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    The fake light of earth/Gia battle Dream again

    wingmanof light

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    The fake light of earth/Gia battle Dream again

    Post  wingmanof light on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:10 pm

    The fake light of earth/Gia battle Dream again

    Now I had many dreams that involve taking the big things out that go bump in the night. yes not a fighter ether. None of it happened until I ask for divine intervention from the first divine creator. thinking was I saw it over and over till I asked for his help always never having to ask. Since I was into Riki and chakra meditation I asked for his energy to flow threw me. before the dream I was told in dream pay attention this was important ..I am within you and you are within me.
    I don't remember much but since then i get feeling my astral body has been out doing things without me and some I see. who ?? yes the creator as in other dreams. I been sort of wondering about this.
    as i do in my naps on break 15 min i wake up always before the buzzer always. I was dreaming of a bright light this time it seemed off it was light but the energy signature of it dint feel right. But i was in observation mode I was not at the wheel. I did give only one and shield myself from all other than the first creator.
    so as I popped into dream mode I could feel the energy but felt like I was steaming mad at something . yes I was cool before break mind you. I could not here anything other than muffling noise of yelling. then I saw an even brighter light come from me in this already bright light and a blue ring with some symbolizes on it was circle counter clock wise. then a already white light room and it even got even brighter with some intense flowing energy flowing then got very bright then I woke up.
    so now in WTF mode.. I can actually feel the residue of the energy of great love and light very peaceful but the anger of what was going on sort of was sticking in my head.
    this happened Monday at 8.40. I was not sure other than my thought was the creator took me up on the notion of yousing my astral body to do this. Sort of sending a message he can come from anyplace or any of his children . Not sure what to think . I usually post things like this right off but dint because i wanted a day or 2 to think about it.
    So after seeing 42 and 43 allot after that. I get the notion it s a angel number ..
    4’s and 2’s, such as 442 or 422 - As it says in the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles, "The angels nurse your newborn purpose." This is a sign that you have help from above in making your desired transitions. This is a time when you especially need to know that you’re not alone. The 2 and 4 number sequences are a signal from your angels to tell you
    that they’re working very closely with you right now.
    4’s and 3’s, such as 443 or 433 - You have a lot of help around you right now! Both the ascended masters and the angels are here to assist, guide, and love you. Reach out to them, as they are reaching out to you.
    Today i changed my mind on this as well. I was one that said other wise. But today it popped in my head very Loud and clear and kept ringing and i was concerned on the source it come from . But i listen with in if it felt right. So today i to change my stance on this. Ascension Is what we Need To Focus on right now to manifest together .Its going to take more then one and Please ask for help from your Guardians.
    So i made this post to. before finding Your post!!!!!
    Today this hit me at work. so I was going to make a post and well. Look hear it is again . This is what I come to. we keep hearing about 2 things Disclosure and Ascension. So as of late I hear allot of notice about What??
    Disclosure. Now I heard someone say this before and blew him off as nuts myself ... Now I come full circle again to this same thing. Something been pointed out. We don't need any dang E.T. for ascension to happen ZERO. If we can ascend then we can come back as well .... That's Right Something that can kick the crap out of the power that be and the dang what some call the Illuminati.
    Why would any star seed want disclosure when we can Ascend. After the we ascend we can travel their by mere thought and visit .no need for a weak minded ship when you can travel the stars yourself . We can come back to earth and straighten it out our way since we started hear come and fix this from the rule of evil ones. Forget disclosure Manifest Ascension unless you want to Invite the dark ones to your back yard.
    What's the point of going to the 4th dimension. One of the Galactic messages said they wanted to gather all the star seeds up to a new planet. One message even said don't wake other s up leave them be. Council of Orion is one that said that.
    Then we also have a new body that can shape into anything go anyplace manifest anything never having to work. We can ascend to a higher level the 5th dimension to.
    SO its time to diced what's better then easier. Ascension is why we came Ascension is what's coming . manifest Ascension first then we can come back and make life on earth how it should be !!!!
    It's time to Awaken one again to a higher truth. We are beings of light the body is only a car nothing more nothing to obsess over. we can from the light pure energy is all we are. Ascension and get the new car body

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