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    Transcripts from Gurunath Siddanath videos


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    Transcripts from Gurunath Siddanath videos

    Post  astralflyer on Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:44 pm

    Namaste my dearest souls of Light,

    Thought I'd post some of the transcripts from Yogiraj's youtube videos. Hope you find His words of wisdom enlightening...

    [Question] I've heard a lot about 2012 and the upcoming years, all the things being said about kundalini energy moving from one part of the planet to the other. I'd be interested in your perception.
    [Gurunath's Answer] You see 2012 is the year, from actually I'd put it from 2008 to 2012. So now where you're sitting listening to me, you don't know who you're listening to and I don't know who I'm talking to [laughter] You know both of us may be somebody who has to play a great part in 2012. Who knows. Aye? All of you may play a great part, I see a lot of loving souls, a lot of great souls here you may have to play a great part. Aye? Aye. Don't be feeble for righteous work [laughter] Be bold otherwise how will you override the terrorists. You've got to be as strong as them. Be strong in righteous purpose. okay, so this starts... they say the incoming surge is in many facets. This is just one of the minor facets of the great evolution which is designed in the great cosmic order of the great Shiva Goraksha Babaji, Sanata Kumar and Kalki Maitreya, the Christ. They work for the redemption of Human kind not only by sending out love and peace vibrations but this time, the soot on the lamp glass of the disciple is too much. The soot on the lamp glass of the disciple is too much. So hence they come to clear the soot by direct means of annihilating this negativity. I don't know whether this negativity is just limited to the intellect, the mind, the emotions or the physical body or all of it. If He should swipe us off in one shot, we just get a new mindset and a new body. That's all about, when Kalki comes, riding on a white horse with a meteor as his sword. He will erase the negativity from this world. Now whether He will erase it from the physical bodies and the minds and emotions of the people or just from the emotions and the negative mind is a question to be seen. But these people, working on the intellect, Kalki Maitreya works on the Ananda-maya-Kosha, the intuition. And Shiva Goraksha Babaji, Sanata Kumar works on the Atma, that is the spirit. That is, the spiritual soul, and the intellect. Now from 2008 to 2012, this is their mystery, this is their work. There are two ways they will work in. They will enter first the bodies of 144, one thousand and fourty four as they say right? Is that the number you gave me? Right? 144 chosen and selected people, 144,000 selected and chosen people. Right? 1 million and fourty four chosen and selected people. 1 billion and fourty four million chosen and selected people. Gradually filtering the spirit of righteous consciousness into the souls of all of you who are sitting here. From 144 to a billion and fourty four million. One thousand and fourty four hundred to a million and fourty four thousand to a billion and fourty four million. All these people will be infused with the spirit of Shiva as Goraksha and Vishnu as Kalki Maitreya. Now after they are infused in us, how will they infuse into the practice of Kundalini Kriya Yoga? They will enter you and make you servers of humanity where you serve humanity as their larger self. Aye? Aye. So this is what is going to happen en masse from 2008 to 2012. Aye? Aye. Then a certain special aspect of being, who is deputed [to appoint or authorize as an agent] by Kalki and who is deputed by Shiva Goraksha Babaji shall come to earth and set things right after the great so called Holocaust, so called World War. I don't think there will actually be a world war but a world war like situation, very nearly a world war. Then shall peace reign. So this will happen after 2011, 2012 and towards the end of 2012. And so he shall both come en mass as your breath and soul and they shall also come individually. The Kalki Maitreya and Shiva Goraksha Babaji. Have I made myself sufficiently clear? Look for yourself. Look for him within the practice of your own Kriya Yoga. Do not miss the opportunity to practice the Kriya Yoga, in the here now Truth alive. Aye.

