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    The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)


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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Tue May 09, 2017 1:19 pm

    Please remember that this is a HIGHLY Experimental Thread, and I am EXTREMELY Uncomfortable with most of it!! This sort of thing might be respectable if I were a CIA Agent (but I'm NOT)!! I'd honestly prefer to spend most of my time with the following list (in the context of the English Monarchy in the 19th and 20th centuries)!! What Would Victoria, Albert, and Dr. Stockmar Say?? Does ANYONE get what I'm getting at?? What Would TREEE Say?? What Would GROOT Do?? TREEE = GROOT?? ABRAXAS = ABRASAX?? What Would Abraxasinas Say??

    1. Patriarchs and Prophets (Ellen White).

    2. Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).

    3. The Desire of Ages (Ellen White).

    4. Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing (Ellen White).

    5. Christ's Object Lessons (Ellen White).

    6. The Acts of the Apostles (Ellen White).

    7. The SDA Bible Commentary -- Volumes 1 to 7 (Genesis to Revelation).

    8. The Music of Bach, Buxtehude, Handel, Widor, and Vierne.

    Notice that the Ellen White books listed above are actual Bible-Studies (but NOT Bible Commentaries) published between 1890 and 1917 reflecting an older and wiser Ellen White (or a wiser and older whoever REALLY wrote the Ellen White books). The SDA Bible Commentary is Obviously a Bible Commentary (published during the 1950's). Listening to Bach, Buxtehude, Handel, Widor, and Vierne while studying the listed-books is really a Splendiferous Spiritual Serendipity!! Many have discovered that this sort of thing works SO Much Better outside of the church! I'm NOT telling anyone to join or leave ANY Church! This approach is NOT the approved-methodology of the SDA Church. This is actually more ecumenical than one might suppose. The Jesuits know what I'm talking about. This is sort of a Catholic approach to Adventism (but neither church would admit this)! This takes more time, perspiration, and inspiration than you can imagine! This is a Moot Holy-War for Completely Ignorant Fools!! Just Kidding!

    RedEzra wrote:Hear me now and believe me later... it is no coincidence that the politics of the western world has built up communist China to become a super power. In an ideological dictatorship like communism and islam there is no freedom of thought and speech just like under nazism. And the citizens are reduced to be busy bees and beasts of burden for the ruling elite.

    In the west there is still some semblance of freedom but under the watchful eyes of various intelligence agencies whose tops are inner members of secret societies or kingsmen who work for the king. Yes the royals are still ruling people as they have done for thousands of years.

    It is interesting to note what the bible states about angels begetting children with women... angelic human hybrids who were huge in stature with six fingers and toes on each hand and foot. Those were the natural royals of nations... half human and half angel. There are a lot of rumours about huge human bones found all over the world but for some reason there is no government investigation into this.... rather it is silenced and stacked away from the prying eyes of the public.

    There is perhaps a very good reason for this... that the royals are related to those old human angelic hybrids... that the blue bloods can trace their linage to an angel. And the sad part is that it is a fallen angel and so the aristocrazy would be in enmity with GOD and humanity.

    You see it all makes perfect sense why the world is as it is...
    RedEzra wrote:Us humans sense just a slit of the electromagnetic spectrum... so most of the universe is invisible to us.

    Think about that !

    There may very well be vibrational worlds above and beneath our spot in the spectrum complete with beings we cannot even sense... and so the expression seeing is believing is in reality very close minded. It is akin to a person born with total color blindness who cannot believe in colors... because he hasn't seen any.

    Most people may have had an experience with the supranatural and so they know there is more between heaven and earth but that's about it... and that's why there is so much spiritual speculation.

    But unless one is a discarnate spirit one cannot really get a grasp of what's going on in those worlds. Right ?
    Eartheart wrote: Might be not so supranatural beyond the quarantained cages and holosync mental projectors in2dim! Its now called the HS, Higher Self which manages the souls x-perience in the body, and that HS will be interpretended as Jesus by most developing humans. That empty symbolism has distracted a many knights and killed a billion inn0cent Earthearts during the demonic conquests... Simplify and purify in our Goddess of avalon to attain creation again. The dead ballast wont help or save a child... Thanx
    Eartheart wrote: Alloha Dr. Oxy , who so carelessly quantumnavigated those traps of medevil beastality foodsourcing...

    hey that made my day -"processed by an wicked spirit/ghost by the name of *CHI*" or so...    Harp

    This modern racist trash got good pounded and condensed by your unflinching efforts lately, seems to ring all my church bells
    just by contemplating a few of your hints. Thanx and farewell...

    here some more perspiration:

    1* that lifeforce/chi packet-which is a frequency pixelcloud stores a lot of intrusive implantations & ideas - especially those morons of contradictional/controverse diabolic dialectix, sick mnemoplexes and pretraumatic conditioning (like dust on the heart)... So the joke was really on the real - what a stink.

    2* Best of quotes was from M about the souverign state of anyone as a promise to this threads fruitition into our now/soon ascended Yoniverse with our solar system got over it to "enjoy/play" with bondage... Those Grailvisions are absolutistix and will replace all common idiocrazy dogmatic schools - UknowhatImean   Tacodog

    3*Hey Trinity from Matrix was such a perverted subterfuge trying to underscore the free loving heart, well that could be their BS revealed - so that the whole trinity concept is just that - an unholy BS from the powerhungry ghostrealm, so your speculation of the 3 artangels competing for supramacy here are just for our demolition team... But who in Her/His perfected godstate whould redeem all the angelic host from their service to elevate those mortal combatants beyond their AI competition - Dr. Who seems to be one of those crownagents who wrecked our late history in the first place (with the help of the subraces and demonic reverse code). May you succed instead - as RA feared you would...

    4*And here some account to the story of "poop pious" from ANUS/PONTUS/...  At the beginning of 19th c. there was this humanoid effort of new thought and education to elevate the collective misery of early capitalhungry societies. The secret societies sprung into new growth, talmudic writings culminated into such holocaustic BS like 'the elders of zio-n' and other wickedly twisted concocktions of possesed chi/Cheese. Even in those times heavenly/alien inspiration was twisted into materialistic concepts - like marxism and jewish highjacked communism sacrificed millions for really what progress into the next machinistic wars - scripts and longtime projections from 18th c. Papa-cy... (BIG block of red ink in everybodiess CHI-dont go to communism!!!! Morons!) So after those early instigated revolutions in Eurasia (1913-1918) with the 1WW provoked by british/american agents in sarajevo that progressive force of those demonic subraces was in full swing, "that Great Work" of building that temple which never X-isted for that Artangel and hosts. The great work since the inception of the OT/NT writings around the 14th c. and the consequent closing of all gaps and knowledgeable holes in their alleged spamm. That was when those brutish jews wanted it literally, their iland from where out to leech and loot the enforced babylon on the surface.

    Here was Pious suggestion to bring them to Ethiopia/Eritrea where the Knights had reportedly found the survivors elithium, where the son of solomon brought that ark of the G and where the original jews left over from egypt exodus where cultivating the gardens...Angelic Beeings had envisioned to bring this African Israel in so that today the whole continent would be the spiritual center of humanity and first contact had spaceports in sahara ect... (At that time there was no palestine, no palestine population and yeah a few jews hung out there like everywhere, trying to make sense of their mutated disfunktional state/affairs). Poop pious must have known of the concocted biblical mare and choose for his churchly M-pire, meanwhile getting all those intel from around the block... It must have schocked when those P2 ect.loges forced the italian army to suddenly annex ethiopia/eritrea (they could only win against those tribeman with the spraying of mu-gas from aircraft) and started the 2.WW before those germans become Xxxxxx over by british agent adolfo (by the way Mussolini was as well a british agent before). ECT... So there was then after the destruction of said new Israel, which was enforced by industrial complex, those conferences of international jews in London (or around there) to enforce the literal script with Zion in Judea and the international finance led by jew banksters stipulated german blockade and their reactions of bbrrrr iggittiggitt demonic subraces wtheck... So conclusive my 5cent is that the nazipope wasnt one, but knew of all this and more, beeing unable to steer the wreck of that insidioussness of artificall riffs and babylons hateagendas...     Jenneta

    5*the orgastic wholeness and UV-envelope - an ongoing comparition of adamic, athlantic and MU-bodytypes with the fruit of our creation - an avalonian meshiach body hosting the round view creation of all species and their specific contributions into our omniverse - hint @ EXIT from holoprojected induction...    Hadriel    The Karen    Hadriel

    6*The doubleheaded eagle is a symbol of the survivors of the atlantian ghostwars, like the Trident of Shiva/Neptun is a sign of the atlantian King or Kingform of that era-like the suncross a lucky sign brought to earth from those spacefaring humanoids long before those reptiles started their sumerian deceptions!!!!!

