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    After What I Experienced Last Night You Will See What You Have Missed to Having Full Consciousness


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    Re: After What I Experienced Last Night You Will See What You Have Missed to Having Full Consciousness

    Post  Anchor on Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:15 am

    horus wrote:
    burgundia wrote:Horus is speaking as if to a general public, not particularly us at the mists.
    Correct burgundia!
    I'm not talking about Mists of Avalon. My target is the System Lords, and stirring it has already started, a ‘blanket of silence’ has commenced that has blocked out my communication until I try to give out a further explanation. The program has found a conscientious objector. From Milk comes Butter, and I chose to use The Milky Way as a ‘play on words’ to chocolate and a protocol. I will retract that connection for the time being, it needs more than an explanation to messages from another post made here that connects to this one. I came from New Zealand and the Milky Way reflects its shape like a mirror image to the starry heaven. New Zealand is known as the Land of Milk and Honey. I would have put the Anchor of the Christ in its place which I wanted; until I prepared my post in more depth which could take some days and the energy is then lost. All I found as graphics I could find had a Church energy and I did not want that energy.

    Thanks for explaining that.

    As you probably worked out I have my own strange relationship with the "anchor" so I guess I had extra reasons to ask.


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    Re: After What I Experienced Last Night You Will See What You Have Missed to Having Full Consciousness

    Post  LeeEllisMusic on Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:44 am

    Carol wrote:... ET said there were timeline wars going on. I believe him. The timelines with disasters on them for the most part keep being weeded out.. yet big disasters have been happening (Australia's flooding, New Zealand's megga quake, Japan sinking into the sea), yet other events are not happening (New Madrid Fault, Yellowstone, Mt. Saint Helen, San Andreas fault). These events according to ET were to happen this month and did not happen. The month isn't over yet and we are still in a seismic window. Yet the message I keep getting Hours is that I will get to have all the time I need to complete my mission as will Mercuriel and mudra along with many of us here at Mists. My sense is that we have a repreive of sorts and still have to deal with earth changes as these changes help to wake people up... yet we also get the time we need to work on our mission so as to take as many as possible with us to that next level....

    ... I have reconcile myself to a new reality that allows for time to keep shifting and extending and giving us the best possible outcome for our collective awakening. This is where I have arrived after much internal conflict when thinking there was no time left. For you already understand there is no such thing as time. Time is for the ego to help sort out a sequence of events. Yet now we know with quantum physics time is fluid, like a river and can shift to suit our spiritual purpose if we know how to do this. We must operate from the perspective of complete alignment with the Divine sans ego.

    I resonate with what you say about time and timelines, Carol~ Some days I feel as though time is running out and it sparks some old 3D fear in me, but MOST days, I feel as though I am "in the moment" and have all the time I need to do whatever I need to do. It almost feels like a new timeline sometimes~ other times it feels as though there is a bouncing back and forth between competing or shifting timelines... not sure I'm explaining myself correctly.

    I've always had a sense of mission here, having mostly to do with my music, and inspiration, and also a feeling that I've been "on hold" until the time is right. It feels like, for me, the time is now... The musical that I composed, I believe has the potential to open *many* hearts and minds, and I've been told that will indeed happen in a major way~ so I am hoping now that we have a full production in process after years of development for Broadway (and film) and investors who are stepping up to the plate, that there will indeed be enough time for this to complete and the promise be fulfilled. However, even if we were fully funded today, the logistics involved in actually moving to Broadway would take a couple more years. One at least :)

    So, as I am working my tail off in this process, I do my best to keep my ego out of the process, and keep hope alive. It is not fame I seek, but the completion of this task, which I hope will help many others in their own Awakening... I vibrate between knowing all is well, and that I AM in perfect alignment with my mission, yet I also have a sense of quiet urgency to keep prepping the pantry and other such details. It is a surreal feeling most days. "One Day At A Time" and "Letting Go and Letting God" (My Higher Self :) are my mottos these days.

    But it does help to know that wise and wondeful souls like yourself, Carol, and others, feel similar things about time and purpose here on Gaia, in the midst of ALL the crazy energy of this "grrrreat sheew" that we all signed up for way back when - or should I say, in another aspect of the Eternal Now I love you

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