    You mentioned in the tape and earlier the urgent need for self peace because of the lack.
    [Gurunath Speaking] "the world scenario",
    [Hamsa speaking] "the world scenario" It's very easy looking at the world scenario of coming to the conclusion that things are getting worse "YES" rapidly. I don't know it could be an illusion but it seems that way. When you look at that it seems to engender a feeling of um a ...anger. yeah now, just...
    [Gurunath speaking] "Righteous Indignation" right, all kinds of very complex emotions which are not conducive to one's own peace. I wanted to ask you about, engaging, cleaning the toilets so to speak, and how to find that samadhi, find that connection.
    [Gurunath speaking] You have to be indifferent to the happenings around you in the world and yet go on doing your work. If you are a Florence Nightingale, go help the wounded soldiers, heal their wounds, don't bother about what the world is doing, you do your thing. If I am to give Earth Peace through Self Peace, I will not care if the Russian Troops go into Georgia, or whether they are remaining in Moscow, I will keep on transmitting Earth Peace through Self Peace. The rest we will leave in the hands of God. A great person has said that you cannot really change the world. All you do by these great acts to help the world, is to change yourself. But I go on to say that one man who is changed is the cause of the existence of the world. One man like the Buddha, the Christ or Krishna is the reason to be the "raison d'être" [meaning "the most important reason why something exists, or the most important thing in someone's life."] So why is this enlightened person the cause of the reason for us to be? Because he has sacrificed himself in love and spread his love to all humanity. Although on the surface of it, those who are aggressive, those who are terrorists will still carry on with their terrorist activities. You see one terrorist can upset a million people by his act but we are not to be upset, not to be shaken in our faith for the good Lord shall prevail. His peace shall prevail. This is not talk. This is a fact. These are times, where before the coming of the Kalki, these things have been predicted that humanity will run a muck to a certain extent. But there are those who meditate amongst us, who will keep the anchor of peace and love flowing through the veins of humanity. Breathing through their breath. That is you dear souls, and all such people like us who meditate and practice the Kriya Yoga or any other form of yoga. It is because of your valor, your courage that human beings will survive. We shall not become extinct. It is because of people who are meditating, souls like you that there will be no extinction. This is the way to do it and to be impervious to it, to surrender all your anger all your negativity at the feet of the Lord and say give me strength to practice the Kriya Yoga. You have to have something strong, like Kriya Yoga to practice ceaselessly and know that with every breath you are creating God within your spine. By the practice of Kriya Yoga, with every breath you are creating God within you. Do not fritter away the energy of your mind dear souls but constantly be with Him, chant His name and His glory.

    "Today we live throbbing with life, today we live throbbing with life, tomorrow we are gone, mere shadows in a waking dream, we leave this world fore long. How strange this world of Maya is, how strange this world of illusion is, how gripping and how strong, in this cosmic motion picture, the right appears all wrong. Then dance we must to nature's tune of lust and fame and greed, until we realize no more than sensual feed. Awake oh brothers of the light, awaken to your own divinity and put illusion to flight. Race for you goal sublime."

    The way we can race for our goal sublime is by practicing the science of Kriya Yoga. I have told you that 2012 is nearing. People say that there are cataclysms and holocaust which will happen. Tectonic plates will shift. Well they already happened, the tsunami has already happened. 300,000 people died. The tsunami, the Pakistan earthquake left over 100,000 people dead. The Katrina hurricane which happened in America left over 10 to 20,000 people dead which is not reported but these things are there and how many the ocean took away there is no count of. When the ocean goes and moves in such directions, if people are there, there is no chance. And people in America they are very stubborn, they didn't move out of their house. They tended to block their house with blocks of wood, on a show I saw them hammering. Even while the hurricane is on, they were taking nails and hammering houses. It was bigger than expected and it blew the houses away. Some of them lasted. Then in the Middle East, there were some Earthquakes, in Turkey, all these things, which if you count, the holocaust the cataclysms have already begun.