    Lawless  see U almighty
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Thank-you Eartheart. I'll have to read your post repeatedly to really understand it. You certainly have a way with words. I've become frighteningly-fixated upon the Medical-Military-Money Complex. I understand the Peace-Prevention-Philanthropy Complex -- but what if Ancient and Ongoing Star-Wars have everything to do with why things are the way they are (in an obviously non-idealistic manner)?? At one point in my life -- I was headed toward the Medical-Military-Money Complex -- but my conscience bothered me -- and I dropped-out -- never recovering. I've been a Shell of a Guy for most of my adult-life -- mostly because of hyper-religiosity and hyper-idealism. The contrast between the Ideal and the Reality is truly devastating -- but most people haven't got a clue (or a backbone). I once worked in a Major Teaching-Hospital (just down the street from a Major VA-Hospital). There were a couple a Major Air-Force Bases just a few miles away. I rented a Room with a View of the Hospitals and One of the Air-Force Bases -- and I sort of made the connection. At one point -- I was very interested in becoming a Flight-Surgeon -- and I think I would've made an excellent one. I'm foolish and stupid now -- but I wasn't always this way. If I had persisted in my pursuit of the Medical-Military-Money Complex (and murdered my conscience) I'd probably be a Multi-Millionaire with a Model-Wife and Charming-Children (attending Harvard and Yale) -- and I might be performing Alien-Autopsies in Deep Underground Military Medical-Centers. Who Knows??? Let's see -- if I sell my house and write a book -- I might be able to afford an Old-Porsche and a Mountain-Cabin -- where I can vegetate away the rest of my miserable life. Truth and Ethics are SO Overrated...
    B.B.Baghor wrote:ortho's words "Let's see -- if I sell my house and write a book -- I might be able to afford an Old-Porsche and a Mountain-Cabin"

    That's exactly how I can picture you, ortho. To me, you seem to have some likeness with (french) artists working around 1900. For example painters like Gaugin, Matisse, Kokoschka and Paul Delvaux, even Russian painters and writers,  for their melancholy, sort of. You're great in your writing, but quite doomy and gloomy.  Combined with your unique humour, so much is in your head, it might be a relief to get it out and put it down on paper. Or canvas? Do it....... I think you should..... just do it, find that cabin! Here you go, ortho. Porsche is a great design, yellow goes well with the car and also with that mountain cabin  Cheerful Now, for something completely different, on with the topic, with Viscum Album, the mistletoe we're all familiar with, at Xmas: "Iscador is a herbal cancer treatment derived from fermented European mistletoe (Viscum album). Various parts of the mistletoe plant are used in order to formulate the extraction. Mistletoe has been used medicinally for centuries for a variety of purposes by multiple cultures. Rudolf Steiner pioneered the use of mistletoe therapy in connection to the treatment of cancer in the beginning of the twentieth century".


    During my health-food consultancy training, finished in June 2010, which was based on an antroposofic/regular medical point of view, we've discussed the cause and treatment of cancer, related to nutrition and temperaments. One woman in our class went through a regression of her cancer process, which she had endured many years before. This time it happened on an emotional level. She was so in touch with her body, that she knew how her body reacted to this process and at some point she decided to take Iscador injections. In the 3 years we shared the classroom, I've seen her going from a nihilistic view and self-doubt, to a genuine awareness of her own growth, in YES to her life... and body trust. The old voice remained part of her, with relapses. I've witnessed her journey to health as a teaching. She chose "Lot" as the name of her business, for it's in her name. Lot means Fate in English. The Iscador injections affected her immune system, so she could maintain good health, relatively speaking. In that training, with a gathering of medical doctors of an older age, teachers with experience, being ill is viewed as a sign of good health, strange as it may sound. Only when a body can't fart anymore, things begin to become serious and the being with the scythe steps closer.

    Physical illness is a voice of the body, saying "Hey, listen to me, pay attention" it's the physical (sometimes final) materialisation of unbalanced energy in one's system, or the unbalanced way of dealing with it. Which in itself is part of an ongoing process of change, conditions related to phases of our life. Although it's outside wrong or right from the point of overview, it bears consequences. Foremost those conseqences become visible and noticable in our physical body, in our posture too. That's where it shows up as a blessing in disguise, if we choose to receive it that way. I'm not ignoring the emotional impact, the range of sad feelings and grief, accompanying dis-ease. And the support we may offer. That's as much part of the blessing, if you know what I mean. I'm not sharing new insights here, the bridge between our physical body and our emotional state is built, anno 2015, even in parts of the regular medical world. In my view, dis-ease is one of our spirit being's wise decisions, to shake us awake, when nothing else works.

    In my view,iIt's not the cause, material or immaterial, that brings on disease or death, it's the awareness of why my health is affected and how it can be used as a roadsign. A roadsign that in itself is created by me, should be created by me, while choosing my path. For as much as dis-ease is viewed as the responsibility of myself, while suffering from it, as much respect is practiced in how I handle my symptoms and deal with the cause of that condition, that dis-ease. Good doctors know how to be supportive in that. Each person has a unique path in the art of physical health maintenance and emotional selfcare. I think we live and die each day, letting go of old and dipping our toes in the waters of new. Sometimes people's lives are a great flash of lightning and sometimes it's a slow simmering of almost reaching boiling point. And all kind of ways are in between. In my life, I started as a fierce flame of indignity, then my fire was kindled and now I've made sure cutting wood is done each day  Wink I have experienced physical dis-ease, the last time was in 1994, when I ended a business. Nowadays we would call it a burn out, at that time my eyes couldn't bear the light and burned painful for 6 months. That turned out to be a wayshower to a healing of a part of me that wandered off, once upon a time. I thank Heavens for it  Cheerful Last but not least, here's a Q & A document, on the subject of cancer, offered by Richard Wagner, a German medical doctor:
    I think there might be more to that Holy-War between the Medical-Military-Money Complex and the Prevention-Peace-Philanthropy Complex than even I can imagine. In fact -- I'm thinking that I might really need to wage this Holy-War internally for the rest of my life -- especially when I stop posting on the internet. I keep thinking about my SDA background -- and the Fourth-Season of Babylon 5 (especially regarding Mr. Edgars) -- in connection with this Jihad -- and it scares the hell out of me. I've even been thinking of the WWII Japanese chemical and biological warfare experimentation. What if this was an act of desperation -- with the knowledge that nuclear-weapons and UFO's were being developed elsewhere in the world?! Make damn sure that you have ALL of the facts when judging individuals, religions, races, and nations. This world (and probably this universe) are probably more problematic and complex than anyone can possibly imagine. What if God (at least in this solar system) exhibits characteristics related to the Holy-War between the Medical-Military-Money Complex and the Prevention-Peace-Philanthropy Complex?? I mean no disrespect. What if the solar system (and possibly the universe) must be run by someone who might be similar to the Borg-Queen in Star Trek Voyager?? Try conceptually combining the Borg-Queen -- Cleopatra -- Isis -- Anna (in "V") -- Ellen White -- British-Queens -- et al!! Again, I mean absolutely zero disrespect. I imagine things which scare the hell out of me -- which I mostly don't wish to talk about. Living a Life of Quiet-Desperation -- driving through the mountains in a Porsche 911 GT3 -- is looking better all the time!!

