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    Astro August 2012


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    Astro August 2012

    Post  Carol on Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:28 pm

    Astro August 2012

    The London Olympics may not be the only thing in full swing as a full moon in Aquarius on Aug 1 opens the month of August. Thanks to a dialogue with Neptune, Mercury retrograde can keep the guesswork, the uncertainty and the potential going through Aug 7. In our private lives and out there on the world stage too, there can be a sense of something coming around the corner. There can be hints but not a full unveiling, a feeling of “almost, but not quite”.

    The Aug 1 full moon is well-aligned with planets in air signs, so we should see the buzz stays well lit. There is little to inhibit the flow. Whatever is increasing, mobilizing, or circulating is readily doing so. This is due to Jupiter, Ceres, and Mars keeping the momentum alive and growing. Among the many possible expressions, this trio informing, infiltrates, promotes, campaigns, instigates, and escalates. It is a particularly opportune seeding and/or launch-it time. Mars in Libra brings the desire for peace, but for now, it seems the fight rages on.

    That Venus and Saturn are well aligned at month’s start suggest important matters can be crystallized, solidified, or stabilized. What is manifested or agreed upon sets the long term into play, plus or minus. It’s an endurance test, not only for Olympic athletes, but for the EU, Syria, the UN, the EU, the victims of circumstance, and for pipeline supporters and detractors – in reality, for all of us.

    Mercury retrograde ends on Aug 7. From this point forward, we’ll be better able to see if the potential really holds what it has advertised so far. Even so, give the Messenger a few more days to get his winged shoes fully laced up. By Aug 18, the day after the new moon, Mercury will form its third and final trine to Uranus, a cycle that was begun on July 4. The midway peak occurred on July 25. Together Mercury and Uranus keep the buzz fresh and the opportunity alive. Thinkers keep thinking.

    Aug 7, the same day Mercury retrograde ends, Venus completes the observation and information gathering cycle she began on April 4. While on her extended visit to the sign of Gemini, Venus has considered options, gathered research, explored angles, talked it up and talked it over. As of Aug 7, Venus will switch from Gemini’s intellectual observation to Cancer’s emotional observation. Venus will feel her way along to Sept 6. Venus in Cancer puts an increased emphasis on personal, family, and national matters to do with security, safety, preservation, and safeguarding.

    From one extreme to another, Mars has raced through Libra in just seven weeks as opposed to its recent eight month stint in Virgo. Since the beginning of July, Mars has been heating up matters to do with alliances, accords, partnerships, peace, justice, and equality. As we have experienced in so many private and world situations, most notably regarding Syria, Russia, China, and the UN efforts, Mars had to fight especially hard to strike the right balance, to reconcile with the repair and healing work that Mars in Virgo has uncovered and that is still left. Aug 15, Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra brings us to the end of the rope or end of the road. Also on August 15, Venus stimulates the momentous Uranus/Pluto aspect. For political, economic, domestic, or private life matters, this date suggests a compelling or provoking call to action, a major initiative undertaken or an inevitable breakthrough.

    On Aug 17, the new moon in Leo shines its light onto newly energizing creative potentials. Coloured by both Venus and Mercury in strong position, the new moon increases consciousness, confidence, creativity, desire, pleasure seeking, and emotional healing. It can also increase the sense of reward, entitlement, or I deserve. Juno in opposition to Sedna suggests the necessity for a total commitment to that which serves your better interests no matter what the upfront cost. As stated above, on August 18, Mercury trine Uranus for the third time since the beginning of July. It’s a good day for the think tank, for opening the lines of communication, for socializing, or joining the crowd.

    On Aug 22, the sun advances into Virgo. On Aug 23, Mars advances into Scorpio. Together they suggest an intensified drive toward necessary adjustments, repairs, and reforms. Those who live in summer climates are sure to feel the season has passed far too soon.

    August began with a full moon and ends with one too. The blue moon on August 31 occurs in Pisces. The moon forms several key alignments, most notably with Chiron in Pisces. By later in the day, Mercury’s advance into Virgo draws attention to the work that still lies ahead. The end of season sales and advertising can inundate us too. Still, it can be ideal time to pause for reflection or to enjoy one last great escape before back to school season gets underway. For some there can be a poignant, healing, salvation, redemption, and/or saving grace.

