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    The Sanctuary


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    The Sanctuary

    Post  shakticat on Sun May 09, 2010 12:58 am

    Anyone seen this Canadian tv series?

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    Re: The Sanctuary

    Post  Mercuriel on Sun May 09, 2010 1:29 am

    I've seen It advertised on the Sci-Fi Channnel...

    Is this the Show about the Battle between Vamps and Shifters ?

    Huh ?


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    Re: The Sanctuary

    Post  Carol on Sun May 09, 2010 8:20 am

    Yes, I started following it because of Amanda Tapping but am not that impressed. It has a very dark side to it that is a bit disturbing. Their focus is on saving the odd people/creatures. In the first season Amanda's daughter is kidnapped and turned into a very formidable vampire who then dies. It was a shame when they eliminated that character as she added a lot to the overall story plot. The male primary characters are also dark, one having once been Jack the Ripper and the father of Amanda's daughter who was killed off in the beginning of the series.

    The vampire characters are the shifters and materialize or dematerialize at will.

    It would be nice for a change to see spiritual beings making interventions where things go right instead of all of this dark stuff all of the time.

    I think this link may work to view the series.

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    sanctuary, tv series

    Post  shakticat on Sun May 09, 2010 4:07 pm

    yes, it is is life, in all of it varying shades.
    the main characters, however, are not dark (Magnus and her protege, Will)
    their vision, as I see it, is to protect and respect all forms of life: to increase their understanding of other species without judgment.
    i appreciate this consciousness as i feel this is, in essence, the key to cosmic connection and understanding. there are no et references tho. or other planet travel...? but i have only watched the first season
    the fighting scenes can become tiresome..but this too is part of the genre
    the acting and writing is really good! must say i am very impressed.

    actually, i greatly enjoy the special effects in seeing various creatures- "abnormals"...wonderful recreations of merfolk...references to tesla as vampire, timetravel, teleporting..
    hmmm, as i do not have access to internet youtube etc, perhaps i am merely excited seeing something like this in the local dvd store. intriguing tho, as to what the illuminati choose to show publicly- as part of the ritual to inform thru science "fiction".

    hey carol, bummer about ashley...but i shall watch the next season anyway when it comes in... (or check out the link somewhere)....

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    Sanctuary, season two

    Post  shakticat on Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:32 pm

    Hello again,

    Clearly, this series is not such a "Hit" on this forum...but I am (still) greatly impressed.
    I am not a fan/blogger for the sci-fi, amanda tapping dot com realm to discuss some concepts, as I watch through the permeable fiction/non fiction lens. particle or wave? wave or particle?

    And so, I figured I may as well write to myself on this wee forum

    The series ended with a giant spider creature using mega powerful EM wave frequencies to move underwater tectonic plates...
    this created land mass to rise and volcanoes to rupture
    the final shot was the rise of spherical tidal wave rippling out (to possibly cause global devastation).
    No doubt season three will produce a "solution"

    Yes, of course this was written and produced way before the gulf oil "incident"...
    yet a former episode on this very season was set in a giant oil rig off the coast of louisiana.

    did set me a-thinking
    layers and subtext...

    humanoid and non human "abnormals" and their power

    plus the acting and directing (and visual effects) are very good
    if you are able to overlook the ridiculous high heels that medico and sanctuary director helen magnus wears
    oh, and copious amounts of hair gel and lip gloss plastered on each actor...

    Very Happy Cool Surprised Wink

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    Re: The Sanctuary

    Post  hippihillbobbi on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:27 pm


    Haven't seen any of this series, but you write about it so well it has me interested! i'm not typically a fan of vampire books, movies, etc. (old prejudices die hard, i guess). but if they're NOT portrayed as evil/demonic, i could be persuaded (not that i think you're trying to persuade anyone).

    I TOO am VERY INTERESTED in the subliminal story-line behind-the-story of WHERE WHEN WHY those in control at-the-moment ALLOW certain things either to be REVEALED or HINTED-AT in these sorts of "pop-culture" series, movies, etc. it's a FASCINATING subject in itself imo! same thing applies to the abc series, "V" i think ..... part DISCLOSURE, perhaps ..... part DISTRACTION ..... part TRUE ..... part NOT. it can keep a "discerning viewer" pretty BUSY just pondering THAT alone!

    and then if we start thinking about all the OLD MOVIES like 2001, ET, Close Encounters, AI, etc. & etc. -- it can BOGGLE the MIND! some people trying to WARN and PREPARE us ..... some people trying to CONFUSE and DISTRACT us ...... sometimes the SAME people in the SAME media-event (movie or music or tv program or whatever). just like the WHISTLE-BLOWERS who use other means of "getting their message out." WHO is telling us the truth WHEN and WHEN are they NOT and WHY in either case?!?! too bad "DISCERNMENT" isn't a more EXACT science! LOL

    thanks for your persistence with this topic ..... i consider it very worthy of our consideration!


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    Sanctuary, season two

    Post  shakticat on Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:08 pm

    hey hip,

    a pleasant surprise to find ye post

    cool...good for you flexi-person, some interest tweaked...
    your post made me laugh. i'm not sure why. upbeat and creative vibe...with a tint of monkey humour
    the words in capitals were so rhythmic... like you were speaking in my mind...

    ok, i shall give you a week (or so) to immerse yourself and then we discuss. or not. no pressure!
    fear not about some of the hype-violence...shooty scenes...just part of the MA15+ genre, so to speak

    as i do not have internet/you tube/cable access, i seem to treasure dvds that i feel streeeetch my mind. australia does not support innovation in the same way as canada or the united states know, in terms of diversity and cable shows that push boundaries (you gotta read the layers and be willing to overlook some hokey scenes and stereotyped acting)

    back to "sanctuary"...
    so hip, methinks there is dimension in the characters and the writing and directing is most thoughtful. i appreciate this greatly. hints of the negative aspects of globalization with centralizing "sanctuary" power too...(there are sanctuaries in many countries-including Sydney, Australia...Hmm I wonder where?)

    and green screen technology is worthy of consideration!
    our mind in this body on planet earth is like the computer that creates the "sets" for this series.
    yes, no sets...just digitalized visual effects. and they are fabulous and look REAL
    indeed, i can contemplate that for a week or so.

    having a "media" background i immerse myself in the commentaries also.
    what to watch next.....
    shall look for another series at the dvd store or maybe settle for "alice in wonderland"...
    I don't think V will make it out this way. i am allowing what needs to enter my life to enter...with minimal effort these days.

    hmmm what lies beneath in topsy turvy land?

    bye for now

    Very Happy

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    Re: The Sanctuary

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