    Somehow, I feel the need to concentrate my research on the twenty-second century -- but I'm uncertain regarding how to proceed. I'm watching the Dark Frontier episode of the fifth-season of Star Trek: Voyager -- and mention was made of an "economic-realignment of the world-order in the twenty-second century". A.D. 2133 is in the twenty-second century. Think About It. This Might be Sirius. Consider (one more time) the following study-list (in the following order -- read straight-through rapidly and repeated endlessly):

    1. Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).
    2. Job through Daniel (King James Version).
    3. The Desire of Ages (Ellen White).
    4. Job through Daniel (King James Version).
    5. Prophets and Kings (Ellen White).
    6. Job through Daniel (King James Version).
    7. The Desire of Ages (Ellen White).

    It might take several months (or years) to understand this approach. I'm not sure I understand. Once again -- this is NOT a line in the sand. I'm not sure what this approach ultimately yields. I doubt that it yields any existing religion or denomination (including the SDA church). I am aware of significant problems and issues related to these sources -- but I think this task needs to be done with enthusiasm and persistence -- as a place of beginning for possible "clean sheet of stone" contemporary theologies. I am NOT a "Reactionary-Traditionalist". This study is based upon experience -- research -- intuition -- perspiration -- and inspiration. BTW -- how does one improve upon perceived-perfection -- in the context of heaven?? Do curiosity and/or "better-ideas" equal "sin"?? Is evolutionary-change even an option?? Does any bottom-up change constitute "rebellion"?? Is "revolutionary-change" the only way to change things (for better or worse) in such a situation?? Does "trust and obey" equal "rust and obey"?? Does responsible-freedom facilitate intelligent absolute-obedience?? Is the Creator of Humanity considered to be the Author of Sin and Confusion?? Think long and hard about what I just said.

    Once again -- how do we REALLY know anything about anything -- especially regarding antiquity and the otherworldly?? Everyone and Everything Seems to be Shifting-Sand to Me. The Wisdom-Books in the Holy-Bible seem to be some of the Brightest-Lights of Antiquity. If One Adds the Major Prophets -- Why is the Rest of the Bible Really Necessary -- Especially When So Much of It Seems So Questionable and Problematic?? The Ethics and Eschatology are Horrible!! What If a Proper Commentary on Job Through Daniel Should be the New-Testament in Modernity?? I'm NOT Against Jesus -- But I Have HUGE Questions Regarding the Life and Teachings of Jesus as Recorded in the New-Testament. I Have Even Greater Questions Regarding Acts Through Revelation. Something is Very Wrong -- But If One Questions Anything -- They Are Branded As a Reprobate-Heretic. The Old-Testament Seems Exclusively and Excessively Biased Toward the Jews and Judaism. The New-Testament Seems Exclusively and Excessively Biased Against the Jews and Judaism. Is Job Through Daniel a Reasonable Middle-Way (Especially If Given a Modern-Universal Application)?? No One Seems to Give a Damn About Any of This. Why???

    I think we need to take a very close look at what EVERYONE has done (or not done) with Job through Daniel for thousands of years. What if the New Testament had featured Job through Daniel?? I am NOT dogmatic about this -- but I think this area should be looked at very closely. Also -- consider looking at what a Roman Catholic "Heaven" would be like. There's a HUGE difference between independently studying Roman Catholicism versus being a Submissive Member of the Roman Catholic Church. Also -- there's a HUGE difference between the understandings of Rank and File Catholic Parishioners versus Top Ranking Roman Catholic Scholars. I continue to suspect that Roman Catholicism (historically and presently) is a Corrupted Version of an Idealistic Plan. Politics and Religion are incredibly Slippery Slopes -- with the Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions. I am presently very suspicious of BOTH Catholicism and Protestantism. Continue to take a very close look at Rome, London, Washington D.C., the United Nations, and the Dark-Side of the Moon. I continue to wish to be a Passive Non-Instigating Researcher. I continue to wish to become less and less vocal. I've honestly been trying to completely stop posting for several years now. I've tried to stop thinking about the madness for several decades. I think I've been in Nervous-Breakdown Mode for most of my adult life (in a very low-grade sense). I frankly don't see this changing for the remainder of this present incarnation. We all have our crosses to bear.

    What if one privately and deeply studied Job through Daniel -- and then publically implemented a Minimalist and Refined Robert H. Schuller Approach?? Does anyone have any idea of what I'm talking about?? The Arrogant Bastards seem to dominate this seemingly God-Forsaken Planet. On the other hand -- who really Ordains the Powers That Be?? Are we really dealing with Universal Star Wars -- going way, way, way, way back?? Do "Nice-Guys" really finish last in this universe?? What if I'm NOT a "Nice-Guy" -- going way, way, way, way back?? What if this particular incarnation was (and is) some sort of a "Test"?? What if I wish for this universe to be "Nice"?? But what if this wish is an Impossible-Dream?? Remember that Da'an (in Earth: Final Conflict) was more of a Bad@$$ than he/she seemed to be. What if I really need to spend the rest of my life thinking in terms of a Medical--Military--Money Complex in Idealistic Yet Pragmatic Ways?? What if Mr. Edgars in the Fourth-Season of Babylon 5 is somehow a model of how a solar system must be run?? Think exhaustively about what I just said. I don't like this concept -- but what if this is the "Way Things Are"?? I've had contact with someone who sort of reminds me of Mr. Edgars -- but I don't want to talk about it. There's a lot of things I don't want to talk about. Imagine Mr. Edgars and Mr. Mordin as Galactic Business Partners!! Does that suggestion send chills up and down anyone's spine?? Anyone?? Please spend a couple of bucks, and watch "The Exercise of Vital Powers". Here are a couple of sampler videos. Remember -- they supposedly like me on Phobos -- and that thought scares the hell out of me. It really does. BTW -- "What Do You Want??"

    Does anyone get what I'm getting-at?? Anyone?? If this world is based upon the shifting sands of lies and half-truths -- then "Disclosure and Regime-Change" might be the End of Us All. Is some sort of a Holy-War just around the corner?? Think in terms of Possibility-Thinking -- followed by Positive-Speaking. In other words -- think of as many possibilities (positive and negative) as possible -- and then communicate your solutions in simple and positive ways. Despite my hinting and modeling -- I really just wish to continue listening and watching -- and perhaps passively-posting -- and that's pretty much it -- no matter what happens -- and I mean "no matter what". I am horribly hamstrung and fatigued -- and nothing seems to help -- so I'll probably be irreparably screwed-up for the rest of my life. Don't expect a "miraculous-recovery". Once again -- my thinking has been decades in the making. This thread didn't just materialize overnight. I'm not possessed (as far as I know) -- but I think I am harassed and oppressed 24/7. But really -- I go looking for trouble when I speculate about the unmentionable -- the unthinkable -- and the unknowable. I really don't see an upside in any of this. Beware of Positive-Developments which are engineered to ultimately become Negative-Catastrophes. BTW -- has anyone connected the "Resurrection of the Dead" with a "Zombie-Apocalypse"?? If Demonic-Beings can impersonate Dead Loved-Ones (in a séance or other such occurrence) why couldn't they pull-off a "Mock-Resurrection"?? Just wondering. What do you think about these four Sherry Shriner shows?? Please talk to me. I continue to be Wary of Sherry -- but I think she knows a HUGE amount -- and that she mixes the "good-stuff" with the "ridiculous-stuff". I sort of do that sometimes. I deal with Sirius-Subjects in Crazy-Ways -- just to make us think.