    You have to practice Kriya Yoga, to override the situation. Let me warn you again. Practice the ingestion of light which is Surya Yoga, practice Kriya Yoga. We can't control 2012 but if we ourselves are participating to bringing it on, how much effect do you think we can control? If we are told by high command to bring this on to clear the negativity of the world, and then you tell us now control it, if it is already started and I push a rock down a hill and it's already going down and then you tell me to stand in front of it, there's only partial speed I can break. Okay? So this is an example I'm giving you of the masters, when they set foot on it to clear certain blockages not of human beings alone, but all sentient and non-sentient beings. You have to cooperate by ingesting more light in your body, where you'll be saved. They (the Great Masters) have saved you before. In your Christian Bible, you have heard of the story of Noah, he saved the whole Human Race two by two all plants and species. This was said in rather a childish way, but it was one of the stories of the great Manus called Vaivashvat, who you know to be Noah. Noah still exists. The Vaivashvat Manu still exists on this planet. He still exists.

    Question: What is Babaji doing in the coming of the Kalki? Answer: He is not doing the anything, He is doing the all. That is the great enigma, the great sacrifice. Questions: How is He connected to the Kalki?
    Answer: Babaji is not actually in this apocalypse of the four horsemen. Babaji's work is to just be, if I may call it, the Silent Watcher. The Silent Watcher, that's His role, the very crucial role, the non-doer. In that watching everything will be done. In that non-doing everything is done. He is, because He is, everything has it's life in Him.

    Great spiritual beings "are very humble and quiet about their coming. They come silently, as silent as the morning dew. This is the beauty. That's why he's called the secret avatar - not to be known before the time is right. He will make himself known only when he chooses to do so. That's why if you see an order of succession... Babaji is unknown and invisible."

    So I myself am descended and a descendant of the Sun and descended from the Sun. And if you go back to this thing, my lineage is totally of the Sun, and my work is of the Sun. And people have vaguely seen forms but they cannot connect. but they will connect by 2012 who I am. I am not too keen to connect but you will know because you are a very sensitive people. Some of you are already meditating on the Sun, or spirits of the Sun or regents of the Sun or aspects of the Sun. So all that is concerned with the Sun and Mars belongs to me and I have to serve that. I have to serve that category. All of you have been related to the sun in a very strong manner here with me for me to serve you with all my heart and all my soul. Next question. This was an unasked for answer with no question but anyway. Yes. Is the Fire God related to the sun as well? It's very ancient, the Fire God. He's known as Agni, Agni. That is why we always, he's called the eternal witness. The Fire God. That's why he's kept in all empowerments. In witness of the Fire and the Water. Right? In witness of Michael and Gabriel. Michael is the fire, Gabriel is the water, Right? So they are the eternal witness, in any weddings, or marriages or initiations, you light the fire because the Fire is the eternal witness for the deeds of human kind and when he goes up, he imprints all your Karmic deeds in the undifferentiated fabric of radiant ether. The universal fabric of radiant ether has your name etched on it and every little deed you do. Those are the Akashic records of your individual Karma, planetary karma, solar karma, galactic karma, cluster karma, super cluster karma, and the whole of creation, cosmic karma. Can you dig it? Do you understand what I am saying? So it's very important, the Fire. It is the witness to the deeds of man. And it is through the motivation of the fire called Vaisvanara, Vaisvanara, the home fire that people are looked after and are given warmth and food. Okay next question. [I have a question. The three avatars coming in 2012 are they grown men or are they going to be born in 2012?] Who asked the question? Who's me, raise you hand? So in the Bible [Luke 8:10] there is a saying, I love this saying, eyes have thee and they see not, ears have ye and hear not. When Jesus was there they didn't recognize him and they asked Jesus, Jesus when will Jesus come.

    [Question] When he was born, I seem to recall, he didn't know for many years, or remember his yoga and practice it in that incarnation. Could you speak to that a little?

