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    Message from Colleen Thomas about the "Sirians" who speak through Sheldon Nidle and the psy ops behind channeling is a leaked and published aspect of CIA exposures that have hit the Internet.


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    Message from Colleen Thomas about the "Sirians" who speak through Sheldon Nidle and the psy ops behind channeling is a leaked and published aspect of CIA exposures that have hit the Internet.

    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:29 pm

    Just got my PAO email and lo and behold the "Sirians" who speak through Sheldon Nidle have the nerve to say this after many times last year saying they had gotten the go ahead "from Heaven" to land and had a date in 2012 that was a line in the sand for "the dark" to relent or else.

    That line, if crossed was supposed to result in ETs landing openly to thwart NWO plans by providing evidence of guilt (recordings of secret meetings for treasonous strategic planning, etc) so we can arrest and prosecute those responsible for them. They also promise(d) technology to free us from fissile fuels, a new Global Financial system, interim governments for free societies and so on.

    Nothing they say they will do has ever come to pass and nothing about them stringing people along with empty promises has changed as evidenced by these typically nebulous words;

    "The one thing now remaining is for us to obtain the final green light from our heavenly hosts. This signal is shortly to be given to us. Until then we wait, watch, and oversee what is so close to happening."

    Last year they said they had a date fixed, now they say they await permission they claimed to have already gotten for acting in 2012.

    The psy ops behind channeling is a leaked and published aspect of CIA exposures that have hit the Internet. The mind control program inspired movies like Men Who Stare at Goats, Bourne Identity and others yet people disregard the notion that their gurus like Nidle, Giles, Quincy, etc... are likely victims of such things.

    I wouldn't care about the spiritual movement itself if it were not for its paralyzing effect on followers who rely on visualization instead of action. Even worse is the fear it imposes on people if they give attention to the "negative" actions and progress toward plans such as those outlined on the Georgia Guidestones.

    The gurus construe probabilistic physics that implies conscious attention on atomic bodies influences their properties and behaviors into a total fantasy suggesting our attention changes-manifests reality.

    Little known to physicists is that we emit EM waves from our eyes to see (all our cells ping the outer world to glean information). Had the nuclear and quantum physicists known this they would not have skipped over the effects of our eyes on the environment and blamed-credited awareness for the observed effects.

    This interactive EM radar our cells have is little known even to biologists outside Russia because they reject the Electric-Plasma Universe model in general and so not assume a connection so consequently don't look for it. Look up the white papers from the Russian Academy of Sciences "DNA-Wave Biocomputer," "Phantom DNA Effects," Bioinformatics, etc for proof our cells link up with what's outside the body using sound and light waves. Said waves naturally entangle with local atoms to glean information from. It is the entanglements created by waves from our cells in the eyes and body that collapse probability waves around us, not our conscious attention or awareness of photons shooting through slits.

    Twisting physics into a spiritual fantasy that says the outside world is of our making causes many to withdraw from society to meditate on a better world. Understanding that our cells measure the outside world so they can adjust to accommodate the conditions out their would free these people of their fear of looking at reality for what it is as if that strengthens the signals forming the current reality.

    Simple logic applied to general, everyday experience should suffice for any of us to derive a confident conclusion from so let me go there. If we create our reality from our thoughts the world should reflect what the majority dwells on. How many people dwell on prospering, peace, safety, freedom, etc. Most if not all of us. Even as we suffer our minds go elsewhere imaging things that are better than what's before us. It is supposedly the dream of a small minority to rule the world yet progress toward that goal outstrips progress by meditators and Utopian groups like the Dragon Society to say nothing of concerned citizens the world over who pray for prosperity, peace, health, etc.. If it were true that the collective creates the world around us the "dark ones" who never had a majority could never have made progress.

    The fact is that the "dark ones" ACTED upon people to manipulate their way forward in progress toward their goals for centuries until now where they hold all the best cards.

    How many Manchurian Candidates were created to rule? We should all know well by now that mind control comes with full amnesia of wrong deeds, it is not just Hollywood drama. So why do channelers get a pass as if they could not be taken advantage of by controllers or even deliberate frauds serving the NWO agenda knowingly?

    The premise to get people to look away from what is to imagine what should be is predicated upon incomplete science owing to the fact that data is not shared across disciplines of science. This is changing, the field of bioinformatics being a good case in point but I digress. The bad premise of old has resulted in civil inattention and inaction, that worries me.

    Thomas Arthur Hiltner Thanks, again

    Mallory Macgiilf Seems the "Sirians" and Obama went to the same Universal Leader Conference. Over promise-under deliver. Same as it ever was.

    David Moncoeur There's a lot more centralised control than people suspect, I just put a good response on World UFO Group not many will read......about asking for a magazine from university which is £6 an issue.....after my request for it it jumped up to £30 an issue then £60 an issue because I wouldn't let the price rise put me decision to acquire it clearly caused a big political reaction.......behind closed doors....a zeen for the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, & which consistently prints results from body implants sending telemetric data to receivers.......andthese prices were for 1990 magazines, but I'll never gorget the effort to stop me getting them......there simply is a lot more centralised control, command........than a lot of people suspect. And what is a Manchurian Candidate going to need if not a chip in his brain?

    Suzette Fern Thank you so much for this Colleen --its amazing how often this very topic has been on my mind lately. I actually was thinking exactly the same thing (another form of brain-washing).

    Eric Gerald Sheldin nidle is a fraud idk what he is channeling but it is not good

    ALL POSTED AS IS VERIFY IT FOR YOURSELF. I will add that i have already given my own EXTRA TERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE!!!


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