    I've made a small issue regarding the Messianic-Name "Immanuel" -- and in Sherry's 04-06-15 show -- she connects the name "Immanuel" with a False-Messiah. Interesting. Once again -- I have no idea what's really going-on -- and I have no idea what's really going to happen. I'm honestly not "playing-dumb". The view-count for this thread has all but stopped -- and I swear that when the reposting and editing is finished -- I will not continue this thread (or probably any thread). I sense that choices have been made (at the highest levels) which are much less than ideal. I also sense that when the general-public finds out what you've done -- there will be pandemonium --  but I SO hope I'm wrong. I think I'll have to privately agonize over life, the universe, and everything -- as sort of a private hell. I really think there will be some sort of an information restriction (for legitimate and illegitimate reasons) -- and I'd rather control myself than be controlled by who knows who (or what)?!

    magamud wrote:Here was a post from the video you supplied Ortho.

    List of 911 key people assassinated by the CIA after 911:

    Paul Smith ( wnbc heli pilot), Barry Jennings (wtc security manager), Kenneth Johannemann (explosions witness), Beverly Eckert (911? activist), Bruce Ivins (FBI Anthrax Scientist), Salvatore Princiotta (FNY Firefighter), David Wherley (US General ), Christopher Landis (Virginia Dept of Transportation), Bertha Champagne (Marvin Bush Babysitter...), Michael H. Doran (911 victims lawyer), Deborah Palfrey (run terrorists' escort services)...

    They openly assassinate people and it just goes into the memory hole.  Can this mind fog just be programming?  Stimulus response pavlovian behavior modification?  Maybe or is their other EMP, Radar, Scalar bullshit going on to create a Mist?

    "Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."
    Thank-you for posting those names, magamud. I almost posted them myself. It reminded me of all of the JFK assassination witnesses who seemingly got murdered. What really scares me is to imagine the rationalization-process which goes into all of the reprehensible and violent murder and mayhem -- seemingly perpetrated by the Solar System Elite. The part that absolutely terrifies me is the possibility that there MIGHT be some legitimate reasons why the horrific activities are ordered and executed. I was told that God was trying to get our attention with 9/11. I heard that a clergyperson who witnessed 9/11 said of the hijackers, "They must've done it for God." I was told that 9/11 was done to keep something much worse from occurring. Remember that Leo Zagami rant, where he said that HE ordered the Twin-Towers brought-down -- said that he was Jesus AND said that Amen Ra was his father??!! I was asked if I knew who ordered the JFK assassination?! I won't tell you my answer OR the response to my answer. I'm just going to repeat that I suspect a Rogue-Element of the Secret-Government.

    I keep imagining being part of an Ethical and Open Centralized Solar System Government (in a future incarnation) -- and I think that might be quite cool. However, I am extremely apprehensive regarding the way this Solar System REALLY works presently AND how it has worked for thousands of years. Again, what truly frightens me is the possibility that a Bad-Humanity MUST be ruled in a somewhat Sinister, Heartless, and Ruthless Manner -- and that a Truly Good CEO of Purgatory Incorporated would NOT last more than a couple of years (or a couple of months). I keep thinking in terms of Good-Anna v Bad-Anna -- with the possibility that a Bad-Anna might be necessary presently -- but that a Good-Anna would be preferable at a future date -- presumably when Humanity were MUCH more ethical and advanced. I have tried to think about a lot of things from a lot of different angles -- including the Dark and Regressive Sides. What would I do presently if I were a Draconian-Reptilian CEO of Purgatory Incorporated -- living in a Base on the Dark-Side of the Moon???!!! What might THAT be like???!!! Does anyone else think like this???!!! I didn't think so.

    I'm sorry to be repetitious and ignorant regarding the following BUT has anyone thought much about the possibility of a Roman Catholic Model based upon 1. The Traditional Latin Mass? 2. The 1928 Book of Common Prayer? 3. Life of Christ by Fulton Sheen. 4. The Manner and Logic of Fulton Sheen -- as seen in his television-programs?  5. Sacred Classical Music? Again, this is an attempted Novus-Protestantism which conceptualizes an Idealistic Roman Catholic Church -- rather than just writing it off -- and saying that they're all going to burn in hell. I truly don't know what I'm talking about -- but at least I am giving the subject some attention in a science-fictional context -- without making a big-deal about it. I'll probably attend the Episcopal Church (the "Middle-Way") for the time being -- even though I have a soft-spot for the SDA Church AND the Crystal Cathedral. Once again -- I am skeptical regarding Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Sacredness in Modernity. Regarding Catholicism -- I like the fact that the larger churches are open during daylight-hours 7 days a week -- and services are often offered morning and evening 7 days a week. My reference to the Traditional Latin Mass has more to do with my trying to understand what an Uncompromising Minimalist-Traditionalist Approach might look like -- with Ecumenical-Potential. My preference is merely listening to Sacred-Music while Meditating, Praying, Reading, and Reflecting in a Sacred-Space. But please consider all of this as being a different way of writing science-fiction RATHER than being a different way of doing theology. I really don't know much about theology or science-fiction. I am truly a completely-ignorant fool -- and that is NOT merely a becoming-humility.

    Shouldn't the Teachings of Jesus and Peter in the New Testament be absolutely foundational for the Roman Catholic Church?? But what if the reality is that they have HAD to do what a Harsh God of This World has DEMANDED they do?? What if they have NOT had a choice in the matter?? What if Paul was BOTH a good-guy and a bad-guy?? What if Paul did what he had to do -- even though it might not have been the idealistically right-thing to do?? I love the rhetoric and logic in the Pauline-Epistles -- yet they often seem to conflict with what Jesus actually taught. I think there really is a Legitimate New-Testament Theology of Righteousness by Works -- which is NOT Sacramental or Ceremonial -- but which is rather Character-Related. I have problems with BOTH the traditional Roman Catholic Theology AND the Teachings of Martin Luther. But perhaps BOTH the Church and Luther did what they HAD to do under the circumstances. I think that Proper Liturgical Discipline and Practice is Character-Developing in Nature -- and Somewhat Redemptive. However, I do NOT think that just going through the Liturgical-Motions, without a Change of Heart, saves us in any way, shape, or form. God is NOT so easily fooled. I think SDA's get it partially right when they speak of character-development (and even character-perfection) BUT I think they miss the boat in SO many ways. Once again, spend some quality time thinking about Fulton Sheen and the Latin Mass. I'm NOT saying this is the way things should be -- and I am NOT expressing favoritism. I am merely suggesting a mental and spiritual exercise for certain researchers. I'm talking to a pretty select group here in the Mists of Avalon.

    This Robot Knew Too Much...
    Brook wrote:
    Another consideration?

    Do androids milk the electric sheep?

    Thank-you Brook. I think I need to read some Philip Dick and Murray Rothbard books. I think that Politics, Religion, Science, Science-Fiction, and Conspiracy-Theories really do mix. In fact, they probably shouldn't be separated. I've had about as much disclosure as I can handle over the past five years. In many respects, I've received confirmation of what I've suspected for decades. Right now, I'm looking for closure, rather than disclosure. I'm going to stop posting by the end of August -- and just digest what I've already ingested. I certainly do NOT wish to be committed to the Bethesda Naval Hospital (or go mad at Madigan). I appreciate all that you (and many others) have done. However, I never know when I'm dealing with Friend or Foe -- so I try to remain neutral and keep a poker-face. This probably makes me seem denser and less interested than I really am. Regarding Purgatory Incorporated -- check this out!! I'm NOT just randomly making this stuff up!! Perhaps I should rethink being a Solar System Ambassador! Perhaps they play Hardball beyond the Van Allen Belt!!

