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    Bee Sting!

    Dream Weaver

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    Bee Sting!

    Post  Dream Weaver on Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:59 am

    Transferred from Dream Weaver Intro... this particular post was whip-lash from a number of things, including viewing a just-released movie using 3D glasses!

    Just a quick brief. I had a attempted Cardiac Arrest attack made on me with a bee-sting, but it didn't work, my heart is too strong. It was a Baal energy attachment shown with this graphic from a bee-sting and a bull-ant last time, both as I slept OBE. Jehovah-Seth is very afraid at what I have to share here as the truth that will terminate his plans for a Jew World Order, a false world showing a matrix reboot that is the 5th dimension, they are the some players, its different song, a remixed version.

    Heaven is not here, its a Parallel World to this one. Any announcement by Gabriel is still in the lower energies of 3D-4D-5D, your Prison Planet. They will cull off billions in the human race, shown like a harvest of cattle hypnotized. Its a galactic agenda and AC are all part of if, looking like a movie remake of The War of the World with Tom Cruise. It was shown to me with the TV Series KILLJOYS: THE HARVEST showing people tagged for work permits. Do your homework, its all biblical programming from the beginning to the end, cradle to grave, repeat life-streams you don't remember as a slave. I have been shown it all, we have become a fatal planet (The Forbidden Planet) with archons living off our chi as a food source, its nearing its end. Look beyond the 13th-20th dimension. 5D has become a old worn hat, its time to wise up!

    It was some experience today as I look back now with the close knit drama that 'started to unfold' until the paramedics arrived. I had total control of my higher senses, going within neutralized the venom attack. My higher-self intervened telling me to get my head down and feet up as my blood pressure was rapidly dropping short of me having a total collapse, talk about a 'altered state of mind' short of going into a induced coma in paralyze what I have to say.

    My visit here may be just a short one. This will be the only page string, and at the end I will tell you reveal my identity that won't come as much surprise. I am a welcomed face, I promise you. Mother is right behind me here. What I share will take maybe a paragraph or two if I compress it. Just remember these words "Heaven is not here, it never was and never will be with false gods. Heaven is only found in a Parallel World. This world is just a biblical script, and become another human experimental failure". There will always be a queue for born-suckers who will enlist their souls to Satan just to be physical, and reap rewards from being a ass-hole when money is involved. Boom and Bust, that's 3D, grin and bare it. I would rather be closer to the Bust of a Goddess Hugs

    Actress Anne Francis above looks like one of so many versions of Lord Ashtar! And the monster not only looks like a invisible programmed energy that proves these false gods are just as alien as the magician in Wizard of Oz pulling levels behind a curtain veil. A bull with that sits up like a dog, as His Masters Voice that's a Terror Risk in a Hologram Universe. The same dog with the same old tricks with the 3rd Earth Experiment. Its all like a recording device, but no one has even bothered to go deep enough within and connect every dot-dash like some Morse Code encryption.

    The Brains Behind the Veil, Balok from a Star Trek Episode

    I'm experiencing down-load delays, graphics are not loading! I'll try later. This is one of the reasons I don't post, I'm monitored by the Matrix Thought Process.

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