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    Define "love and light"


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    Define "love and light"

    Post  Anchor on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:08 pm

    Here is what I currently think, take it or leave it as your discretion so dictates.

    Love transcends manifestation and so also transcends duality. All is love. All is one.

    Among the other things which it is, it is everything in our density of expression. The “stuff” from which everything is made!

    Love transcends duality and so to avoid confusion bears not on notions of good nor evil – it encompasses both since it is all.

    The law of one (which informs my thinking in this) recognizes all things that are manifest as a distortion of the one. I like this way of describing it as it neatly transcends duality based ways of describing things as they are, untainted by confusing notions of good and evil things.

    Light happens when love is doing its thing – expressions of love are light - it is the ongoing action of love. That is why at our density of expression they are virtually synonymous.

    However, I am not saying light in this context is limited to the 3D physics. When we think of light we can see, we refer to the different frequencies of radiation that make physical, but Light is also a love phenomena at all densities of expression.

    You can (I suppose) have love without light (un-manifested), but you can’t have light without love!

    Personally I never (at least I hope I never did) say "in love and light" or “love and light” – which has become, I think, a new age passkey phrase with no real meaning, so much empty waste. I do use the phrase “…THE love and THE light of…”.

    In a similar vein some people refer to Jesus Christ, which I think is wrong. I think it should be Jesus the Christ - same sort of idea – the Christ being a real principle quality rather than a person, but one that is at an almost incomprehensibly high quality of love expression.

    Bless you all in the love and in the light of the one infinite creator


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    Re: Define "love and light"

    Post  mudra on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:29 pm

    I like to hold the word "Love" .
    For Love is like a flowing river , you can't seize it
    or capture it nor define it within bounderies. You can only experience it .
    Love is the Heart of the Creator .. the breath of life itself.
    And Light ...because when you look through Love's eyes this
    is like seeing for the blind.

    I appreciate your own way of expressing this John.

    Love Always

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    Re: Define "love and light"

    Post  Floyd on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:52 pm

    Good post John
    Often, when I see people talking in love in and light,( especially in bored divorced middle class English woman who have been zapped into some ' the secret' or some ' I Am' movement or other) or for some egotisical reason or other like to pontificate about love or lightness without really knowinig about true spirituality.
    The problem is, there are too many gurus out there taking these people the cleaners. So many people saying love an light. and so on. can see when someone spurts out this nonsense on various forums but its easier to ignore the lack of meaning when it is not meant. It is obvious.
    Love must be the ability to realise your mistakes and if others need to listen..then offer it. Perhaps also, to be plain and simple in your XXXX ups and always be there for those who need it and be ready to listen to how much of an Xxxxxxx they think you are. And to be able to admit when one is acting like a twat..simple things like that
    Well thats from the gives us life.
    Everything. Without it we would be nothing
    so yeah
    love and light

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    define Love and Light?

    Post  Zedd on Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:28 am

    I read this, went away and decided that a response was in order considering that I am one of the users of the expression "IL&L"
    I shan't wax lyrical, nor for that matter philosophical and will attempt to be short and to the point.

    Yes, it is possible that this expression has become rather "new age" but then so have many other expressions, such as "singularity" , "oneness" and a whole lot more. The question is, are these expressions owned by the new-agers? Are they owned by the charlatans? Who is new age and who is charlatan? Do they themselves know that they are new age or charlatan? Are the members of this "club" not an assimilation of people much like those who belong to any new age group, considering that some of what can be read here would be deemed insanity to them we would very quickly label "unenlightened", or equally as obnoxious, "asleep".

    Then tell me, who is asleep and who is awake? Where is the line drawn in the sand which delineates the one from the other?

    Is there light without love? Is there love without light? It is retrospective. It all depends on what you see, how you see it and from what stage in your own personal evolution of so called spirituality you see it from. If you are a light being for instance, one supposes that the prome initiative is to spread love, not so? Well, the last time I looked, not all light-beings are love! Let me re-qualify that. As far as we would attempt, we do try and be love however we are forst and formost spirit in a HUMAN body and we inherited the weaknesses of these human forms. Part of that inheritance is to behave in the manner of mere mortals. We have to be practical in this and not become so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.

    Now, let me just say that to me love is for me to tell myself that I am actually okay, even with all of the ugly warts I have carried with me through my life but then, by accepting this love of self, I can become true light and that light emanates from me to others and is interpreted as love.I see this happening as I change almost on a daily basis.

    Once again, I am not sure that I have been clear.

    So with Love and Light

    I bid you bonne journée


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    Re: Define "love and light"

    Post  Anchor on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:17 am

    I am a big fan of blessings, but I don't like seeing empty words.

    Occasionally I feel the energy behind some posts. When I see "Bright blessings" (especially in connection with a veiled rebuke) or some such, I feel revolted inside - sort of "let down" a bit. These days I catch this and don't let it get to me that much.

    I am guilty of generalizing in my post I think. Sorry.

    From the point in me where you are I are one - I greet you all, in the love and in the light of all there is.


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    Re: Define "love and light"

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