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    World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011


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    World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011

    Post  HigherLove on Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:39 pm

    Dearest Hearts,

    As always, I pray you are well.

    I know many of you are realizing that the constructs of the third dimensional world is truly losing its grip on you, and as a result many are dwelling in what some call the void, (and I have now decided to call, the glowing mystery). Looking closely once can see the twinkling of Light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel.

    More than two decades ago, I heard what I call the Voice of God say to me that I would "learn to live like a mystic, and enjoy it." I would say we are all learning to live like mystics, and though it's not always enjoyable, it certainly takes the monotony and repetitiveness out of all of our lives as the constructs of time and our rigid patterns of behavior vanish.

    With nothing tangible to lean on, there is something rather exciting (when it's not daunting) about leaning on the massive Invisible Energy that positions itself in the rarified air all around us, as we move through experiences we have no go-by for, and that demand we change our perceptions if we are to keep moving forward.

    I've come to realize that changing my perceptions has become an everyday occurrence, vital to my well-being, and authentic self realization. In doing so, I have been stretched, and stretched myself far beyond my former comfort zones, giving my awareness the chance to become heightened and deepened. I have opened to deep meaning outcomes of experience, rather than surface ones and new lights are beginning to dawn on me.

    With each new experience my question to myself is what do I choose to experience inside the experience I am having?

    We are now able to easily enter into realms of our advanced state of consciousness, or as I teach it, into the Mind of God, where gleaning higher wisdom and moving energy wherever we wish it to go is a Masters game.

    To choose to change every experience we are having into one we would prefer is the epitome of self realized consciousness.

    The way this works is that each time you have a brand new experience, first hold that experience as sacred and fresh. Next, breathe into the experience, just noticing it. Then, find the vibration of neutrality inside of yourself before you step further into the experience.

    Compare your experience to nothing of the past, and rush nowhere into the future with it. Finally, quietly ask yourself, the higher part of yourself, the God of yourself, "how do I choose to experience this experience?"

    That question will begin to break the trance of former choices, presumptions and reactions. Patterns you've held for your lifetime will begin to melt, as you begin to embrace the Masters that you are, the powers that you have, and the true stewardship you hold for your life.

    You choose. You are the Creator. You are able to move the energy in whatever direction you desire. As we conclude this cycle of time remember that you are no longer at the effect of anything. You are the effect, and you affect all outcomes.

    Experience is always going to ask you to make choices. Use your powers wisely and choose up. Use your powers, not your reflexes of the past.

    In this, the ninth wave of frequency, the conscious convergence and the year that illuminates everything, whatsoever you choose now, is going to greatly affect the experience you have next. Take your life slowly. Breathe.

    As our new humans are being born, we are creating the foundation for our next incarnation, in the bodies we inhabit, in a new cycle of time on a more refined Planet of Earth.

    We are in our very own formative years informing ourselves how to grow up as an individual and as a species in the context of the One.

    Re-writing your life, as you would choose to have it, no longer told how you should have it, is your birthright. Experience is a lovely catalyst for the change you wish to be in the world. What will you choose for yourself? Your choosing is in your experiences.

    Copyright 2011, Maureen Moss. Please feel comfortable to pass this along or post it, keeping websites intact:

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    Re: World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011

    Post  Sanicle on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:31 pm

    Thanks for posting this Higher Love. I love you

    Compare your experience to nothing of the past, and rush nowhere into the future with it. Finally, quietly ask yourself, the higher part of yourself, the God of yourself, "how do I choose to experience this experience?"

    That question will begin to break the trance of former choices, presumptions and reactions. Patterns you've held for your lifetime will begin to melt, as you begin to embrace the Masters that you are, the powers that you have, and the true stewardship you hold for your life.

    That sounds like great advice to me and just what I needed to hear as I'm receiving all these new experiences and revelations. Knowing what I'm supposed to 'do' with them has been a little confusing lol.

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    Re: World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:23 am

    Here's a 1:05:34 interview with Tom Kenyon, by Maureen Moss on her radio program Thrive.
    Please click on the second link in the bottom of this page if you like to listen.
    The subjects are angels, ocean creatures, consciousness, our ecosystem among many others.

    Maureen Moss:
    "It is always my pleasure to have a conversation with Tom Kenyon. Why? Because there is nothing typical about the man nor the content.

    Tonight is an important conversation that involves you, if you so desire to accept the invitation.

    Tonight we are talking about the Nature of Angels (however this will be a conversation you haven’t heard before.) We will be talking about the Table of Destiny (therein lies your invitation,) the ecosystem that is dire in straits….(the first hand information Tom delivers will undoubtedly shock a lot of people and open a lot of eyes.) And then there’s some information you may wish to hear about the whales, their song of lament, and your consciousness.