    Should my United States of the Solar System concept be reduced to the United States of Earth?? I have NO idea. I'd have to know the full-story to be able to make any rational determinations. If "They" told me the "Truth" -- I doubt that it would be the "Truth". I have a VERY Bad Feeling about this whole "Humanity" and "Solar System" Thing. I think we are screwed on SO many levels. What if ALL Souls in this Solar System do NOT like me at the deepest levels?? What if I've been brought here for nefarious reasons?? What if I'm screwing-up the PTB's plans with my United States of the Solar System talk?? What if I'm screwing myself, plus a few loyal supporters, with my United States of the Solar System thread?? I simply think that whatever is really going on is really bad. If you meet me -- don't expect me to smile or laugh. Sorry to disappoint you. I'm not exactly the "Best and the Brightest" or the "Right Stuff". I have NO idea where I should be -- or what I should do. I still like that "Reasonable Access and Accommodation" idea (with the understanding that I would not be a Pain in Uranus). But I Siriusly think things are WAY too screwed-up for that to occur for at least the remainder of my incarnation in This Present Container. I'm probably finding out WAY too much, as it is. I think I'm fighting a battle which very few might understand or identify with. I am SO screwed. I could make this thing SO much easier. I've been swimming upstream my whole life -- with NO end in sight. Just hire me as a Solar System Governance Consultant -- and give me a Room with a View with a Cray where the Greys can't get me!!! The Ancient Egyptian Deity called me a "Commoner" when I made a benign comment about "Tall Long-Nosed Greys"!! I'm Sirius -- or am I Aldebaran?? I called myself a "Turncoat Alien from Pleone in the Pleiades" before I knew there was actually a Pleione in the Pleiades!! What are the odds??

    Aquaries1111 wrote:

    I know what you do with your "imagery".  You are looking to plant a "seed" in the "imagination" of the "Dreamer".. Are you not?  Okay, so who am I? I am the Dreamer and the Dream and ask that you "KEEP ON DREAMING"!

    The Divine looks at "All Probabilities" in order to "learn" without judgement... So go on! Smile, You will still be Loved!
    Aquaries1111 wrote:
    I have always lived by my name in honor from the Divine! I will never give it up for I am proud of who I am!

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Wed May 10, 2017 8:07 pm

    orthodoxymoron wrote:If even 10% of this stuff were true, it would still be Earth-Shattering!! I continue to include some of this material in my Religious and Political Science-Fiction, and I treat it as Science-Fiction!! I have no way of verifying 90% of what I speculate-about and post!! I guess I take it seriously, without taking it seriously!!
    Carol wrote:Reality does tend to look like fiction Oxy. Nevertheless, what I do know about what is going on is more horrific then what you've presented over the years.
    Carol wrote:

    Obama's team 'asked for NSA secrets
    on more than 30,000 Americans in 2016
    and circulated 6,000 intelligence reports
    WITHOUT removing their names.

    Barack Obama's team used NSA technology to examine data gathered on tens of thousands of Americans abroad during the election, it has emerged. Officials searched both metadata and the actual contents of communications for the names of more than 30,000 US citizens, according to data released by the he Office of the Director of National Intelligence this week. And more than 3,000 of the resulting intelligence reports were then circulated among government departments without the names of the searched parties being redacted, sources with direct knowledge told Circa.

    Video at link - Read more:
    Carol wrote:

    Trump calls out Rice for
    refusal to testify to Congress

    Video at link:

    President Trump on Thursday called out Susan Rice for refusing to testify before a Senate committee investigating both Russian meddling in the 2016 election and allegations of Obama-era spying on Team Trump.

    “Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor to President Obama, is refusing to testify before a Senate Subcommittee next week on allegations of unmasking Trump transition officials. Not good!” Trump wrote in a pair of tweets.

    Rice had been asked by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., to testify before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism.

    Rice’s lawyer, however, said she was declining to appear before the group because the ranking Democratic member on the subcommittee, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, did not agree Rice should testify, thereby making the request “a significant departure from the bipartisan invitations extended to other witnesses.”

    Multiple sources told Fox News last month that Rice had requested to unmask the names of Trump transition officials caught up in foreign surveillance – including Trump’s short-lived national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

    Rice largely avoided addressing the specific allegations during an early April interview on MSNBC; however, she said it was “absolutely false” that Obama officials utilized intelligence “for political purposes.”

    The allegations that members of the Obama administration used classified information to undermine Trump was raised by Trump himself in a March tweet. Asked last month by The New York Times if he thought Rice committed a crime, Trump said: “Do I think? Yes, I think.”
    Carol wrote:
    Sean Hannity: Jim Comey thinks we're all stupid
    Video at link:

    Most of the media ignored it, but FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell about Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin's potentially criminal mishandling of classified information Wednesday during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    The FBI boss was trying to explain why he told the nation, just before the presidential election, that the bureau had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and mishandling of sensitive government information. The alt-left believes this, and not Clinton’s woeful campaign, lack of a message and endless baggage, is what cost her the election.

    Comey explained how a separate probe had turned up emails from Clinton on a computer owned by Anthony Weiner, the pervert married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

    “What they could see from the metadata was that there were thousands of Secretary Clinton's emails on that device, including what they thought might be the missing e-mails from her first three months as secretary of state,” Comey said. “We never found any emails from her first three months.

    But alas, Comey said, the bureau had no reason to believe Huma Abedin had any criminal intent in mishandling sensitive emails. Once again, he ignored the fact that the statute does not require intent, but that’s another issue.

    The real issue is, why was Comey only revealing this information now? And we're really supposed to believe that Abedin had no idea that sending classified material to Anthony Weiner's laptop isn't a crime?

    Comey, at a minimum, should have done a full investigation of Abedin. By passing, he helped Hillary Clinton. She still lost, but it was in spite of Comey, not because of him. President Trump even said as much on Twitter.

    "FBI director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds,” Trump tweeted. “The phony Trump/Russia story was an excuse used by Democrats as justification for losing the election. Perhaps Trump just ran a great campaign."

    Trump’s right. Clinton got a free pass, and so did Abedin and her creepy husband. If you or I did a tiny fraction of what they did, we'd be wearing orange jumpsuits and sitting in a tiny cell somewhere.

    While Comey goes through all sorts of verbal gymnastics defending Clinton and defending his decision to let her off the hook, he coyly says only enough about the baseless conspiracy theory involving Trump and Russia to keep it alive with the alt-left.

    “Is there any evidence that the Trump campaign assisted or directed those efforts?” Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., asked him.

    “That's something that I can't answer here,” Comey replied. “But I would refer you back to what I said was the purpose of the investigation, to understand whether there were any coordination or collusion between elements of the campaign and the Russians.”

    Maybe Comey is waiting to make a bombshell announcement about the Trump probe just before the 2020 election. Here’s a better idea for the man who gave Hillary and Huma a break: Give us one.

    Adapted from Sean Hannity's monologue on "Hannity," May 3, 2017
    Carol wrote:

    Email: Hillary Clinton Asked If Anthony Weiner Could Help Deliver Secure Cell Phone

    NEW YORK — In an email released by the State Department on Thursday, Hillary Clinton asked senior aide Huma Abedin whether a trusted staff member working for Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, could deliver a secure cell phone to Clinton.
    The August 2, 2010 exchange seems to evidence the close links between Clinton, Abedin and Weiner six years before the disgraced former Congressman found himself at the center of Clinton’s current email woes.

    In the correspondence, Clinton and Abedin discuss the possibility of sending a secure cell phone by FedEx.

    “OK I will (redacted) just fedex secure cell phone from dc. Anthony leaving office to bring me to airport now so hopefully will make it just in time,” Abedin wrote to Clinton.

    Clinton replied the same day, “Maybe one of Anthony’s trusted staff could deliver secure phone?”

    The dispatch was part of a slew of emails released by the State Department on Thursday that included 1,280 pages of messages produced under court order.
    Carol wrote:
    Trey Gowdy on Susan Rice, James Comey, and Hillary Clinton!
    Carol wrote:Huma Abedin's Family Members Indicted By Federal Grand Jury
    Date: Wednesday, 3-May-2017 14:22:57
    Tim Brown — May 2, 2017

           Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, is back in the news. Actually, she is only in the news now because of two of her family members, who have been indicted by a federal grand jury for conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud.

           The indictments against two of her first cousins, Omar Amanat and Irfan Amanat, were made available via the Justice Department's website. To view Omar's indictment, click here. To view Irfan's indictment, click here.

