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    Birds Don't Question Human Trash


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    Birds Don't Question Human Trash

    Post  immortalisdolor on Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:57 am

    Birds Don't Question Human Trash

    I had an interesting thought. Despite the harm, that allot of our human filth can cause to the environment, mostly those concerned chemicals, oil, pollutions, etc, what we usually think of as awful, smelly, and gross, may be a grand buffet to some organisms.

    In the pictures below, though sad, this sadness is ours. We put the trash there and we our the ones whom also feel bad about it. However, I wondered, what are the birds thinking? What do they feel?

    So, before commenting, please understand, I am not justifying human behavior at all, I still condemn it. This is just a higher look at how we view, perceive, and interpret our surroundings, versus what other organisms may perceive and interpret it.

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