, the deal was done. The dollar bill will be cease to be printed on a date yet to be announced.

    -A new dollar will be induced into circulation. A US Treasury note. This will be worth 80% of the current gold value at any given time.

    -Countries that don’t own gold, can monetize their debt. In other words the USA has huge oil reserves, agriculture and gold yet to be mined. We can use that to back our dollars.

    -All dollars belonging to people around the globe will be good until spent.

    -The Federal Reserve is going to be closed down immediately. They are not happy. Goldman Sachs, Obama, Geitner, everyone associated with the FED are not happy, but have been forced to comply. Obama will loose his job. So will many others. Freddie & Fanny closed down. The FED has to go because they can’t fight. They don’t have an army. IRS will be going with them.

    -47 Trillion in stolen money has been ceased and confiscated from foreign banks. This money belonged to the corrupt elite. It was ceased by several nations in their own countries.

    -The 47 Trillion will be sent to 160 countries, the USA will get 6.7 Trillion.

    -All debts by all nations will be forgiven. All will reset to zero.

    -Leaders around the world are preparing speeches. They are hoping people will understand it all without panic. Yes, the new dollars will be worth less effecting savings accounts and retirements, but this is far better than were we were headed.

    People need to understand, our wealth was stolen by the FED and other gangsters. We were 14+ trillion in corporate debt. That debt is forgiven. We are now a republic. We were headed to super hyper inflation which would have lead to riots and a revolution. By doing this many taxes will be removed, and we get to reboot. NO MORE INCOME TAX! It will also huge flushing of the corrupt from the system.

    There are two problems left to deal with.
    1) Where will the beast head next that we forced them out of the USA, and
    2) a huge amount of gold is due to people who have IOUs and there is no gold to pay them. Its all on paper.

    England will get hit the hardest. They were promised the most. There will be billions in law suits. Once this comes out gold will shoot through the roof. So will Silver.

    This is going to be good thing.

    In summary, there is a huge distribution of wealth that is going to take place (42 Trillion dollars). This is inclusive of economic change (dollar refunding project and currency revaluation) The World Global Settlements are going to be paid out to 140 countries. These settlements represent all the wrong doings the gov't has ever done. This is non-public. Diamonds was swept into the world global settlements but should have never been, however, it was detached and removed via supreme court order "in camera" privately in Dec 2010. CMKX settlement funds is the largest security fraud in history (NSS) Naked Short Selling and was part of a sting operation initiated by the SEC, FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security led by Robert Maheu. CMKX settlements portion is 3.87 trillion to be paid out to 50000 bonafide shareholders.

The Chinese have taken over the responsibility in ensuring that these world global settlements go out timely because the US weren't handling it the way that was agreed, hence the chinese president visited the US and met with the president recently.

    The End Game MUST SEE!!!!

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Re: Alex Jones finally talks about "Mystery Woman" Pole Shift

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