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    A New Global Economic Restructuring


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    A New Global Economic Restructuring

    Post  Nenuphar on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:03 am

    This video statement posted today on Conscious Media Network regarding a potential huge shift in the existing economic structures.

    Time will tell...!

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    Re: A New Global Economic Restructuring

    Post  Sanicle on Wed Jan 04, 2012 9:30 pm

    Thanks for posting that Nenuphar. I wonder if it's another face coming to the fore of those Ben Fulford has been working with. Sounds like there might be hope for the economy yet.

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    Re: A New Global Economic Restructuring

    Post  Arrowwind on Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:29 pm

    I just finished listening to the film and I was struck on a few points...

    first I will state that it has been my opinion for quite some time that a NWO will come along with a new monetary system.. It is mandetory for the evolution of the planet. If you want a star trek reality and all the technology and a sustainable agriculture and all the benefits that are dreamed then a new order must be implemented eventually.

    I will mention since it comes to mind that the Teachings of Alice Baily have dwelled upon this potential reality and said that this shift will be coming. I do not interject this to bring an arguement up about Alice Bailey, her source or the intent of the source... just simply to show that these considerations have been in play for a very long time. Im sure that she is not the only one out there and a Regina went on to mention the Theo group of which I am not familiar

    The considerations that need to be taken into account is exactly who is it that will control this NWO and how will it be implemented.

    It was stated on the film that the little people would be involved and the system would work for them.
    Thats great. We all certainly have had enough of corporate interests and corrupt political figures controlling the show.

    We are told that this has been in the works and that 130 nations are on board.

    We are told that there will be debt forgiveness, and Im sure there are a few here who like that idea.

    But please consider,,, are the 130 nations representatives of the little people?

    This system we are told is being coalesced yet who are the little people within it?
    Show me the little people please!
    or is this just another system to take control of the little people who are not capable of speaking for themelves?

    This is not feeling organic to me. This is not grass roots. I am open to being shown that I am in error.

    This smacks of some type of group likely not to dissimilar from the Bilderburgs pulling the strings..
    could they be altruistic and with good intentions? yes, they could. But you must understand that who ever is behind this will have to have monumental power to overcome the resistance, a power so huge that it will overthrow the total system, world wide. Who are those people. I want a resume please.

    Do we not deserve to know who these people are?

    Can you even name one person on the World Trade Organization board?
    see what I mean?

    Now I understand that this is a huge task to bring all nations on board and the level of comprehension, organization, intelligence and education required will be immense. But who are the little people? but please show me the little people they talk about!

    A one world currency and a NWO makes sense to me and of course I dont talk about it because who wants to get into Fighters

    which surely would have come my way and it does not make for a good day.

    The whole question about NWO and one world currency is who will control it and the intent and consciousness of those who set the standards and the playing field. Who selects the players and how the score is kept.

    Of course ethics has everything to do with it. EVERYTHING! and now we are to ask a world that has demonstrated a very low ethical standard to reign supreme in an eithical world monetary and trade system lead by people who have self selected themelves without our concent or knowledge.

    I do believe that this is possible to have a good end result but here again I am seeing us potentially being ramrodded into a new system without our awareness nor our concent and no influence in choice or judgement or standards. Granted the old system is broken but here we are, the little people being ramrodded once again. Did anyone consult you? or your neighbor? or the corporation that perhaps you work for? or the local independent bank in your neighborhood? or your church? or your city economic developement counscel? or even and especially your constitution? Do we even get to discuss this event?

    No. We do not even know what events will be required to bring this new order in yet we are being told that it is coming our way and that they are of all good intent and that the bad guys will either join or fall away.

    all wrapped up in consciousness movement rhetoric.

    If this is real, and I am very suspicious of it, we will certianly see in good time.

    It has the fragrance of agenda 21 to me.... and if you are for Ron Paul and a constitutionalist you will be getting ulcers right now... and this is not to say that a constituional alignment is not possible but will it happen? Will we be allowed to work it though the most ethical document that a group of people has ever aligned under? or do they have something even better planned for us?

    (The presentation smacks manipulation to me.. after all it was clearly stated that those who want ascension will go for it... and only those who can rise will see... creating a us vs them scenario once again consider that please.)

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    Re: A New Global Economic Restructuring

    Post  Jenetta on Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:08 pm

    Arrowwind the immediate picture that came to mind after your discourse was the Tower of that time all mankind spoke a universal language. The Tower of Babel was built so that mankind could feel itself closer to stretched into the heavens. The story goes that God did not see much merit in the people's actions...perhaps they had proved themselves too corrupt. The Tower shattered and after that time people could not communicate with each other as they all spoke a different language...misunderstandings and enmity developed with continuous wars.



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    Re: A New Global Economic Restructuring

    Post  mudra on Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:13 pm

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    Re: A New Global Economic Restructuring

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