    Aug 1: Full Moon: 8:27 pm (10 Aquarius 15)
    Aug 17: New Moon: 8:54 am (25 Leo 08)
    Aug 31: Full Moon/Blue Moon: 6:58 am (8 Pisces 24)
    Aug 7: Venus enters Cancer (6:43 am)
    Aug 7: Mercury retrograde ends (10:40 pm, 1Leo26)
    Aug 22: Sun enters Virgo (10:07 am)
    Aug 23: Mars enters Scorpio (8:24 am)

    * All times listed are PDT, please check your local time

    Dates to watch: Aug 1, 6, 7, 15 – 18, 30, 31

    ARIES (March 21- April 19)
    The full moon in Aquarius on Aug 1 can start the month with a pleasant surprise. At the very least it’s a good time to socialize, shake it up and/or go exploring. Although Mercury is still retrograde to Aug 7, this full moon suggests you are already making good progress.

    Mercury in Leo, continuing to Aug 31, pumps up your creativity, confidence, vitality, and shine. Along with the sun in Leo, the next several weeks can increase social, romantic, and professional opportunity. Happiness, pleasure, and play can be on the upswing too.

    Aug 6, the moon in Aries is hotwired for action. This can be a push come to shove or sudden forward-thrust day. On Aug 7, the same day Mercury retrograde ends, Venus advances into Cancer. Venus puts added attention on family, home, real estate, the past, and also on security and nurturance needs.

    Venus is stage setting through middle of the month. Mars, currently in Libra, puts the focus on a specific project, circumstance (financial, legal), or relationship matter. Both Venus and Mars are building dynamic planetary alignments to Aug 15. On this date, Venus stimulates Uranus/Pluto, while Mars and Saturn conjoin. Venus is sure to keep the emotional charge greatly heightened. Aug 15 can bring you to a definitive end of the road, a deadline, a completion or finalization. A contract can be concluded or begun. Too, could find yourself at the completion of phase one, two, or three. An ending is immediately followed by a beginning. What blasts off, cements or crystallizes for you now takes it to the next platform.

    The new moon in Leo on Aug 17 is revitalizing. Aug 18 to 20, Mercury is sparked with fresh ideas, a fresh attitude, and a freshly synchronized momentum.
    Virgo month, beginning Aug 22, turns more attention to the pending or to-do pile, and the soon to begin back to work season. Mars in Scorpio, starting Aug 23, takes you deeper and increases your motivation toward creating a more effective turnaround.

    The illuminating full moon in Pisces on Aug 31 can sharpen the contrast for you. As this happens, you gain a better perspective on what or who is worth saving, what or who is worth your continuing effort and what or who is simply a drain, waste or lost cause.

    TAURUS (April 20 -May 20)
    The full moon in Aquarius on Aug 1 can spark the unexpected. You could find yourself suddenly off the hook, with extra choice, options, or opportunity. No matter how unprepared you may feel know that timing is everything. This full moon can necessitate that you jump right into the thick of it or that you suddenly switch tracks, perhaps radically so. For those on the look out, the full moon could deliver an exciting career or investment prospect.

    Mercury retrograde has taken you through an important personal regroup cycle. Hopefully you’ve used the cycle to love yourself more. As Mercury direct gains ground in Leo (Aug 7 to 31) you should find that you are growing in confidence, that you are happier with yourself, your progress, and your decisions. Self employment prospects and family relationships should be on the upswing too.

    August 15, Mars and Saturn bring you to the end of a project, job, health matter, etc. On the one hand, this date offers an ideal time to pull the plug on the work or the struggle in order to give yourself a well deserved rest. On the other hand, Mars/Saturn can force you to face the necessary or inevitable. Venus in Cancer, the new moon on August 17, and the last of the three Mercury/Uranus alignments on Aug 18 suggest a ripe time to build better ground under your feet. Support yourself better and the universe will partner up with you. It’s an ideal time to start a new business, to change your home life or personal status, to start a family, or to enhance what is already on the go.

    The sun’s entrance into Virgo on Aug 22 and the advance of Mars into Scorpio on Aug 23 help you to make the most out of what you already have to work with. Mars in Scorpio moves you faster along. It loans you shrewdness, penetrating insight, and a more powerful presence. On the plus, Mars in Scorpio can deepen relationship bonds. To the minus, Mars in Scorpio can stir up betrayal or mistrust. It can pit you against tough competition or stronger outside forces.
    Beyond a great weekend to social, seek entertainment, or to plan a great escape, the full moon on August 31 can bring destiny into play in some striking way.

    GEMINI (May 21-June 21)
    Whether your attention is directed toward pleasure, play, travel, visits, romance, social life, creativity, education, or career in bloom, it seems you have the stars on your side in this first week.

