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    Atticus 1 white supremacists


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    Atticus 1 white supremacists

    Post  Floyd on Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:08 pm

    Now I have your attention I would just like to put the record straight on a few things and add a few more ideas if you would indulge me.

    I wanted to address this in a new thread as not to detract from the other ones that Brook and Lionhawk normally jump in on.

    I have never once anywhere stated that the members of atticus 1 are neo nazis or white supremacists. Now Brook, I know you You have just lost your son and you dont have time for these things but when you do, I challenge you to find any statement where I say the members of that forum are white supremacists. You can spend all day on it if you like but you wont find it.

    I have no doubt that they are not.

    Most people round here know I like to play the Devils advocate and frankly its the only way to draw out an answer these days.

    What I do have have questions about however, are this mysterious master who may or may not be named Germain. If there is one , ancient skin shedding master then he must have relatives. No? where do they come from and what are their names? Where do they reside?
    There are Germains involved in nazism you know but im sure this is not that kind of Germain?

    As Mudra has stated there are questions that remain unanswered.

    We know that Charles or whatever came out of nowhere from an extreme right background but we also know that these ancient masters are a front for for far right politics. Why is there no straight answer or is it all so precious? Do me a favour.

    Another criticism of mine is that your forum is elusive (but now it is the all new open show I hear but will not be visiting) and that the notion of convening 18 people to form a forum of global justice was quite frankly just daft. There are other ways to go about these things. A truly unfortunate solution and badly stage managed. 18 was a terrible choice by the way given the background of your guru.

    Then you had your founder employing half wits like ice cold and others to do all their best to cause havoc in various forums. That philosophy may have had some limited effect on Avalon but a forum like this is small fry. Im certain it had no effect on ATS or GLP but then he never had the scope or finances to go for them.

    A word of advice I would give. Radio shows are not the way the forward as they are already two a penny. I see someone was proud that you interviewed Gregg Braden. If you are proud of that then you are merely another Project Avalon/ camelot interviewing numpties.
    What is novel about that?

    As for the members of atticus1 reading this who are listening to Brooks accusation that you are all white supremacists then you need to think again because its not my style



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    Re: Atticus 1 white supremacists

    Post  Carol on Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:43 pm

    Brook and Lionhawk informed the Mists members again that they have left the forum and this time do not plan on returning. In any event I doubt they will be back given the circumstances of what transpired - again.

    Given who I saw on the forum there as members I decided it was not a forum I wish to be a member of. I saw the game playing that went on at the back PM Mesmerized end when some of them were toying with Mists. However, I do wish to thank them for the new emoticon.

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