    At the end of our conversation will be a 12 minute very important sound healing.

    Most of you know Tom Kenyon, however rather than offer you his bio (which you can read at I will simply say he is one of the worlds foremost respected sound healers, the channel for the Hathors, an ascended civilization that brings forth information and sound frequencies through Tom not delivered by
    any other.

    Tom leaves one with not only a vast body of knowledge suffused with tones that awaken every physical center in you, you will find yourself leaving with a far
    greater understanding of the worlds, of Spirit, of yourself."

    Sources:      and

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    Audio samples Song of the New Earth by Tom Kenyon

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:06 pm

    In the former post this work by Tom is discussed also, that's why I add the link to Tom Kenyon's page.
    For several years now I appreciate listening to Tom's Sacred Chants, during meditative moments or baking
    my Polish apple-pie. Which is at times the same thing as meditation Cheerful

    I'm now listening to the mp3 download of Songs of the New Earth and it's quite interesting. Tom presents
    a hair-raising pure North American Indian voice just now. His Gaia's song is very beautiful and the overtones
    in his voice are truly stunning.

    "This is the soundtrack from the movie Song of the New Earth: Tom Kenyon and the Power of Sound,
    Tom is a composer, teacher, musician, singer, author, psychotherapist, brain scientist and certainly one
    of the most respected sound healers and alchemical teachers in the world today. His almost four-octave
    voice is stunning, and it transforms consciousness though his mastery, artistry and genius".


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    The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:14 am

    To me, this Hathor message is a clear explanation of the nature of dimensional levels and
    I love the Hathors referring to our potential to embody our soul while being present on this planet Earth.
    For that's what most of us have seldom or never experienced before, as I perceive it.
    That's where I believe the bewilderment is present and also well being, while growing familiar to this process,
    with a dawn of understanding, seeing one's emotional balance restored.
    By choice and focus of intention.
    The image of Merlin isn't part of the article, it's my choice. For as I perceive his presence and role,
    Merlin is teaching the way to move from love and know of, or sense, its perpetual motion in all of creation.
    At the same time, the 3rd dimensional world of physical form may keep one attached to form
    as an expression of love. A challenge in a multitude of experiences
    and a key to transformation of emotional states by the secrets of the

    The Karen

    Merlin initiation

    The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time
    A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

    "As we view it, time is the fourth dimension. For us space and time are intimately related.
    Your scientists have confirmed Einstein’s theory that large objects with mass generate gravitational fields, which alter both space and time.

    For us the fifth dimension is the first dimension of consciousness outside the constraints of space and time (i.e., the third and fourth dimensions.)
    And beings in the fifth dimension have no mass and are therefore not subject to the effects of gravitational fields.

    While the fifth dimension has no physicality per se, it does have form, or objects. But from your perspective,
    forms in the fifth dimension seem ephemeral—
    having no substance or reality.

    When you enter the fifth dimension you will still experience yourself as having a form (i.e., a body). And things in the fifth dimension will appear to you as
    solid as the forms you experience in your current reality. But your experience of space will be much more fluid, and time as a reference point will not exist.

    There are those who say that all of your problems will be magically and instantaneously solved when you enter into higher dimensions.
    This is not our experience. It is just that the challenges are different. The opportunities are also different, because you are not confined by the limitations
    of space and time as you experience them in your current embodied reality. This gives you greater opportunities for creativity and
    what we call “dimensional evolution.”

    Dimensional evolution is the development of the ability to be aware of, and operate within, multiple dimensions simultaneously.
    The journey to this state of mastery can indeed be a long and convoluted one, because it involves living in a specific dimensional reality through direct experience.
    For instance, your current embodied life is—from the standpoint of dimensional evolution—an opportunity to master the third and fourth dimensions.
    It is also an opportunity to experience higher dimensions while simultaneously living an embodied existence.
    A life lived in this manner rapidly accelerates dimensional evolution, and this message is coded with multiple levels of information for those of you
    that have entered this radical way of being.

    From our perspective, you possess a form that is human-like up through the ninth dimension. Each successive dimension of consciousness is subtler (less dense)
    than the one before it. For those who enter the tenth dimension, form, as you know it, disappears completely, and you become more geometric in nature".

    For the complete message go here:

    A Bridge Between the Worlds

    This sound meditation is an acoustic ally that assists you to enter spacious states of mind that you can use to transcend your sense of space and time.
    This unusual mental state is called The Fifth Perspective by the Hathors in a message titled The Fifth Perspective: Transcending Space and Time.

