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    David Lane Astrophotography - Stunning


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    David Lane Astrophotography - Stunning

    Post  mudra on Thu Aug 06, 2015 5:46 am

    David Lane Astrophotography

    Water pools at the Garden of Eden / Arches National Park

    The aftermath of the storm at Arches National Park. I waited the storm out in the parking lot of the Garden of Eden. I nodded off and when I awoke most of the storm had passed and there was oddly a pooling of water on the rock. So out I went to get some reflection shots (which I happen to love). Let me know if you enjoy it!

    Here’s one of my favorite reflection pic I’ve ever done. Most of the night was windy and the water rippled ruining earlier shots. Then about 2 AM the wind died down just as I was about to give up and I got this.

    I love this whole area but it is SO SO hard to get to here even with special vehicles designed for sand. DO NOT try this with your home vehicle!

    I call this shot DAMn! See a play on dam which someone built here. Lots of large tadpoles and reeds in the water. Hard to believe the frogs had been at work in the 100+ degree heat.

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