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    Dr. Bhat's Vortex Solar System


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    Dr. Bhat's Vortex Solar System

    Post  mudra on Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:32 pm

    The academic explanation is that the Earth wobbles one revolution on it's axis approximately every 26,000 years. The Vortex Sun Model explains that the entire SolarĀ  System moves in a vortical trajectory like a snake moving in 3 dimensions instead of a flat plane. As the Solar Snake moves either above or below the Galactic Ecliptic during the same time period stated above, it produces the illusion that the polar axis of our planet is wobbling if viewed only from an Earth bound perspective. When seen from outside the Solar System the Solar Snake is creating the so-called wobble due to it's vortical trajectory above and below the Galactic Ecliptic. A powerful mind can mentally image these processes and a space craft is not needed in order to gain this perspective. The Maya, Inca, Egyptians, Indians, Indonesians, Native Americans etc.. all knew this and represented the Solar Force as Serpents or twin opposing serpents (twin opposing vortices).

    Dr. Bhat's Vortex Solar System Proved by Edward Leedskalnin

    The proofs submitted by Ed are 100% positive proof that Dr. Keshava Bhat is correct with his debunking of the helio-centric pancake model of the Solar System invented by the Catholic Military Priest Copernicu and hawked by quackademia. This flat pancake model is in fact a false, time stopped 2d representation of the true dynamic spiraling motions of our solar system.

    See these vids for a true representation of the dynamic motions of our Vortex Solar System as it winds its way around the galactic core.

    Dr Bhat's website:

    Love Always

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