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    Post  Dream Weaver on Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:48 am

    These are all energies I set up years ago, now they are feeding back. "There is no time to lose", my twin just spoke!

    Do you understand what this movie means? Those who parted from this illusion are very much alive in a Parallel World. Death is not real, you are just binary code, atoms of carbon composition plagiarized from a true copy here on a checker game-board for a false gods amusement. Its been a TIMEZONE arcade game shown today. The split-soul half is trapped in a illusion with the lower-self in a created hell on this prism planet. Your other half lives on a planet like Earth2. With what I know within, twin-flames on earth are not the same as those from Other Worlds. It world not surprise me to learn they are clones. As a star-seed like my twin, we both know the complete truth, and can override all the programmed lies. This system is busted, nothing can stop you leaving of your own free will, you just make the right choice. Archons have no say whats so ever, its now Universal Law. So empower yourself, swear like crazy, it scares the crap out of them, try it. In this world so many spiritualists have got it all wrong, new-age is just as satanic as ever. And erotica-zone has been kept hidden in the closet by male dominance, and it was the goddess who released the sex energy, and the Jew God with his 'Chosen Ones' have treated the 'sacred act' as a porno platform for movie profit. Don't buy into anything written in this reality, it will bind you up in knots, and you will never see paradise. Just believe your-self and come home to a real world.

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