           Abedin, Clinton and the State Department were mentioned in the indictments.

           According to one of the allegations, the men encouraged Abedin to get help from the State Department. As a result, they received $1.2 million in federal grants.

           “With the revelations of other suspicious activity at the State Department regarding [Hillary] Clinton’s tenure as the secretary of State, it seems a good time by all was had at taxpayers’ expense. The State Department was a great ‘piggy bank,'” said for criminal investigator Mary Jean (MJ) Bellson. “Were these suspects and State Department officials involved in peddling access to the Clinton’s State Department? I think the answer to that question is yes."

           According to the Justice Department in July 2016, Omar, an associate of Kaleil Isaza Tuzman, the former Chairman and CEO of KITD, was charged with conspiring to manipulate the market in KITD shares with several men, and with conspiracy, wire fraud, and aiding and abetting investment adviser fraud for participating in a scheme to defraud investors in Stephen E. Maiden’s hedge fund regarding investments in Enable Invest Ltd., an investment fund affiliated with Amanat.

           “What a tangled web Mr. Amanat tried to weave, when he allegedly conspired with others to devise a scheme to hide the significant losses and insolvency of the fund he controlled," said USPIS Inspector-in-Charge Philip R. Bartlett. "His web of deception was broken when law enforcement put an end to his criminal activity.”

           Omar was arrested on July 13, 2016, and is under house arrest until his trial date in New York City on October 2, 2017.

           Irfan is facing the same charges from the same case. He was arrested in December 2016 after returning from the United Arab Emirates to the US.

           With the announcement of Omar Amanat's indictment, there were two other men indicted, Stephen E. Maiden and rima Jameel. According to that press release, the DOJ stated:

           The Scheme to Defraud Maiden Capital Investors

    Carol wrote:

    Stressed Huma steps out after bombshell revelation she forwarded
    CLASSIFIED documents to pervert Anthony Weiner to print - but dodged prosecution

    Huma Abedin steps out after Weiner email revelation. Huma Abedin was spotted in Midtown Manhattan Thursday, heading to Hillary Clinton's office, one day after FBI Director James Comey revealed she was sending emails containing classified information to her husband Anthony Weiner. Sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Comey explained how additional Clinton emails were found, which encouraged him to write a letter to Congress notifying lawmakers that the FBI was again looking into them.

    Huma Abedin was spotted in Midtown Manhattan Thursday, heading to Hillary Clinton's office, one day after FBI Director James Comey revealed she was sending emails containing classified information to her husband Anthony Weiner.

    Sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Comey explained how additional Clinton emails were found, which encouraged him to write a letter 11 days before the election to Congress notifying lawmakers that the FBI was again probing the former secretary of state.

    The newly-discovered cache of Clinton emails 'were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner, including classified information, by her assistant Huma Abedin,' Comey revealed during his testimony, explaining how they were found on the disgraced congressman's laptop.

    Likely because Clinton often ordered her staff to 'please print' out documents so she could read them, Comey surmised.  'And so they found thousands of new emails,' Comey explained.

    Comey also confirmed that the FBI had investigated Abedin.

    'With respect to Ms. Abedin in particular we didn't have any indication that she had a sense what she was doing was in violation of the law – couldn't prove any criminal invent,' Comey said.    

    Read more:
    Carol wrote:Tom Fitton: Comey Has ‘Repeatedly and Improperly Protected Clinton and
    Her Top People From Consequences of Criminal Behavior’

    by John Hayward 4 May 2017

    Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to Congress with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily.

    Hillary Clinton has blamed Comey for her 2016 election loss, but Marlow argued that if Comey had concealed the FBI’s discovery that Clinton was handling classified material irresponsibly – in the most spectacular instance, allowing it to be forwarded to disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner – it would have been “the end of the FBI as we know it.”

    “You put your finger on it – the end of the FBI as we know it,” Fitton agreed. “Comey is very interested in protecting his own reputation and why he should have done X or why he should have done Y.”

    “In the final analysis, what happened was that Comey has repeatedly and improperly protected Hillary Clinton and her top people from the consequences of their criminal behavior by coloring the law, misstating the law, and focusing on everything but the elephant in the living room: why didn’t he prosecute her? Why didn’t he recommend a prosecution? Why was immunity granted to all of these individuals? Why is it he said that he needed to prove intent, when in fact all they really needed was gross negligence, which was proven beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt, and he probably had the intent there anyway?” he asked.

    “Looking at the testimony generally yesterday, Alex, I just was reassured that Judicial Watch and all the critics of the way the Justice Department and the FBI handled this during the Obama administration are right, that the investigation into Hillary Clinton needs to be opened. He keeps on telling us other reasons why it needs to be opened, by disclosing additional crimes that his FBI has been covering up for eight months now. For instance, Huma Abedin mishandled classified information in sending it along to someone unauthorized to see, review it, or have it – Anthony Weiner, her husband,” said Fitton.

    Marlow recalled the “surreal reversal” of Comey’s famous press conference, in which he laid out a compelling case for indicting Clinton – and then said he would not indict her.

    “But the media has set the narrative, Tom, which is that he should actually be apologizing for saying anything negative about Her Highness Hillary Clinton, and not the way you and I are seeing it, which is that still we don’t know why she isn’t indicted, given all that we’ve learned,” he said.

    “That’s right,” Fitton agreed. “I can understand why that letter was concerning to those people who were in the middle of a campaign. Mrs. Clinton’s conduct was requiring an FBI investigation, but the scandal is the FBI investigation was half-baked.”

    He said Judicial Watch litigation has revealed that “the FBI was using Judicial Watch documents that we’ve gotten through the Freedom of Information Act to question some of the witnesses in the Clinton investigation.”

    “Why haven’t they gotten them on their own, through grand juries or subpoenas or other law enforcement action?” he asked. “They seem to be following our lead here. I don’t think Comey’s heart was in it. He was always concerned, and he reaffirmed that yesterday, about getting involved in politics. If he was nervous about a letter getting involved in politics, can you imagine what he would have been nervous about if an indictment was in the offing, something that he wanted to pursue in the face of what he confirmed to be Justice Department interference and lack of good faith?”

    “He’s just highlighting the fact that A) he shouldn’t be FBI Director, and B) the Justice Department was so thoroughly corrupt that he couldn’t even trust them to tell you what the time of day was, and C) that the investigation into Hillary Clinton needs to be reopened by someone independent and serious, and Comey should have nothing to do with it,” Fitton contended.

    “There is precedent for this. I recall at the beginning of the Obama administration – you may remember this – remember the investigation into the four CIA saps who were charged with using enhanced interrogation techniques? They had been exonerated by the Bush administration. The Obama administration came in and re-initiated a special prosecution, an investigation of them. This is what should be done with Hillary Clinton,” he advised.

    Marlow asked about the new standard of “criminal intent” as a requirement for indictment, which seems to apply only to “rich and powerful” individuals like Hillary Clinton.

    “I don’t know why Mr. Comey is falsely stating what the law is under oath again before Congress,” Fitton replied. “There is no intent needed to prosecute someone for the mishandling of classified information. Just imagine, if someone is so careless about classified information that they leave it on the Internet equivalent of a park bench, of course they’re going to get prosecuted, and they should. That’s what Hillary Clinton did.”

    “Not only that, but let’s say they said, ‘Let’s be sure because it’s going to be tough to prosecute her, let’s be sure that we have more than just the gross negligence standard that the law requires. Let’s say that we need the intent standard,’” he continued. “Well, Mrs. Clinton was warned repeatedly – again, uncovered by Judicial Watch documents the FBI had – not to use a system separate from the State Department system because of the security concerns. She acknowledged those warnings and did it anyway. No matter how you slice it, they had the case.”

    Another Judicial Watch revelation noted by Marlow was the discovery of emails from Abedin that show “the Clinton Foundation and State Department were linked together on Haiti,” a relationship earlier revealed by Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash.

