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    A Children's Gulag Corruption, Child Abuse & the Business of Children in Quebec


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    A Children's Gulag Corruption, Child Abuse & the Business of Children in Quebec

    Post  mudra on Tue Jul 10, 2012 6:15 am

    A Children's Gulag
    Corruption, Child Abuse & the Business of Children in Quebec

    From a provincial population of 7.5 million, up to 30,000 children were seized from families by youth authorities in 2006, processed in secret trials, and placed in group homes, institutions or forced adoption programs. The majority of warehoused children are cut off from parents and extended family, often physically, sexually and emotionally abused, and held until the age of 18 when they are dumped on city streets.

    Years of secrecy and a total lack of accountability have created a culture of impunity and corruption among bureaucrats and the judiciary, and destroyed the lives of 100,000's of children and families. Shattered survivors, forbidden from revealing corruption and abuse under threat of contempt of court charges and jail, create succeeding generations of angry and broken families, guaranteeing repeat business for the state. The business of children in Quebec is now a growth industry, worth over one billion dollars (USD $1,000,0000,000) per year to bureaucrats, judges, lawyers, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, institutions and contracted guardians.

    No state in the western world removes, by force, as many children from parents as Quebec. Per capita, Quebec removes 2.5 times the number of children as Sweden, 6 times as many as Great Britain, and 17 times the number in Spain.

    Uncontrolled state intervention has placed money and the interests of bureaucrats and the judiciary before the interests of children and families. The expansion of ministry and judiciary budgets, the creation of corrupt local power bases, and the advancement of lucrative careers have lead to systematic child abuse and some of the worst child abuse stories and scandals in the western world.

    The suicide rate in Quebec, above 44/1000 men in some regions, is among the highest in the western world, lead by victims of the children's aid service (Department de la Protection de la Jeunesse or "DPJ".) Other symptoms of failed state intervention policies include a declining population, falling birth rates among (non-immigrant) families, the buildup of a massive bureaucracy numbering over 800,000, the highest taxes and highest per capita debt levels in North America, rampant corruption, an exodus of private capital and jobs, etc.

    Financial costs of corruption are born by the Quebec taxpayer as well as Canadian taxpayers through massive federal transfer payments.

    To silence complaints of corruption and abuse in the treatment of children, the Quebec government, with no public debate or inquiry, has increased the powers of the DPJ and accelerated the programs of permanent institutionalization and forced adoption of children.

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