    I strongly suggest you read this message as it will empower you to make the best use of this sound meditation.
    Having said that, if you don’t wish to read the entire message and just want to jump into listening to the sound piece, here are a few suggestions:
    Listen to this sound meditation with earphones or ear buds so the acoustic information is routed more directly into your brain without the presence
    of other sounds in the environment.

    As you begin listening simply recall the feeling of being surrounded by an immense space. It is the feeling of being surrounded by space that activates
    your brain’s right hemispheric abilities. Thinking about being surrounded by a large space will not activate this potential. You must kinesthetically feel or
    sense yourself surrounded by a large space.

    If you are an advanced explorer of consciousness you can deepen the experience by sensing that there is no barrier between the external space around
    you and the internal space of your body. In other words, the boundary of your body temporarily disappears, and there is nothing but space.
    You simply hold this state of mind as you listen to the sound meditation. When your mind wanders bring it back to an awareness of space and the sounds
    you are hearing. When the meditation ends take a few moments to sense what is happening within you."

    Here's the link to the sound meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds

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    Re: World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:40 am

    New Life Cycle

    Maureen Moss monthly newsletter March 2016

    Dearest Hearts, as always, I pray you are well.

    Within a powerful month sitting amongst a powerful year we stand at an intersection of who we once were and who we shall be…
    realizing we cannot be who we were and become Who We Are.

    With intensified activities of the experience of opposites occurring within and around us… along with life conclusions being called for,
    new Life choices to be made, intuitive action on behalf of our choices beckoning us, and mystical and multi-dimensional occurrences enticing us…
    not a single one of us are being left unprompted to follow our freedom… as rapid realizations and revelations continue to compete with limiting
    thoughts and expired perceptions.

    Last month I wrote at length about the numerous parallel realities vying for our attention though none, I might add, quite as compelling to the ego
    nor more distracting from the True Self as our own expired human realities still traipsing through our minds as current thought forms and perceptions, holding us in a state of contradiction.

    There is good reason for those expired realities, enmeshed and engaged with their muddied thought forms to be highlighted now. Each is to come
    to Light if they are to come to pass. This Month and This Year Is Paramount To What Your Life Will Become

    Many of us here now (and reading this) walked the earth when the Christ Consciousness was born unto it. As such and as agreed (prior to human consciousness) we were implanted with the seeds of God Consciousness…the Consciousness of Love… and then sent on an expedition of Life
    spanning tens of thousands of years…years that would defy all space and time, memory, logic and reason to be here now to deliver, from the fruits
    of our labor, the harvest… God in Human Form. Love in Human Form. All That Is…In Our Form Called By Our Name.

    To do so… to be engaged with the One As One…to reap the fruits of our labor, collectively and personally...while in this rapid current of
    transformation, no longer can we stitch ourselves together from remnants and patches of thought, perspectives and beliefs born of lower consciousness, dualistic realities, memory, ‘logic’ or linear definition. Nor, can we conceptualize or gain strength for ourselves based upon
    who we were. Self concept must now concede to Self-Realization

    To aid that occurrence, and as a matter of evolution …all former life cycles separating our human nature from our Divine one, including the one contained within this one, has effectively concluded… ensuring that our True Self with its singular nature is offered the greatest opportunity
    and potential to be realized and expressed.

    All have perfectly served their purpose…no different than the cocoon that so perfectly served the butterfly. One could not be without the other, however one could not continue attached to the other.

    Key To Realization of Your True Self
    Essential to unveiling your True Self and engaging with the consciousness of your True Self, is freeing yourself  from depleted assessments and attachments to thought forms which you believe makes you whole…to which you believe gives you purpose…to what (or whom) you believe
    diminishes your ability to love and be loved…to what you believe needs healing… to what you believe interferes with your happiness and capabilities,
    and to what circumstances you believe would best seed the field for the realization of your dreams.

    As an action of Love… offer your beliefs a reprieve from your thoughts and conversations.
    As an action of Trust…offer Life the opportunity to inform you about your Self.
    Knowing one's Self only occurs when beliefs about one's self have been transcended.
    Beliefs are convictions and opinions based upon thoughts formed on the linear plane of consciousness. Once formed they create automated
    predictable circumstances that one then becomes 'at the effect of.'

    Knowing is consciousness informed from the vertical plane. It solidifies connection between your embodied Intelligence with Infinite Intelligence, providing evidence of Truth to your intuitive knowing. New Life Cycles are informed and inspired from the vertical plane of consciousness.