    “There were some emails showing that after the terrible Haitian earthquake in 2010, there was an almost immediate conference call involving the Clinton Foundation,” Fitton explained.

    “Now, Mrs. Clinton promised that sort of thing wouldn’t happen – that the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, there would be a bright line demarcating, and the two wouldn’t meet. But instead they did meet, and obviously we later found out that Bill Clinton and his foundation effectively ran U.S. government operations down there, despite Mrs. Clinton’s promises that they’d have nothing to do with government when she was in the Secretary of State position, because that’s what she had to do in order to get the position of Secretary of State – promising a bright line between the Clinton Foundation and her Secretary of State office, because both Republicans and Democrats and even the White House, Barack Obama’s White House, had concerns about it,” he said.

    “And by the way, the documents we have this week also show more classified information being shared with Huma Abedin and others that Hillary Clinton was sending and receiving on her system. Unbelievable, unbelievable,” Fitton exclaimed.

    Marlow criticized President Trump’s announcement that Clinton would not be investigated further, and asked how such a determination could be made when relevant facts of the case are still being uncovered to this day.

    “The charitable interpretation of that is that it was a reactive comment, and he doesn’t really believe it,” Fitton said of Trump’s statement on the matter. “I really don’t think he thinks that’s the case. Technically speaking, he can’t prosecute Hillary Clinton. The operational question is, is the Justice Department going to be staffed now by people in the Trump administration who understand what their roles and duties are, and their obligations are, to the American people and do their jobs?”

    “All I’m asking is for is the thumb of politicians to be taken off the scales of justice, and allow a prosecution, a regular one, to proceed against Hillary Clinton,” he declared. “Certainly an investigation or a grand jury, a serious one. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll be prosecuted, but the American people will be reassured that the rigged game that went on last year isn’t going to happen again, and there’s going to be finally a full vetting of what went on.”
    Carol wrote:
    May 7, 2017
    Massive Theft From Russian Bank Said Funded Hillary Clinton And Democrat Party

    An astounding report circulating in the Kremlin today issued by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) states that failed 2016 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party (DP) have been implicated in the theft of tens-of-millions of rubles from a now failed bank in Tatarstan (an oil-rich and predominantly Muslim region in central Russia)—and that once Clinton lost her bid to become president, and in a “last gasp” effort to hide these crimes, stole another $60 million from Irish investors too. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

    According to this report, shortly after taking office as US Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton began a massive scheme to illegally enrich herself and her Democratic Party using “unscrupulous methods and tactics” against “unsuspecting and unsophisticated” Russian banks—and whose largest “deal” actually benefited the Federation when in 2013 Rosatom (Russian state owned energy giant) was able to acquire vast amounts of American uranium reserves having to pay the Clinton’s just $3 million.

    One of the Russian banks frequently used by Hillary Clinton, her husband former President Bill Clinton, and her criminal associates, this report continues, was Tatfondbank and its smaller affiliated Intekhbank PJSC—both located in Tatarstan.

    Due to the illegal machinations employed by Hillary Clinton and her criminal Western banking associates, this report details, by 1 June 2016 (in the midst of the US presidential race) Tatfondbank and Intekhbank PJSC contributed to Tatarstan reporting that its banking assests had reached 1 trillion rubles.

    Being “doubtful/dubious” about this reporting from Tatarstan, this report explains, the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) began an initial investigation into banks located in Tatarstan—but whom immediately came under “extreme” pressure to limit this investigation by the American super-lobbyist Tony Podesta (brother of Hillary Clinton’s national presidential campaign manager John Podesta) who “promised/devoted” that upon Hillary Clinton taking office once she won the presidency, all Western sanctions against Russian banks would be lifted.

    Immediately after losing the US presidential election to now President Donald Trump, though, this report continues, the CBR was alerted to a mysterious bond offering of $60 million being made to “unwitting/unsuspecting” Irish investors on behalf of Tatfondbank—and that was being “organized/manipulated” by several shadowy Western banking companies—including TFB Finance, TMF Group BV, SC Lowy and Merdeka Capital—with their “common linkage” being that they were all “known/suspected” abettors to the international money laundering organization known as the Clinton Foundation.

    Upon learning of this mysterious bond offering, this report says, the CBR contacted the ICR who began their own investigation—and that initially revealed Tatfondbank was missing 97 billion rubles ($1.6 billion) it couldn’t account for.

    By early March (2017), however, this report states, the ICR determined that 3 billion rubles ($51.9 million) had been stolen from Tatfondbank—and who placed under arrest for this grave crime Robert Musin, the Chairman of the Board in Tatfondbank, Ramil Nasyrov, the ex-First Deputy Chairman of the Board in Tatfondbank, and Elena Leushina, the Director of Royal Time Group Limited Liability Company.

    Most important of these arrests to the ICR in their attempting to discover where these stolen monies were sent to, this report explains, was Elena Leushina who was the Director of Royal Time Group—another shadowy company listing itself as being in the construction and casino business—and whose “listed partners” KPMG LLP, AECOM and Steelman Partners were all discovered to have used stolen Tatfondbank money to fund not only Hillary Clinton’s failed US presidency bid, but other Democrat Party candidates too.

    Of the stolen Tatfondbank monies able to be traced due to Elena Leushina’s “interrogation/confession”, this report details, is:

    From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to KPMG LLP: $129,689 given to Hillary Clinton; $100,000 given to host the Democratic Party Convention; over $50,000 given to US Democratic Party Senator Chuck Schumer; nearly $40,000 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; nearly $35,000 to the Democrat Party Congressional Campaign Committee; and over $33,000 to the Democrat Party Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to AECOM: $350,000 to Democrat Party super-PACS Priorities USA Action and Emily’s List; $136,800 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; $63,558 to Hillary Clinton; $26,234 to the Maine Democrat Party State Committee; $25,525 to US Democrat Party Senator Patty Murray; $21,800 to US Democrat Party Senator Chuck Schumer; and $18,632 to the Democrat Party of Virginia.

    From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to Steelman Partners: $28,000 to the Democrat Party.

    The “trail of fraud” from Tatfondbank has, also, this report continues, affected the Federation gravely too—with the CBR stating a few weeks ago that it was lending 66.7 billion rubles ($1.19 billion) to help keep troubled bank Peresvet (a lender run by the Russian Orthodox Church) afloat, and that is now being overseen by Rosatom.

    By both the CBR and ICR discovering how easily Hillary Clinton and her criminal Democratic Party accomplices were in manipulating Russian banks in their money laundering scheme, this report further states, the Federation this month announced it was reversing itself and would now legalize cryptocurrencies in order to protect all banks in the future.

    As to why Hillary Clinton and her Democrat Party needed to swindle Russian banks in the first place in order to finance themselves, this report explains, is due to what is being called a “liquidity supernova” erupting in the West that has seen their Central Banks (CB) buying $1 trillion of financial assets just in the first four months of 2017, which amounts to $3.6 trillion annualized and is "the largest CB buying on record”.

    So short of cash is the West, in fact, this report continues, that since 2014, its Central Banks have had to spend $200 billion per quarter just to keep their markets from crashing—and that continues to this very day as evidenced by the Swiss National Bank boosting its total equity holdings to an all time high of $80.4 billion, up $17 billion from the $63.4 billion at the end of 2016, the biggest quarterly increase in its history.

    With America, too, suffering through what is being called the worst “retail apocalypse” in its entire history that is now seeing even its most valued tech workers living in their vehicles in the shadows of its Silicon Valley tech giants, this report concludes, this nation remains in denial about Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party crimes choosing, instead, to believe that Russia is their dire enemy when nothing could be further from the truth—and as to how these peoples have ever come to believe that Russia’s paltry 143 million citizens would ever want to conquer the nearly 330 million peoples in the United States and their nearly 800 million European Union allies bespeaks more about the destructive power of their leftist-communist propaganda mainstream media than what reality actually is, or even could be.