    On Aug 7, Mercury completes retrograde. Although extra caution is advised for a few more days, overall you should feel everything is moving along well. Venus leaves Gemini on Aug 7, but you’ll continue to draw benefit from Venus. Regarding money matters, heart matters, or the past revisited, Venus in Cancer makes the journey an emotional one, especially so to the middle of the month.

    Aug 15, Venus stimulating Uranus/Pluto and Mars in completion with Saturn brings you to a significant finish-line or milestone. It is likely you have been working your way to this threshold quite some time. It can be a time of contracts, actual or karmic in nature. This date can also bring reward, acknowledgement, and/or fruition. A personal, romantic or professional relationship status can be made official. It is time to claim your authority or rightful dues, to define your boundaries, or to cement a personal or professional relationship. Mars and Saturn can also bring you to the end or start of a bank or contract term, or see you define or accept an official position or status, or launch a significant new career.

    August 17 and 18, your connect-the-dots timing couldn’t be better. Whether you have an event, meeting, trip, or visit planned or not, synchronicity delivers. Say it, do it, seek it, or put it out there on show.

    You are likely to feel the momentum switch of the sun’s entrance into Virgo on Aug 22 and the advance of Mars into Scorpio on Aug 23. From this point forward, it will be time to gear up for back to work season. Still, make sure to schedule one last great escape weekend. The full moon in Pisces on Aug 31 offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

    CANCER (June 22-July 22)
    If you can, let yourself off the hook a little more, at least until Mercury retrograde ends. The full moon in Capricorn on Aug 1 can heap on extra pressure or force you to confront that which has been nagging at you for some time. Something crystallizes from here and once it does, it will consume you until you accomplish it or conquer it.

    Considering a radical change? Noting the influence of Uranus continuing through Aries, it can be just the thing. A new investment or financial strategy, income stream, or career direction can be in the works. If you aren’t sure how to get yourself from A to B, simply keep looking around and stay open to the range of possibilities. It could be a matter of stumble onto something timely.

    Venus in Gemini has taken you through a gestational or set-up phase. Venus in Cancer, starting Aug 7, the same day Mercury retrograde ends, sets you onto a forward thrust. One the one hand, this Venus placement can bring you more supportive or desirable attention. At the same time, it can make you feel more vulnerable and in need. On Aug 15, Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. You are likely to feel compelled or provoked into action. Something could suddenly snap inside you. Circumstances could erupt or force the envelope. Also on this day, Mars in Libra completes with Saturn. This planetary alignment brings you to a significant finish line or end of the road. Beyond the end or beginning of a vacation, these momentous transits can mark a significant change of status for a personal, family, or home circumstance.

    One door closes another opens, the new moon on Aug 17, followed by the synchronicity of Mercury and Uranus at peak on Aug 18 can immediately set you onto a better track. If it doesn’t go according to plan, you are likely to admit “it’s all for the best”.

    Mars in transforming Scorpio, beginning Aug 23 loans you added motivation, strength, empowerment and determination. It helps you to move yourself forward with a sense of can-do. The full moon in Pisces on August 31 delivers a mix. You can surrender to, or let go of plenty. At the same time, brewing or budding potentials become much more visible and real. This blue moon can deliver a saving grace or a feeling that someone, somewhere, is looking out for you. From the bigger picture perspective, this full moon will also re-affirm that what’s in the works now is necessary. You have to move through this step or process in order to make the transition over to the other side.

    LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)
    Mercury ends retrograde on Aug 7, but the quick-witted one will continue to spark in Leo to Aug 31. No matter what else the month can toss at you, this Mercury influence keeps body, mind, and spirit agile and going strong.

    An Aquarius full moon on Aug 1 keeps you well stimulated at month’s start. In addition to the Olympics, you should find plenty to keep you entertained and on the go. Connect and get your social fill, or disconnect from your everyday and see what shiny new thing you can rustle up for yourself.

    Something major could be settled or instigated mid month. It could be a legal issue, a purchase, negotiation, or contract. Mars conjunct Saturn on Aug 15 can bring you to the end of term, lease, partnership, visit, or planning phase. It can be time to part company and go separate ways, or to make your status official. Mid month can also occupy you with an official send-off or launch, a graduation, award or commemorative ceremony, wedding, anniversary, etc. to attend. A new business venture, scholastic undertaking, or career ambition is favoured by new moon in Leo on Aug 17. In fact, this new moon favours all new starts, including all efforts toward health, wealth, and relationship upgrades. Mercury trine Uranus on Aug 18 can spark creative ingenuity, like-mindedness, inspiration and showmanship. Ideas, inspirations and conversations readily hit their mark. Let spontaneity take the lead.

