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    An introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Herbert W. Meyer


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    An introduction to the Philosophy of Science by Herbert W. Meyer

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:33 pm

    Now and than I'm diving in Google for free books. This is an interesting one. Excersizes for both left and right brain, I believe Thubs Up
    Herbert W. Meyer chose immunology as the central illustrative domain of scientific inquiry.

    Introduction to the Philosophy of Science - Cutting Nature at Its Seams


    Many students of philosophy of science, as well as many teachers of it, have complained in my presence of the scarcity of philosophy of science texts that are at one and the same time thorough enough not to be superficial, yet written to be accessible to undergraduate readers. I have written this text in the hope of having done something to remove that scarcity. Along the way I have also tried to make what contribution I could to the growing movement within philosophy of science away from the exclusive use of the physical sciences as a source domain for illustrations and examples. Most undergraduate level philosophy of science texts, let us face it, are really philosophy of physics texts. Philosophy of physics is a wonderful and interesting subject matter, but physics is not the whole of science, nor should its philosophy be the whole of philosophy of science. In this text I have made immunology the central illustrative domain of scientific inquiry. Cases and examples are not taken exclusively from immunological science, but they form the overwhelming majority of them. I believe that this focus on one of the premier life sciences of our time has produced a happier and more fruitful result with respect to making the philosophy of science interesting and accessible to a larger audience of undergraduates".

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