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    Theun Mares- Toltec Teachings


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    Theun Mares- Toltec Teachings

    Post  Nela on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:51 am

    From the book Return of the Warriors:

    Truths of Awareness:

    1. The universe consists of an infinite number of
    energy fields,resembling threads of light.

    2. These threadlike energy fields radiate from a
    source of unimaginable dimensions metaphorically
    called the Eagle. As such these energy fields are
    known as the Eagle's Emanations.

    3. Human beings are likewise composed of the same
    infinite number of these threadlike energy fields
    which manifest in the shape of a large luminous egg.
    The height of this egg is equal to the length of a man's
    body with his arms fully extended above his head on
    the vertical axis, and its width is that of a man with
    his arms extended outwards from the centre of his
    body along the horizontal axis. This egg is known as
    the cocoon of man.

    4. Only a small group of the energy fields inside the
    cocoon are lit up at any one time by a brilliant point
    of light located on the surface of the cocoon.

    5. Perception takes place when the energy fields which
    are illuminated by the point of light extend their
    light to illuminate corresponding energy fields
    outside the cocoon. This point of light is termed the
    point where perception is assembled, normally
    abbreviated to the assemblage point.

    6. It is possible to shift the assemblage point to any
    other position on the surface of the cocoon, or even
    into its interior. Because the assemblage point
    illuminates any energy fields with which it comes into
    contact, the new energy fields it illuminates as a
    result of such shifting constitute therefore a new
    perception. It is this new level of perception that is
    known as seeing.

    7. When the assemblage point shifts sufficiently far a
    totally new world is perceived, which is as real as the
    one man normally perceives.

    8. There is a mysterious force known as intent which
    exists throughout the entire universe. It is this force
    which brings about perception, for it is intent which,
    firstly, aligns the energy fields, and secondly, causes
    awareness of that alignment.

    9. The goal of warriors is to experience all possible
    perceptions available to man. This constitutes what is
    known as Total Awareness, inherent within which is
    an alternate way of dying.


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    Re: Theun Mares- Toltec Teachings

    Post  Nela on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:01 am

    According to Don Juan, predator takes away all our energy from the cocoon and leaves only enough to survive. Also, predator keep people locked into Matrix (illusion) by keeping our assemblage point immovable and in certain place. And I think is mainly done by TV and dynamics of our everyday life, which they set up in such a way to glue assemblage point to certain place. When I stopped watching TV, I still had a lot of trouble keeping myself awake at work- maybe energies of other people glued to Matrix sticks your energy as well.

    While we are still stuck, in order to shift AP we need additional energy. That is why first we have to disentangle our own energy by simplifying our lives, changing dynamics of our relationships, creating personal boundaries, making sure we have enough sleep, stop using food that is completely detrimental for our bodies, start some physical activity, etc.

    What I have noticed is that true progress indeed can be measured by increased perception (this is shifting of assemblage point, not moving)- we still perceive the same world, but in completely different way. This already happened for those who saw illusion of Matrix, but even after awakening, there are always more and more layers of the onion, that my world has changed at least 10 times so far...

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    Re: Theun Mares- Toltec Teachings

    Post  Nela on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:15 am

    Three principal techniques based upon truths of Awareness (symplified):

    The Art of Stalking (riddle of the heart): capability to see behind face value of things

    The Mastery of Awareness (riddle of the mind): capability to understand infinite possibilities. This incorporates The Art of Dreaming which is capability to move assemblage point and achieve altered states of perception

    Mastery of Intent (riddle of the Spirit of Men): understanding our own power to co-create the world

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    Re: Theun Mares- Toltec Teachings

    Post  Nela on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:43 am

    Two types of awareness: left and right

    Right side: logical, thinking, rational, linear
    Left side: irrational, feeling, intuition, non-linear

    Normal awareness: First attention. Teachings designed for this level are known as Path of the Hunter and can be grasped by right side awareness.

    Heightened awareness: Second Attention. Teachings for this level are Way of the Warrior (concepts such are stalking, dreaming and intent) and has to be learned also from left side.

    After teachings are fully grasped and used, there is a period of development of person's own power and potential. When such person reaches a pinnacle of its development, he reaches a place of The Ultimate Choice. From this point, there are two paths available: The Path of Freedom which constitutes using power in search of Knowledge and The Path of High Adventure which is using power for glamour of this world, seeking followers, fame, etc...

    The Path of Freedom leads to Third Attention- going beyond normal human comprehension in search of Knowledge.

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    Re: Theun Mares- Toltec Teachings

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