    By the time the sun advances into Virgo on Aug 22 and Mars enters Scorpio on Aug 23, it will be time to get yourself better organized and to put yourself to work on the must-do pile. The full moon in Pisces on Aug 31 offers you one more chance for an escape it all weekend. Mercury’s advance into Virgo on the same day helps you to make the most out of your time and resources.

    VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
    It has been important for you to take extra time to observe what’s going on inside you and around you too. Mercury retrograde has been useful in this regard. As of Aug 7, Mercury will begin direct motion again, but allow a little more time to sort through your thoughts and feelings. On this day, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. This planetary switch can help you to move past a dilemma and/or your contradictory feelings. Venus in Cancer increases your sensitivity and security radar. This planetary placement can make you more empathic, so you are apt to notice that you are registering a lot more signals and undercurrents, especially in regard to close relationships. August 15 brings it all out into the open and/or lays it all on the line. This is a day of major emotional or financial thresholds crossed. A particular matter or relationship may be laid to rest or ended altogether. On the other hand, a trial run or information gathering phase can give way to a new chapter start. It is an auspicious day to sign a contract or to enter into a formal agreement or arrangement. From here, you’ll find yourself on an upswing. The new moon in Leo on Aug 17 and Mercury trine Uranus on Aug 18 helps you to piece it together and to move yourself forward quite readily and well. Plan to settle in for awhile. What is put in place will last for some time to come.

    Mars in Scorpio, beginning on Aug 23 takes it to a deeper level. When it comes to your personal gain, be reminded that your reward will be in direct proportion to the commitment you make. Mars in Scorpio compels you to do just that. The unveiling full moon in Pisces on Aug 31 can open your heart and touch your soul in some poignant way. It can fill you full of hope, inspiration, and desire. If the full moon proves to be a time of letting go or loss, Mercury’s advance into Virgo on the same day will help you to reconcile with reality for what it is. It won’t take long for you to pull up your socks. Mars in Scorpio helps you to be a powerhouse when you need to be/want to be.

    LIBRA (Sept 22-Oct 22)
    The take-it-as-it-comes full moon on August 1 can start the month off on a serendipitous and/or social note. It’s an ideal time to enjoy vacation or visits, the Olympics, etc. Noting Jupiter’s influence, something unexpected could take flight. There could be news from afar, a surprise invite, or opportunity.

    Despite Mercury in retrograde, start of the month can be solidifying or cementing in some significant way. Even though there’s still plenty of uncertainty or missing blanks to fill in, you should find you are gaining a better sense of the shape of things to come. By Aug 15, Mars in Libra will catch up to Saturn. This defining aspect can bring you to a wrap-up or cut-off, a finalization, or end of the road. It can be a time to take an official or legal step. On this day, Venus in Cancer re-igniting Uranus/Pluto can compel, drive, or provoke you, perhaps suddenly or radically so. There can be mountains to move. Dealings with the past, with family members, or home matters can tug hard at the emotions. It can be a good time to purchase real estate, to start a renovation project, or to dive into a new career prospect. The new moon in Leo on Aug 17 can get you fired up about a new prospect. Your creativity, social life and love life can gain a boost. Aug 18, Mercury trine synchronistic Uranus can make it go “pop”.

    On Aug 22, the sun advances into Virgo and on Aug 23, Mars advances into Scorpio. Both these planetary shifts will draw the attention to a preparation as of Aug 22, it will be time to redirect your attention to the pending projects, loose ends, modifications, petitions, bids, filings, or necessary preparations. Mars in Scorpio, beginning Aug 23 can keep you obsessed with an objective, be it emotional or financial. The full moon on Aug 31 could reveal a missing key, open you up to a hidden advantage, or find you vulnerable in some unexpected way. The shopping deals can be great, but watch your spending. Put added attention to safety, health, pets, and those in your immediate environment. Don’t drink and drive. You may have to step in when another drops the ball. On the other hand, this full moon could also signal an idea time to hide out for awhile, and to replenish with extra peace and quiet.

    SCORPIO (Oct 23~Nov 22)
    The August 1 full moon in Aquarius pushes your refresh button. A family visit, home change, new residence, project, or financial prospect can keep you thinking and planning a good step ahead. A budding relationship can keep you planning your future too.

