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    RFID chip....Fibromyalgia


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    RFID chip....Fibromyalgia

    Post  Simplicity on Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:27 pm

    I recently came across this lady on facebook who is fanatically trying to
    alert people about fybromyalgia.

    She says she was unknowingly implanted, twice, with an RFID chip by her Dr.

    She gives instructions to test yourself to see if you have been implanted.

    "If you are in pain and you would like to test for yourself, why you have the agony of pain, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as I've been. Please know that I've since learned, the reason for the pain. I was shown in the most unconventional way. My God given insight, some call keen awareness, others call the psychic realm. I prefer to keep it simple with insight. Seeing the unseen--and bring to the source of light by source/God. If you are compelled to know, just ask, and I'll instruct; teach you to see for yourself, what I've been teaching others, lately."

    Here's the link:


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    Re: RFID chip....Fibromyalgia

    Post  Jenetta on Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:54 pm

    To get inside a facebook link you have to become a member of Facebook and personally I wouldn't touch Facebook with a ten foot pole!



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    Re: RFID chip....Fibromyalgia

    Post  lawlessline on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:02 am

    Jenetta wrote:To get inside a facebook link you have to become a member of Facebook and personally I wouldn't touch Facebook with a ten foot pole!


    Luckerly I have a 12 foot pole and here is the info behind her page

    Release date
    November /15/ 2011
    Awareness is the key, and accountablity will bring justice. And test yourself from home--see if you have been implanted RFID, NO consent; either by doctor, dentist/root canal, or violently forced. The instructions are detailed in the INFO. Seek.
    You may learn by decisive instructions, why the label is blameless; and the truth of this matter will be discussed, openly and candidly. Awareness is the key, and accountability will bring justice.

    5 Million Americans, reported by the American Chronic Pain Association; primarily ALL women are painfully suffering from Fibromyalgia. I profoundly recognized the need to become aware of my insights, experiences--and seek truth and
    My disclaimer-- is this is from my personal experiences, and others diagnosing themselves with the following instructions. This is education, and a support; group for AWARENESS.

    Please help pass on this critical insight, and have them join, too; so the governing bodies will see this, testimony.(IONIZING RADITATION.)

    To diagnose yourself at home, find your sturdy box of foil, remove a piece/sheet of foil; take the piece of foil, a sheet that does not have any rips or holes. (make sure, examine-- closely.) Take the sheet of foil and place it carefully on your head-- a cloth between, your head/foil for some protection from the aluminum.

    15 minutes or longer. I assure you, I know what I've researched, INTUITIVELY... and I know the cause of all the pain, I've experienced. After 15 minutes, remove the sheet of foil; as foil is a conductor--and will prove this evidence; why I was determined to expose the pain and suffering--for compassion and humanity.

    Hold the foil-- up to a great source of light. You will need to make sure the foil is not facing the shiny side, toward you; thus a distraction-- and allow the source of light to shine--seen through the foil. You will be looking very closely, for super tiny holes, the size of a pin dot. Real SIZE Example> . ) You will need to look very closely for these holes.

    In fifteen minutes or longer, you may see only about 3 to seven speck, holes. (burn) a tiny dot. They will appear, if you've been implanted with an RFID chip/tracking device. (ionizing radiation).

    Please, once you do this test, and you discover these very tiny holes, I need for you to document your experience in this group. MAKE SURE TO JOIN--ask others, too, AS WE ARE COLLECTING EVIDENCE for our FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. (The governing bodies will be asked, eventually to see this site of testimony;THE GREAT WALL, you can upload a photo, too, perhaps--on the page, telling what you did, as you were instructed, and how you felt, when you saw the holes appear.

    This is another form of evidence collection, other than the Trageted Individual groups. Tag the evidence with your initial, time, date, and a witness, if you have one. Keep track of these experiences, your keen awareness, and guard your evidence.

    I bought a commercial role of foil, and many live outside of America, but get an industrial role, if you can. Then you can check often; when you sense more burning. Also, I created another back up group, a slightly differnt format, more interative, although still titled: Fibromyalgia is a Label. (see the blue head)

    I was able to get a role for 20.00 in which I built shieds, to understand this relationship/conductor--using my insights. Cutting down on some pain. Many medications are being used to mask these symptoms. I'm an intuitive counselor and realized quite some time ago, by testing others before I decided to come forward with this unfortunate reality. I have much compassion for you, and I know the suffering, all too well.

    If You're in pain, all the time, as the ionizing radiation is from the implant connectivity, activated, communcating, from various locations/ above---too; dumped down on you--or fired at you, as they used these DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS and microwave/many other weapons of mass destruction--upon our precious bodies.

    A huge satellite system/HAARP-- related, and cell towers, perhaps... GWEN-- targeting your precious body, your head, back, all your body. (The mind has no firewall.) This is what causes the weakness, the depletion of your potassium, many nutrients; memory problems, sleepless, and the list goes on. In fact it has been noted, every 76 seconds a human being is diagnosed with a form of dementia, and these are neurological conditions; PARKINSON, MS, and the list goes on.

    As I continue to help educate, here, this forum, and we fight for OUR lives, together, we will create our JUSTICE with this group, and other groups; seeking resolution, quality of life, and equality of life force. All humans coming together to test, using simple-- foil; or technology, if you have access.

    We must build our cases, globally. Let me know on this page/wall, your results. And please, if your VISION is not the best, magnify it with a tool, so you can hunt for these STEALTH holes in the foil-- with the light, peering through the foil.

    Share your insights, experiences; let me know if I can help you more-- with this experiment or inspiration, checking to see if you have in fact, been implanted with an RFID device--tracking/radiating you! It is important you know as a right!.
    And, if you can upload a photo of your holes IN THE FOIL, do this as well. Blessings my friends, I've taken much time, meditation, prayer, and determination to know, what I'm taking about.
    Love to all humanity, and remain strong! You are not alone.

    I am yet to read it so from me as yet no comment. t

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    Re: RFID chip....Fibromyalgia

    Post  Simplicity on Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:22 pm

    Thank you lawlessline. I think I was tired.
    Or lazy?

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    Re: RFID chip....Fibromyalgia

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