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    Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites


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    Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites

    Post  Nenuphar on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:34 am

    This recently posted article is from the site It is a review/analysis of a painting by Alex Grey entitled, "Demons and Deities Drinking from the Milky Pool", inspired by an intense psychedelic experience he had. I found it an intriguing read!

    Link to the article, "Alex Grey and the Mind Parasites"...

    Excerpt from the article:

    ...The demons and deities were feeding from a pool of "vibratory energetic milk" created from human activities of all kinds, though Alex used sexual coupling to represent human activities in general. I suggested that that the couplings were visual shorthand of human energetic transactions of all kinds and Alex responded enthusiastically to that description. Apparently, the deities were drinking from a vibratory pool of the energetic metabolism of the species so that through the pool they were drawing energy from the entire species....

    ...Conventionally we see ourselves as the top of the food chain, but Demons and Deities... reveals this as a delusion convenient to those who harvest our energy. Another realization about this painting is that it is a classic illustration of the alchemical principle of "as above, so below."...


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    parasitic dieoff

    Post  SiriArc on Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:37 am

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