    Venus in Gemini has bridged both the end of the last Mercury retrograde (start of April) and the end of the current Mercury retrograde. On the morning of August 7, Venus advances into the sign of Cancer. While Venus tenanted Gemini, you have had more to discuss and more to juggle. For the most part, Venus in Cancer can help you to piece it all together and to make better sense of it all. Cancer is a complimentary archetype for your sign, so it can make life easier on you. You can find you are learning how to enjoy more and worry less. Through Sept 7, Venus in Cancer can help you to feel more confident and secure, to feel better situated and supported.

    On the other hand, Venus in Cancer can peak your emotions and open up something much larger than has been evident or that you may have felt ready for. This is especially so as Venus builds aspect to Uranus/Pluto through Aug 15.

    Mercury ends retrograde late in the day on Aug 7 and continues in Leo until Aug 31. Although there’s still a lot that isn’t nailed down, you should start to feel like you are getting it (and keeping it) together for yourself better.

    August 15 takes you over a major threshold and cements your unfolding future. A legal matter, contract, vocational/training program, or exploration chapter can be completed. This date can signal a definitive time for relationship, education, career, creativity and spiritual quests.

    Mars moves into Scorpio as of Aug 23. Through Oct 6, expect to find yourself in dynamo mode. Mars in Scorpio provides you with plenty of will, determination and bravado. It is the right time to dive into a new life chapter. Exceptional opportunity can open for you. Aug 23 through the full moon in Pisces on Aug 31 keeps the vibrancy and potency of the moment very much alive. This can be a significant time of karmic reaping and fruition.

    SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22~Dec21)
    The August 1 full moon in Aquarius starts the month on a stimulating, busy and moment to moment track. Whether you have taken a plane to see them or simply dialled the number, it’s a wonderful time to play catch up with friends and family. A special event or occasion could bring you together. True to Mercury retrograde, there can be surprise reconnections, news, or invites. Too, the full moon can bring added attention and/or put you in the public eye in some notable way.

    Mercury retrograde ends on Aug 7. From this point forward, progress can be more easily gained. Along with the sun in Leo it can be a time to vacation, to spread your wings, bask in the sun, and to shine. (The shine comes naturally, by the way.)

    Aug 6 can fire up it and get it moving fast, perhaps surprisingly so. They need/want you, and you need/want them. Aug 7, the same day that Mercury retrograde ends, Venus advances into Cancer. This Venus placement can make for more tending, tenderness, and sensitivity, and less intellectualizing of emotions. There can be more openness and transparency – and more vulnerability too. Venus in Cancer puts added attention on relationship and financial needs, safety and security issues. In this regard, something major is on brew through mid month. Aug 15 brings a significant surpassing or cut-off point. Don’t look back. Your new trajectory is shows great promise. This date can also signal a poignant healing or release and move forward time.

    The sun’s entrance into Virgo on Aug 22 turns your attention to the requirements and priorities, i.e. career, work, and working it out. Mars in Scorpio, Aug 23 to Oct 6 will keep you deeply immersed in your research, observation, and creative process. It signals an intensified gestational and/or stage-setting time.
    The month finishes on another full moon, this time in Pisces. The blue moon of Aug 31 can open up opportunity and/or make it right again. Divine order prevails.

    CAPRICORN (Dec 22~Jan 19)
    A synchronistic chain of events can fast track you at month’s start. The full moon in Aquarius on Aug 1 can bring you something new to consider or integrate, to work on or work through. A new job, financial opportunity, or health program could be just the ticket. You may be ready to purchase new wheels, devices, tools, etc. but remember that Mercury is still in retrograde until Aug 7. If possible, do your research and wait. If you feel the need to move ahead, make sure you can return or exchange it if you need to.

    Aug 6, the day before Mercury retrograde ends, is a particularly hot-wired day. You could make a breakthrough or something could suddenly snap. Once the line is crossed, it’s a point of no return. You can’t backtrack or erase it. From here to Aug 15 you’ll edge toward a major finish line or cut-off point.

    Aug 15 Mars in Libra meets with Saturn in Libra. This planetary pairing brings financial and partnership matters to a completion or solidification point. It is a time to make your status official, to settle finances or complete transactions. A contract could be signed or ended. Someone of authority or priority could be of significant concern.

    The sun’s entrance into Virgo on Aug 22 can act as the inception point or catalyst for the full moon in Pisces on Aug 31. Pay attention to the subtleties, inspirations, and messages of the moment. They can be revealing on so many levels. If you have recently lost your way, the Virgo sun can help you find yourself again. Your confidence, creativity, opportunity, and efficiency can move onto an upswing.