    [Gurunath's Answer] Yes. Now I am in a dilemma. How do you say it in America? Dilemma? Dilemma? To answer your question simply. Lahiri Mahasaya knew all along from his birth, when he covered himself in the sands and only his neck was out and he went into deep samadhi. He knew all along his mission and work. He was totally enlightened from birth, from his birth he was fully enlightened not a siddha but an avatar. But Babaji deliberately kept the veil of maya upon his sight until he was in his late 30's or 40's. This was because to bring down such a lofty soul would have otherwise impossible thing to do. And because such a lofty soul and avataric soul was to be brought down he hid this fact with the veil of maya, this keeping away this information and knowledge from him was deliberately done by the great Babaji as has also been done with many people who have come because if given the knowledge of who they are they would be gone and they will not be able to talk as even this person at a lesser stage than Lahiri Mahasaya, the man sitting before you on the podium here on this asana here has also been blocked until he finishes his work, until he gives you all what he pays to you. The karmic ledger has to be paid, you have to be given the spiritual knowledge and information. You have to be taught by me. Unless I complete this task with you the window of enlightenment, the ultimate enlightenment window will not be opened. Otherwise I will be gone from society and from you. So I have been held back. That doesn't mean the person sitting here has not been enlightened to the state he originally earned in his past life. He is. So Lahiri Mahasaya from his past was already an enlightened soul because in his book it was mentioned he was Kabir in his past life. And as Kabir he appeared to them after death. He appeared in his full body and divided his body into a bouquet of flowers which the Muslims and the Hindus divided equally. He was a perfectly enlightened master of Kriya Yoga in his past life as Kabir. And before that life he was the King Barthahari whom Babaji Gorakshanath had initiated. In that life Babaji kept behind in him a desire for a palace and a desire to get married to his queen Pingala. And when the King Barthahari reincarnated as Kabir and as Lahiri Mayasaya, he was initiated into the same palace and again before he was initiated he was marriedthe same queen Pingala who reincarnated as Kashi Moni.[Question] What happened to the 144,000 people that came with Babaji here? [Answer] What happened to the 144,000 people who came with Babaji? What are you talking about? Did I tell you this just now? Which context have you pulled this out of? [Question] It's about Lord Sanath Kumar. He came down in 144000 people. [Answer] They say that there were 33 beings and their glorious bodies created by Kriya shakti. Right? And perhaps it is he who is clearing up the garbage and the muck on this little planet Earth by making them fight it out and pay out their karmic dues, and then cleaning up the whole process. When a messenger of his shall come, a divine assist or colleague, a junior colleague of his who is another avatar called the Kalki Maitreya who will come and wipe out the negativity of this earth to restore righteousness and peace thereon. Right? They are already working. How do you know that the people sitting here are not amongst the 144 who came. As you go lower down the ladder. We're also connected to the 144. They're our star angels, our star souls, our guides. So right from the top we have the star, the cosmic beings, the star angels, and the souls, the Elohim. Then they come down, then they have the guides, then they have you. And we are working, that's how we connect. That's how we take this whole planet into the brave new world, into a greater dimension and a spiritual hierarchy which will give us the final enlightenment for the years to come.

    [Question] You prescribe Kriya Yoga for a myriad of issues and problems in life. After Kriya where does like Ayurveda, Jyotish and Japa come in?
    [Answer] You see, everything is necessary. I am not saying anything is useless but I am just saying give to God the morning star, all other things are secondary details. That you can love them, you can enjoy them. There is jyotish, There is astronomy,there is astrology, ayurveda, everything is nice. Everything, but you must put God, the Divine Essence of Truth within all these things. You must see through these things, the essential unity of God in all the diversity of subjects, and teachings and knowledge. You see what I am trying to say? United with the thread of God. Ayurveda is God. Everything is God. So without His life, the whole universe lies dead. So what are these scientists and all talking about that you don't need God for existence? I think it is too audacious a remark to make. I mean he's crossing the rubicon here. Going beyond his limits. You cannot challenge God. You see, all these people, including everyone, for thousands of years people have tried to prove God and they have failed. For thousands of years people have also tried to disprove God and they have also failed. Because God is not a subject of intellectual speculation. God is the fact of direct experience. He's the truth. And therefore by the practice of Kriya Yoga, by chanting we must experience God in our hearts, we must feel his love. Aye? Aye.

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