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    They Knew: Microwaves Cause Autism, Downs Syndrome and Much Worse


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    They Knew: Microwaves Cause Autism, Downs Syndrome and Much Worse

    Post  mudra on Tue Aug 20, 2013 3:43 pm

    They Knew: Microwaves Cause Autism, Downs Syndrome and Much Worse

    In my time speaking and writing about this topic, often the word that comes up is controversy. Mostly it is used in a manner that leads up to the person alluding to the fact that there are ‘two sides’ to the argument on safety of cell phones and associated devices. Immediately I know what Big Telecom has been trying to do has worked, making the issue muddied and unclear. This allows them to get people to think there is ‘no evidence’ or the classic ‘more long term study is needed’ or even more classic that any studies that found harm were ‘flawed.’ Usually after some time of being told the facts and truth in an easy to understand way, the confusion clears for that person. Slowly as we progress with informing these people, it becomes one or one hundred or one thousand fewer people using these devices. I am personally happy to allow people to come to the understandings of how dangerous they are. I also know that thousands of others across the globe are teaching this to people, which is allowing us to reverse course on this dilemma. Health agencies and those the profit from this will not do it for us, only we can and we must.

    This will be very costly for Big Telecom, Smart Grids, Big Cancer, Big Pharma, Utilities and more. Some of those companies are shown in the picture below. You can see some of the names, the money they represent and this is just for the  smart grid. Here is a link for the presentation that contains this slide for more info on these players in the grid:

    I know why they set out to have people confused and make the subject matter difficult to understand, to shut people off from learning the truth and going back to the store to buy the latest gadget to microwave their brain with. If you are one of those people, if you want to remain ignorant, I encourage you to get away from this post quickly and never come back.

    However if you care about yourself, your kids, other people’s kids, animals and plants… read on, pass on and ACT on what you learn here.

    So back to the controversy, the two sides and how it happened. Long ago, microwaves were beginning to be used, somewhere in the 30?s or so for industrial purposes and some military applications. What happened was with the military being so close to this stuff, as time went on into WWII and beyond, they figured out how bad microwaves/RF were to humans. So in their infinite wisdom, rather than protecting the public at large, the soldiers and enemy… they decided they would work with this technology and find out just what it could do.

    Keep in mind, the military has 2 objectives: to understand “Can we hurt people with this?”  and “How do we protect our side if the other side has this weapon?” So ALL sides and ALL militaries (Russia, UK, USA, Canada etc.) after learning a thing or two started to play around with this technology and as they went further, most of the projects went underground. Why? This happened because they figured out that this may be the greatest weapon known to man,  if not at that time,  certainly in the future. It is invisible, can travel large distances, costs very little, is tasteless, odourless, you can’t hear it and when being hit by it, the enemy has no idea it is even happening. If you want to dig into this further, a great, possibly the best source for data on all of this is here:

    So what happened is they found out that at very low levels (see Part 1 and links there also) they could cause serious damage to people. This was a big problem, but not unsolvable. It was a simple thing they did. They decided to create a very high number for exposure for heat effect alone, and all else under that was ‘safe.’ A world opened to them and at the same time closed for the prosperity and health for mankind. This allowed the massive proliferation of this technology for destruction; military style, but also for it to develop into the one of the biggest threats to health humanity has ever faced. This is evidenced by the fact that at least 5 billion people use and carry these devices on them everyday.

    Thus, with the new ‘safety level’, effects were recognized only if they showed ‘heating’ or ‘thermal effects’ This is the stance of Big Telecom, Military, Industry etc. Heating does occur at much higher levels than what a cell phone etc. can typically cause you to notice. However, heating still occurs at low levels as cells are being oscillated back and forth millions or billions of times per second, from multiple devices at multiple frequencies, 24/7. Even if heat is not detectable at all, you are causing great destruction.

    The stance of advocates against this technology, science, the laws of electricity and physics say we are vulnerable at levels far below ‘thermal effects’, this being called ‘non-thermal’. That is your controversy right there explained. They say nothing happens until you heat up, ‘we’ say you are disrupting every cell, frequency, signal and nerves of the body.

    Remember admitting this would instantly hold the military and telecoms accountable for untold numbers of deaths and diseases that have occurred. Liability is being avoided for the sake of profit, which in the end is the true driver of this technology.

    read on: Arrow

    Love Always

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