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    "Revolver" - The most spiritually influencial movie I have ever seen


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    "Revolver" - The most spiritually influencial movie I have ever seen

    Post  astralflyer on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:57 pm

    I watched a movie, about 3 years ago. "yet another Guy Richie stylized gangster film" I thought. Anyhow the movie starts and by half an hour in I was getting seriously disinterested, and more than a little confused. Nothing seemed to fit. Yes it was stylish in a typical Richie way, kinda like "Lock-Stock meets Vegas", but there was something about the movie which was bugging me... on a different level... then it hit me, like a boulder.... at the scene near the end of the movie, where the main character is in the lift... I broke down in tears of joy.

    here's that very scene >

    ...then i had to go back to the start and watch it again... it was'nt a gangster movie at all, but the most deep movie I have ever seen. It revolves around the teachings of the "Kabalah" (did i spell that correct?) and is really all about a man's journey / battle with the ego, to finally surrender and find his enlightenment / samadhi, helped along by two characters who are his angels in disguise.

    Here's a great scene on the rooftop of a Vegas casino>

    and another >

    Anyhow, if you have'nt already seen it, it's worth buying. Anyone who can be courageous enough to make a movie like this - and have it slated at the box office (because no-one understood it... their ego was protecting itself!)...

    It's well worth watching the movie a few times, the symbolism in the movie-sets, the words, the pauses between words, the time-shifting, the names of the character, every single word spoken, everything seems to hold a meaning, not just the main plot which is using a gangster movie to convey a profound message in its sub-plot.

    ...Then it happened.

    The whole plot of the movie actually happened to me.
    (without guns and Vegas Shocked )

    It would be great to share anything you saw in the movie...

    All my Love


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    Re: "Revolver" - The most spiritually influencial movie I have ever seen

    Post  Mercuriel on Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:02 am

    Yep - Even the Title was a Play on Words...

    Revolver - In which a Man on a Downward Path sees a World Outside of Himself of which He is trying to remove Himself from...

    He revolves (Turns) from seeing His Issues as being outside of Himself to seeing Them as being within...

    As He moves along this Path of removing Himself from His situation - And through the Catharsis It brings - He finally understands that He MUST look within. That when He sees this World that He thinks is Outside of Himself as being within Himself - He'll finally free Himself, as He comes to realize that It was HIS Creation all along...

    My Wife and I were stunned and surprised after watching It...


    A Thinker's Movie...

    The Reality thanks You for having taken the time to watch It and Discern It's meaning - On many Levels...



    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...

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