    Mars in Scorpio, Aug 22 to Oct 6, can redirect you in some fundamental way, i.e. social life or lifestyle, goal mapping, psychology, attitude, relationship goals. This Mars placement can also bring significant change to your earnings or pay-check.

    The full moon in Pisces on Aug 31 can end the month on a liberating or freeing note. Take full advantage of opportunity as it presents itself. The weekend is ideal for diving in deep, for travel, play, concerts, a backyard party, a sunset, romance or an escape.

    AQUARIUS (Jan 20~Feb 18)
    It seems you have something major on the go at the start of August, thanks to a full moon in Aquarius to kick things off. Jupiter’s influence could signal a special event to attend, or an ideal time for travel, vacationing, and visiting. You can witness an obvious increase of luck, opportunity, and synchronicity. Too, the full moon can launch you on an exciting creative, educational, or romantic adventure. Expect the journey, whatever it is, to move along fast, especially so on Aug 6 as the stars are fired up on this date.

    Mercury ends retrograde on Aug 7, but it will continue through Leo until Aug 31. Beyond your sense of deserving more leisure time and reward, Mercury and the sun in Leo keep the spotlight focused on someone of significance, a partner or child perhaps.

    Also on the day Mercury ends, Venus advances into Cancer. Through Sept 6, Venus directs added attention to what’s needed the most. Top of the betterment list is self-care and personal comfort zones. Venus looks to gain security, on the job and in the field (in other words, your day to day heart journey).

    To August 15, Venus is compelled by Uranus/Pluto to have a more serious dialogue with your inner consciousness, to call forth and uncover that which is lurking under the surface and/or that which ripe for hatching. You’ll feel the need to direct concentrated effort into better self management. While it seems you are on a creative roll with life and love, you’ll feel the need to develop more consistency regarding emotions, health, job performance, and other good for you routines.

    Also on Aug 15, Mars in Libra comes full circle with Saturn. If you have been waiting for the right moment to take a major step forward, this is it. By this point, an uncertainty, premonition, or future prospect is likely to manifest into a known quantity. Mars and Saturn can deliver an announcement, news, answer, or confirmation. A legal matter, contract or educational track can reach a conclusion or an important starting gate. This is also a time when a relationship or citizenship gains official status.

    Mars enters Scorpio on Aug 23, the day after Virgo month begins. Major change is in the works. Regarding career and consciousness, Mars takes you through an intensified reformatting cycle through the start of October.

    Accompanied by the advance of Mercury into Virgo, The full moon on Aug 31 draws added emphasis to what’s lacking, what’s lost, what’s needed and what’s no longer needed, especially re resources, assets, finances, and intimate relationships.

    PISCES (Feb 19~March 20)
    Beyond a good time for a vacation, the full moon on Aug 1 could deliver a surprise opportunity or shake-it-up. From here, the stars set you onto a new exploration. There’s great potential for you and/or for a family member now. Relocation or a new vocation could be in the works. It’s an ideal time to scout for a new address and to work on the changes and improvements you have been yearning for.

    Mercury ends retrograde on Aug 8. Along with the Sun in Leo, the next few get-it-together weeks can be especially productive. Also on Aug 8, Venus advances into Cancer, a complimentary water sign. In harmony with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Venus is staging something big. You could know what this is, but even if you aren’t actively pushing for it, you’ll see it manifest around Aug 15. On this definitive threshold-crossing date, Venus ignites Uranus/Pluto, while Mars and Saturn conjoin. Whether it’s a start or a finish line, a financial or karmic contract defines the shape of things to come. Endings and beginnings are intertwined. Setting the next chapter into motion, the sun’s entrance into Virgo on Aug 22 and the advance of Mars into Scorpio on Aug 23 begins an introductory, implementation, or acclimatization phase. Mars in Scorpio is an empowering influence. Boosting your confidence, creativity, and success ratio, Mars helps you to get clearer on your wants, needs and desires, and to zero in on prize “needle in the haystack” opportunities.

    August started with a full moon and finishes with one too. Beyond a great weekend to soak up your fill of summer before setting into the September routine, the blue moon in Pisces on Aug 31 brings you to a much fuller awareness of what’s workable and what’s not, what’s lacking and what is well within your grasp. Changes happening to another also impact you. This full moon takes you to the next starting gate. Beyond soaking up the last weekend before back to school season starts, this full moon pumps you full of creative juice and can-do vitality.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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