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    Experiments on the Change of the Direction and Rate of Time Motion


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    Experiments on the Change of the Direction and Rate of Time Motion

    Post  mudra on Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:13 pm

    Experiments on the Change of the Direction and Rate of Time Motion


    Vadim A. Chernobrov

    Translated by Alexander V. Frolov

    It is known that the first experimental study of physical properties of Time were made by professor N.A.Kozyrev, who wrote some papers on causal or asymmetrical mechanics. It was conducted experiments on management of direction and rate of a sequence of a time. Since 1967 in Moscow Air Institute under the direction of the Professor F. Yu. Zigel ( up to his death in 1988) the researches of UFOs those have some technical form were conducted. According to the work on opened State Budget theme " Preliminary researches on the abnormal phenomena in the atmosphere " much information was collected. The information collected consisted of whole file of odd and grouped information on this phenomena. The information was used to determine cause and effect connections and physical processes which where determined by authentic cases of traces and fragments, cinema and photos, and telemetering images of UFOs which started from the time of 1987 onward. The data for some part of these objects their body (surface of device) influences the rate and direction of a course of a Time. To confirm this last statement, a series of experiments were made from 4 types of laboratory installations ( and in the present time it is conducted one more system for new experiments).

    In experiments on deceleration and acceleration of a physical Time in small closed volume conducted since 1988, among other things the effect electromagnetic of fields on space-time continuum was checked. The experimental system for such effect represented set of electromagnets, are connected among themselves in serial and in parallel and installed on the globe-shaped surfaces. In various experiments from 3 up to 5 such surfaces, Electromagnetic Working Surfaces (EWS) was used. All EWS layers of various diameters were installed consistently in each other ( similarly to Russian toy "matrioshka"). The maximum EWS size was made about meter, the minimum EWS diameter (internal) was equal to 115 mm, that has appeared sufficient to place inside of EWS the gauges of the control and experimental animals (various kinds insect and laboratory Mouses ), to investigate the effects of converging spherical electromagnetic of waves were checked up.

    The measurements of rate of a course of a Time were conducted by all probable known modern ways of measurement of a time: all kinds electronic, quartz, mechanical, nuclear hours were used; as well as the specially made duplicated quartz generators ( in which were compared the indications of frequencies of standard and heat-shielded generators ); fiber-optic line diodes and other ways was fixed. Though on some kinds of measuring devices, for example, quartz hours, are collateral influenced by other physical factors, but the duplication of methods of measurement permitted essentially reduce a error of measurement. Thus change of speed of current of a time ( was reached that the Professor Kozyrev named as density of time t / tE, where tE is normal time of Earth space and t is local time inside of the experimental system) is about a share of seconds earthly hour, though in one of experience because of some non-completely known reasons, the deceleration of time has made -4 minutes per 8 hour ( -30 sec per hour ). Slowing down of rate of a time up to -1,5 sec per hour and acceleration up to + 0,5 sec per hour was found out and explained. If to accept a usual reference Time as tE= + 1, will become clear, that while we investigate a range of speed of a Time + 0,99 < t / tE < + 1,01. Hence subjects and animals, placed inwards at any mode of operations ( slowing down or acceleration ) in any case moved in Future faster or slower that ones in environmental area of space.

    In experience was established, that the processes of slowing down and acceleration of a Time sharply differ on character and consequences. So, the slowing down of a Time occurred considerably more smoothly and steadily; at acceleration sharp jumps in the were observed indications, this mode was characterized by general instability and dependence on any external factors. In particular, the instability of acceleration of speed of a Time depended on a time of days and arrangement of the Moon, probably and from other reasons, including operator presence. Even small external effect, for example mechanical vibration, resulted in change of size of speed, including to significant.

    Despite small size of change of a Time, even such small acceleration can be named as similarity "trips in Future " but the slowing down less than - 1 hour per hour cannot be considered " as trip in Past". So, the Physics of a Time of Future radical image differs from Physics of a Time of Past. Present - there is transition, conversion of a multialternative Future in one-alternative and unchangeable the Past. From here follows, that flight in Past ( at the "negative density t / tE") and in Future will really occur differently; in any degree they can be compared to moves of a ant along a tree: from any point of a tree (from Present ) for ant there is only one way downwards (in Past) and set of ways upwards ( in Future ). However, among all ways in Future there are doubtless and most probable variants of development for the Future, also there are impossible and almost possible. The movement in Future will be especially astable and power-intensive if less probable will appear given Variant of the Future. According to given "by the law of a top of a tree ", the return only if traveler in time does not interfere in occurring around and course of a past history does not change, otherwise this traveler will return in parallel Present of History of other branch of the tree. The penetration in Future from the Present is hindered by choice of a branch of moving, but the returning from any variant the Future in Present is possible at any script of behavior.

    Experiments have confirmed also, that the Person and Time make very strong influence on each other. The effect of the operator on a course of experience is revealed, but it is not investigated up to the end. It is found out also, that the harmful effect on the biological system makes not a process of moving in a time itself but the difference of speed of change of a Time on various sites of a body. Inside of a laboratory installation it was also fixed, that the Time can be change with some inertiality. Sites of the space with a various Time have vague borders. At a sufficient difference in speed of change of a Time, the human eye can see other Time as white mist, at more greater difference - as lighting mist, that can serve as a signal of danger. It is possible to consider, that time-travels are possible, and (after experiments with mouses and other supervision) are some basis to think, that they will be safe for travelers if they observance some rules. It is specially necessary to emphasize, that the trips in time, due to opened properties of a Time, can not affect on Past and to change our past history. All so named paradoxes for travelers in time (when he "meet himself in Past" or "kill his grandfather in his children's age " ) have fine solutions in 3- dimensional time.

    It is possible to consider as a proven by some way, that the Time has more than one measurement, i.e. theoretical calculations by O. Bartini are confirmed, that the Time has 3 dimensions. Hence, our Earth world can be considered as 6-dimensional, and dimensions accordingly are: a length, width, height, age or date of a Time, variant of a History or erosion of a Time, density or speed of a Time. The concept for "Arrow of a T thus completely away in the fourth measurement ( date of a Time ), but enters by particular case in concept of the sixth dimension (speed of a Time ), with which physical concepts of a gravitation and energy are simultaneously also connected. Concepts of the " Einstein-Rosen bridges", entered in 1916, or "worm-holes", entered in science by John Willer at the end of 50th years, are by such sort approach the travels in 5th and 6th dimensions "classical" travel in time that was described by G. Wells will thus occur at various variants of trip in 4, 5, 6, i.e., in all measurements of a Time.


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