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    Message Recieved: I'm Going to Transport You To Another Reality

    Dream Weaver

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    Message Recieved: I'm Going to Transport You To Another Reality

    Post  Dream Weaver on Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:34 pm

    Lights flickering in my room while I was I titled this SAVED above image that reflects a true picture right now on this PLANET, and all our problems stem from Jehovah, words I said in a dream to a practicing Christian Mormon. It connected also to a Denver Airport murals with a post item I read yesterday, This world may as well end now, because everything written in the Christian Bible is true, a guild to self-destruction laid out by Revelations. Yukon Jack was right with every Jew Post he has made. Jehovah's World is just a programmed reality. Any shift, all con-flicks are his doings. I can see right through his plan, he is not real from my eyes.

    The smallest detail to how it is, today I bought a pair of pilot lights to replace two on the left side (of four) on a BEACON LIGHTING, like those used by actresses preparing make-up. It sits over a mirror in a WC. All four globes are parallel-wired. Just the left two were 'blinking' as code during my time sitting on the porcelain! To many skeptics and trolls over the years, I will have the last laugh as I leave this cesspit reality. The 'three days of darkness' which may occur during a pole shift, maybe the time I leave during stasis while a big sleep is planned! Do you honestly think Creator would see me and others suffer more pain with death when they, we are ready to leave than experience Hell on Earth like so many times before. Things come to pass that are not real but are biblical created! I know the truth so many afraid to question!

    About a year ago, a dream showing everyone was asleep (not awake) as a moon-sized object approached earth and passed overhead. Then I saw it pass right through it as a white saw. The Bible of Lies has, will create man's greatest fears because they believe in every word written by a false God called Jehovah. To distort his words would be like saying God does not exist. The Church has become the crotch of human civilization with death being quiet acceptable. Can you live within discarding your carbon-form, that has imprisoned you as a slave many life-streams?

    The topic message was given to me during the introduction of STARGATE: ASCENSION with Samantha Cater (shown in the second video with a a alien light-being)

    Below is a reply response (for memory, it was some links here that made sense) taken from a interesting graphical post covering a pole shift flip...

    Here’s some info re: the Planet X/Nibiru/Nemesis solar system. From: Steve Dreyer’s YouTube channel. Here r 2 videos from this week showing dramatic, shocking, irrefutable twin sunsets & twin sunrises, footage from various stationary, tourist-oriented webcams @ locations in Mexico. Note the time stamps r consistent & unaltered. Sunsets: & Sunrises: & many more. WTH – our Sun sets then another Sun/light source rises a ways then sets. Then another Sun/light source rises a ways then sets, then our Sun rises. The Planet X/Nibiru solar system is HERE. Crustal Pole Shift oncoming.

    This video was filmed Feb 14, 2016 – 1 mo ago: The mystery object that is shown here @ the 12 o’clock position could be ‘Helion’, the small gas giant planet which Marshall Masters says is in the Nibiru solar system. According 2 Masters, if the object in question is Helion, then we have until it is approximately @ the 2 o’clock position, but perhaps @ a slightly greater distance from our Sun, until the crustal pole shift ensues – based on the info in this diagram: & also based on the fact that as of Dec 20, 2015, per these additional 2 videos, what appears 2 be this same object was @ the 7 o’clock position: &

    Moving from the 7 o’clock position 2 the 12 o’clock position in 2 months? Wow! That’s some serious movement! Or, if this object is ‘Nemesis’ (which as we know is the Nibiru system’s brown dwarf star & our own Sun’s binary twin) then we r extremely soon 2 see Nemesis @ the position it will be in when All Hell Breaks Loose & the crustal pole shift ensues. My guess is that this Feb 14, 2016 object is Helion, which also gives us very little time, if Masters’ graphic is correct & considering that this object was already @ the 12 o’clock position 1 month ago. But this portion is conjecture on my part – I haven’t received confirmation from Masters as 2 whether or not the Feb 14 object is genuine like the Dec 20 object is.

    Steve Olson’s WSO YouTube channel is also important. He features footage from all-sky cams, subscribers & state-run, tourist-oriented webcams. He’s captured images of a red, possibly winged star & a curious, bluish, translucent orb which has 4+ distinct white dots or lights on it. This orb shows up on images from different cameras, around the world, during clear & cloudy days. Obviously it’s not a lens flare. Here’s a recent video that features the red star & the bluish orb: Personally I think this orb is the Blue Kachina, but this is just my guess. Whatever it is it’s so beautiful!

    Background info: The Planet X/Nibiru solar system looks like this: @ the center of the system is the brown dwarf star ‘Nemesis’, a star which is the binary companion to our own Sun. Next 2 Nemesis is the small gas giant ‘Helion’ & its moon ‘Harrington’. Next is ‘Arboda’, which has no moon. The outermost planet of the system is Nibiru & it has a smaller moon named ‘Ferrada’. The sizes of Nemesis, Helion, Arboda & Nibiru are listed here: BTW Gill Broussard has useful historical info re: previous Planet X/Nibiru system flybys, but that is it. He’s wrong about everything else & his renaming The Planet X System 2 7X? That was just stupid, attention-getting behavior on his part. P.S. The Planet X/Nibiru system is not going 2 crash in2 Earth.

    The also website has a lot of useful guidance. Other sites require ppl 2 pay $ 2 find out safe/unsafe crustal pole shift locations worldwide, but Zetatalk offers it 4 free: Here is their highly detailed description of the types of events we can expect 2 c during this shift:

    Interestingly, remember several weeks ago when that tar ball-like substance rained down on a town in Michigan? According 2 the Zetas, the tail of Nibiru has a component that produces a petrochemical-like substance & we can increasingly expect 2 see this happen. The Zetas 1st described this phenomenon in *2003*. Finally, they say a sign that the crustal pole shift is going 2 happen w/in the next several hours is that red iron oxide dust will be seen falling from the sky.

    Of course ppl don’t want 2 believe that any of this is real. Crustal pole shifts r beyond cataclysmic. And it won’t just last a few days & b finished. It’ll carry on, in 1 form of tribulation or another, for 10+ years. It will b possible 2 survive tho, but ppl need 2 start reading what Marshall Masters & the Zetas have to say. We’re truly running out of time. Also, I’m not particularly a fan of Judaism, but even the highly respected Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson says & Moschiach (Messiah) r going 2 b here any day now. /prophecy/2016/03/torah-codes-point-to-messiah-nibiru-next-week-video-2478638.html

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