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    How to manipulate objects using only sound


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    How to manipulate objects using only sound

    Post  mudra on Wed May 27, 2015 2:37 pm

    How to manipulate objects using only sound

    We have already written about how sound waves can move objects, for example, levitate liquids. -

    Nevertheless, these objects hovering in the air can not be manipulated. Or could not.

    Engineers at the University of Tokyo and Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan) Yoichi Ochiai, Takayuki Hoshi and Jun Rekimoto recently presented to the public a device able to use sound waves to manipulate objects in the air.

    The device uses four arrays externally controlled speakers, which intersect at a focal point. Surprisingly, the process is absolutely silent, as the device uses ultrasonic speakers.

    The essence of levitation technology is the compensation of gravity. It is known that an ultrasonic wave is able to suspend small particles in their "we" sound pressure. The acoustic axis of the ultrasound beam in other studies was parallel to the gravitational force, and levitated objects were manipulated along that fixed axis, or one-dimensional.

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