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    The Cardinal Cross. How best to harness its effects


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    The Cardinal Cross. How best to harness its effects

    Post  Floyd on Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:25 am

    The coming astrological alignment will offer opportunity and bring change.
    This article is under copywrite and permission must be asked for reproduction of this article.
    As always my thanks to Suzanne

    The moon and planets form configurations ceaselessly. Some of these
    configurations appeal to the popular imagination to the extent that
    much is written about them and much expected of them.

    When these expectations are not tempered by a sense of
    proportion, then their direct effect on the daily lives of individuals
    is too slight and too subtle to bring more than an anticlimactic

    We saw much of this in the 1980s and 1990s when New Age
    thinking was overheating spiritual expectation generally. These days,
    such expectations, like hope itself, are somewhat muted, although the
    Cardinal cross that is in evidence this summer is now attracting a good
    deal of attention, which can be productive, provided there is a sense
    of scale.

    When the inner and superior plants are involved
    in a configuration then individuals need to have planets in their
    personal horoscope that are aligned with them by celestial longitude
    and able to ‘draw in’ the energy. Where the outer planets are concerned
    the indirect effect (i.e., via the collective mind) will be of
    significance, but if individuals have inner or superior planets aligned
    with the configuring outer planets, then there will be a more
    immediate, personalised experienced.

    This summer’s Cardinal cross (climax at the end of July)
    is made up of a configuration involving:

    • An exact opposition between Saturn (superior)
      and Uranus (outer), July 22nd - August

    • The planet Mars (inner) is conjunct to
      Saturn. Technically exact July 30 -31st but effective from July 28th

    • The planet Jupiter (superior) is conjunct
      (orb of 3 degrees) to Uranus

    • Squaring them is Pluto (outer) in close
      aspect (orb of 3 degrees)

    The involvement of Mercury and the Moon on Wednesday
    28th will be formative in its effects. The Moon in Pisces (which is
    very close to Chiron), injunct Mars and Saturn, will be the fastest
    moving body in this configuration and, as such, able to act as the
    carrier or vehicle to bring this energy of this configuration to the
    physical plane. Because of this, July 28th should be considered the
    climax of this configuration.

    Expect water and explosions in the outer world;
    meltdowns and catharsis in the inner world. In both cases they will
    throw up that which is old, buried, forgotten, but still toxic.

    In astrology the cross that is, in effect, a T-square,
    is considered more dynamic than a full cross, which traps energy. The
    cross with three arms creates a situation that precipitates energy and
    awareness into what is called the ‘empty quarter’ (i.e., that part of
    the Zodiac opposing the focal planet.)

    The focal planet of this cross is Pluto at Capricorn 3
    degrees. It is Cancer 3 degrees therefore, which will receive the
    energy from this explosive configuration. In the configuration under
    review, this degree is at the heart of the empty quarter. (Cancer 3
    degrees is associated in any case with dark emotions and the astral
    practices associated with them.)

    Individuals with planets or hyleg points at Cancer 3
    degrees, as well as those with natal planets at 0 degrees of any sign
    will experience this configuration in a very direct and significant
    way. When the angle of contact is stressful then the effect can be
    expected to be uncomfortable; when it is harmonious then it will be

    Before we examine the contact being made by these
    planets, let us consider the situation from the angle of numerology.

    The first degree of any sign i.e., 0 degrees may be
    considered the last degree of the previous sign (30 degrees). Aries is
    no exception: Aries 0 degrees could be viewed as Pisces 30 degrees.

    3+0=3. Three is the number of spirit for those in
    incarnation. This configuration is a cleansing by spirit for the planet
    and for those who live upon it.

    Zero degrees/thirty degrees, the start of the first
    decanate of any sign, is a very powerful point on the Zodiac because it
    corresponds to the level of consciousness we call spirit. The Cardinal
    signs are also associated by correspondence with spirit. In the triad
    of Life, Quality and Appearance, the Cardinal signs represent Life or
    spirit (whilst the fixed signs represent Quality or soul, and the
    mutable signs represent Appearance or materiality).

    The summer configuration involves Mars, Saturn and
    Uranus, all on 0 degrees of Cardinal signs; and both Jupiter and Pluto
    are involved with the principal contact, which is the opposition
    between Saturn & Uranus, through aspects of 3 degrees.

    In this configuration Uranus, the ambassador of the
    soul, well supported by Jupiter, with which it has an affinity, is
    opposing Saturn representing the conditioned mind and informed by the
    emotional body (Mars). All three are being challenged by the genetic
    inheritance (Pluto) which lives on in our minds and bodies.

    Uranus and Jupiter will meet with stiff resistance from
    Mars and Saturn, but Uranus will not be thwarted. Only Pluto can issue a
    challenge profound enough to blank out the higher consciousness of
    Uranus. Without it, we would go through the experience without any
    sense of purpose or possibility. Rather than a cleansing opportunity, we
    would perceive events as accidents, as random happenings in the face
    of which flesh and blood are powerless.

    Aware people will realise that they are dealing with the
    emergence into their minds of old stuff: their own old stuff (that
    they may have considered they have dealt with); family stuff, ancestral

    We will find ourselves caught in the act (exposed) of
    expressing something that defies our best, conscious efforts to live in
    alignment with our higher principles. The provocation, which will be
    extreme, will take the form of explosive, negative emotions, which we
    know to be spiritually regressive. But, if we are wise, we will not
    indulge in embarrassment, shame, or the sense that we have let ourselves
    down. When caught in the act, we will seize the opportunity to
    recognise and cast out this ancient, non-progressive mindset in a
    conscious act of repudiation. It will disperse through the ‘empty
    quarter’, specifically through the house, which accommodates Cancer 3

    If we will do this, the old mindset will not return.

    Regardless of whether you have planets at 0 degrees or 3
    degrees of a sign, anybody wanting to reduce the grip of the lower
    chakras should use the opportunity created by this configuration.

    Cooperate with the process. Then you will be better
    prepared to engage with it as it outworks through the collective mind.

    Place this configuration on your natal chart. Find out
    which houses are involved and identify the house, which holds Pluto at
    Capricorn 3 because this is the area of life/ mind, which will be
    throwing up the old thought forms. Identify also which house comprises
    the empty quarter: this is the part of the chart, which contains the
    place that will absorb the old stuff, as fresh air will eventually
    dispels a miasma.

    Throughout the process, avoid using any mind-altering
    substances, particularly alcohol and drugs, at this time. Cleanse
    yourself and your environment thoroughly.

    © Suzanne Rough

    Re: The Cardinal Cross. How best to harness its effects

    Post  Guest on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:16 pm

    Thank you, Floyd. Interesting take.


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    Re: The Cardinal Cross. How best to harness its effects

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    Re: The Cardinal Cross. How best to harness its effects

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