    As your Higher/Divine knowing of what defines you and does not divide nor limit you is realized, integrated, stabilized and animated by your internal peace … Oneness with all that is Divine, Limitless and Inherent within your Original nature will be activated… within a new holographic reality system.
    In Conclusion
    As we continue our journey in human form, one that began tens of thousands of years ago we have an extraordinary opportunity now to move into
    an unparalleled cycle of permanent change…one filled with horizons never touched by our unconfined by space or undefined by perceptions and beliefs belonging to lives and experiences, past...One that is at peace.

    Beyond all time and space…you are.
    Beyond all imagination…you are.
    Beyond this perception of evolution…you are.

    May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

    I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!
    Namaste, Maureen

    Maureen Moss, © 2016. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website intact.

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    Re: World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:03 am

    Dearest Hearts,

    As always, I pray you are well at heart while still in the unstoppable wake from the latest fast forward round of cosmic energies intent on driving us out of our minds and away from hardened beliefs and thought forms, currently conflicting with the Truth of our nature and the Love that we are.

    Day after day, commanded by Love we are being called, through often tumultuous stimulation, to release our attention to the activity within,
    awakening us to the magnificence of who we are…and asking us to cease inflating the characters we’ve been playing.

    You have a right to know yourself as Love, and to manifest that personal Truth in your own unique and meaningful way.
    For me, during this most recent round of insistent energies, and still, I find myself leaning into stillness often… consciously observing the energies, (compelling in their agitation,) my thoughts, responses, awareness’s and every shadow… with its side of the story attempting to disguise itself as
    a ‘pillar of truth.’

    My illumined mind reminded me to allow only the one reality I am in vibrational alignment with now, to stand unflinchingly… as my one pillar of Truth.”

    It went on to say “let memories fade that are attempting to leave. Creative in their nature, they are (mostly) the carriers of partial truths and false concepts that split humanity… keeping them from knowing themselves as they are… in Truth now."

    The Last Dance
    During this time I was made aware that the prophesied last dance (what many have called Armageddon), between the Darkness of 3rd dimensional consciousness and the Light of 5th dimensional consciousness is taking place within our beings now… and in turn…reflecting (and playing itself out)
    in the great external mirror.

    Few amongst us are unaffected by this intense dance whirling and spinning us in all directions, at one time, in an attempt to capture our attention
    and alliance. One is the dance of enslavement and conflict… the other of freedom and Divine Love. One we have lived with for eons of time…one we have longed for even longer.

    For each of us the last dance is personal not collective. Though the collective is obviously feeling the pressure and experiencing a shift in ‘reality’ at
    a grand level…were we to toss this dance off as something everybody is going through… we would miss what is ours to personally resolve, what is
    ours to personally remember and what is ours to add to the Light, the Love and the Consciousness of a new humanity.

    We are at a crucial tipping point in our personal evolution… that is why the heat of the dance is on us. We are literally in the stargate of all potential
    to physically enter a new reality system.

    We didn’t incarnate to live 3D lives. We didn’t incarnate to battle dual natures created in great part by a mind that attempts to control our thoughts until it owns them...and then turns them back on us to control our behavior.

    Once we are no longer at odds or out of step with ourselves or each other, we are then in alignment to activate and solidify the undivided infrastructure of 5th dimensional consciousness within ourselves…and live the life we took on skin and bones to live.

    Important to note is that the 5th dimension is not a place. It is a frequency created through each one of us through the activities of love,
    compassion and non-duality of any sort… thoughts, words, self-conversation or emotion… and by establishing Divine right order within.

    We are not here to change ourselves…we are here to be ourselves.

    For those that were here in the beginning of this now ending life cycle (undoubtedly the vast majority reading this), and back now to be here in the end… we knew… prior to taking on form, we would be indispensable to the activity and outcome of this last dance.

    Somewhere in memory, we knew our hearts were always to be the gateway (and transformational portal) through which the Darkness of our many
    3rd dimensional lifetimes would pass and be transformed. As a result, our true identity would be revealed by us and through us… in us and as us. We knew...somewhere in memory...we already had it in us.

    In Closing Dance this dance with all of your heart beloveds…one moment at a time… one movement at a time… one experience at a time…
    one breath at a time… and one heartfelt thought at a time.

    You are in the grand finale of the most epic activity of the Divine Plan… thus far.
    Know you are not alone, and you are being held and loved beyond measure by the greatest Love of All.

    “I know now why the caged bird sings.”
    —Maya Angelo

    Maureen Moss, © 2016. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website intact.

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    Re: World Puja Network: Maureen Moss: "You Choose" 4-2011

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