    May 7, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.
    Carol wrote:
    @ 4:33, the most revealing statement on the Comey firing

    Gingrich on Comey's firing:
    Trump had no choice
    Carol wrote:
    @ 5:38, another huge reason why Comey may have been fired is his
    due to his role in blocking national security clearances for Trump nominees
    Mike Cernovich Releases New White House Leaks
    Published on May 10, 2017
    Mike Cernovich joins to discuss new details
    regarding Trump's dismissal of James Comey
    and the leakers inside his White House.

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Fri May 12, 2017 12:09 pm

    Carol wrote:Just a heads Up. I've been running into problems with the internet starting late afternoon yesterday where programs wouldn't load, slow loading if at all and difficulty accessing a variety of internet sites along with the Mists. There is mention of cyber attacks on Drudge.

    "LONDON — Hackers using a tool stolen from the United States government conducted extensive cyberattacks on Friday that hit dozens of countries around the world, severely disrupting Britain’s public health system and wreaking havoc on computers elsewhere, including Russia.

    Hospitals in Britain appeared to be the most severely affected by the attacks, which aimed to blackmail computer users by seizing their data. The attacks blocked doctors’ access to patient files and forced emergency rooms to divert people seeking urgent care.

    Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm, said it had recorded at least 45,000 attacks in as many as 74 countries.

    It was not immediately clear who was behind the attacks, but the acts deeply alarmed cybersecurity experts and underscored the enormous vulnerabilities faced by disjointed networks of computer systems around the world."
    Carol wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:As you all know, I've been listening to Sherry Shriner's shows for years, while NOT being a Follower and/or Orgone-Warrior. Anyway, her shows seem to be a mixture of "Good-Stuff" and the "Ridiculous". I've privately speculated about who Sherry might REALLY be, and I've provided various hints on this site, without being too direct, and without making a big-deal about it. For the past couple of weeks, Sherry has been more "Imminently-Eschatological" than usual, and in her show today (Friday, May 12, 2017) at 9:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time) she spoke ominously about some major-development (regarding China in particular) occurring in five-hours (which would be 2:00 PM PST). Well, that's right now!! She's seemingly issued Failed-Prophecies in the past, but I still think she knows a HUGE Amount. She could be AI or CIA for all I know, but for some reason I have felt the need to keep tabs on her "revelations". I'd sure like to know the whole-truth about Sherry Shriner!! Does all of the above have anything to do with this thread on cyber-attacks?? I don't know. I seem to know less and less as I dig deeper and deeper.
    Carol wrote: yup..




    Gang behind 'unprecedented' attack using 'atom bomb of malware' which has now spread to 130,000 systems in more than 100 countries are targeted by global task force.


    NHS - The British public health service, RENAULT - The French automobile giant, NISSAN SUNDERLAND PARK, RUSSIAN BANKS AND MINISTRIES - Russia's central bank was targeted, along with several government ministries and the railway system. The interior ministry said 1,000 of its computers were hit by a virus, GERMAN RAILWAYS - Germany's Deutsche Bahn national railway operator was affected, FEDEX, TELEFONICA - The Spanish telephone giant, SWEDISH ENGINEERING FIRM SANDVIK, SCHOOLS IN CHINA AND THE PHILIPPINES, TWO MAJOR INDONESIAN HOSPITALS. Note: Cyber extortionists tricked victims into opening attachments and spam emails that appeared to contain invoices, job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files. The ransomware encrypted data on the computers, demanding payments to restore access.


    NSA CYBER WEAPON... Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool
    SAN FRANCISCO — Hackers exploiting malicious software stolen from the National Security Agency executed damaging cyberattacks on Friday that hit dozens of countries worldwide, forcing Britain’s public health system to send patients away, freezing computers at Russia’s Interior Ministry and wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers elsewhere. The attacks amounted to an audacious global blackmail attempt spread by the internet and underscored the vulnerabilities of the digital age.

    Transmitted via email, the malicious software locked British hospitals out of their computer systems and demanded ransom before users could be let back in — with a threat that data would be destroyed if the demands were not met.

    By late Friday the attacks had spread to more than 74 countries, according to security firms tracking the spread. Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm, said Russia was the worst-hit, followed by Ukraine, India and Taiwan. Reports of attacks also came from Latin America and Africa.

    BLOGGER 'HALTS BY ACCIDENT'... 'Accidental hero' halts ransomware attack and warns: this is not over. Expert who stopped spread of attack by activating software’s ‘kill switch’ says criminals will ‘change the code and start again’
    Pris wrote:
    RedEzra wrote:The world is just a big killing field... and soon it will come to you as well.

    Pris wrote:Propaganda for the globalists -- you're doin' it right! Double Thumbs Up

    The global satanists are about to nuke this place... the northern hemisphere that is.

    Did you think that after thousands of years of warfare that they would not use nukes ?

    You are assuming I don't know what's going on and that I'm in some kind of denial.

    I'm very aware that there's some small group of warmongering psychopathic globalists that have wormed their way into every aspect of our lives, infecting our society with their negativist, psychological illness and enforcing it with their abomination of a death culture.  Their motto is 'order out of chaos' and they have a 'grand plan' to dominate and victimize the planet with their 'new world order' empire.

    They've used nukes already.  And, they'll keep using nukes so long as we let them.  They'll invent whatever excuse they can come up with to use nukes/weapons to keep their war machine running.  They like having the support of the public.  If they don't get support, they'll invent some false flag to justify their actions -- to get the ball rolling.  For example, why do you suppose we have nuclear power plants all over the place?  They're bombs.  You can always set one of those off and just say it was an accident or a 'terrorist' did it.

    These particular globalists are killers, genocidal.  Not only do they enjoy killing us outright, they also enjoy killing us slowly in ways that are difficult to trace back to them (lack of sufficient evidence for 'probable cause' because they control the game).  They especially enjoy it when they get us to kill each other.  That saves them the trouble.

    They exploit our compassion -- our desire to help others and do the 'right' thing -- to push their totalitarian global agenda (eg. 'Agenda 21' -- 'Project Everyone').

    We've been allowing all this insanity to happen because we've been conned into believing in the 'myth of authority'.  We've been heavily programmed.

    Any and all 'authority' (that which arches over: hierarchy, archon, archangel etc.) is a myth that we believe in -- we bow down to it.  Government control systems (enforced by police/military) and religious control systems (enforced mostly by religious zealots) are both mind control systems that work in tandem.

    Who do you think is really behind the Bible and any or all other religious scripts (religion: to bind, to bring together like a bunch of sticks... fasces, fascism).  That's a statement, not a question.

    The use of money and the control of money to coerce, corrupt, and cause disparity (its inherent flaws makes it the perfect tool) is keeping their machine well oiled (oil, petroleum -- joke, get it?).

    Notice how the dollar symbol -- a symbol of slavery -- also looks like a fasces.

    This negative propaganda/psychological warfare perpetrated against us has deep hooks.  It is fear-based.  These deranged people have made it their business to be experts on human psychology and they've been perfecting their 'craft' of instilling fear in the minds of the masses for hundreds if not thousands of years.  They use all kinds of mind control techniques and systems which include mainstream media, Hollywood (the magician uses his magic wand made of 'holly wood' to put people into a trance), and our 'educational' systems.  More recently, they have been using advanced technologies (including drugs/poisons) to alter our psychology/physiology.

    The brainwashing has worked so well on you, Red, that you're (mostly) oblivious to it.  You've become a mouthpiece for the globalists.  I don't think you're entirely brainwashed though because you're starting to get hysterical.  The seams are starting to show.  Some logical part of you, deep down, knows there's something seriously illogical about what you're saying (cognitive dissonance) because you can't make a good argument.

    And, you haven't tried to kick me out of your thread yet which is a good sign. Very Happy  

    I knew (not well) the producer of the first video. I attended several evangelistic programs in my youth, led by Roy Naden. Roy was a very dynamic preacher who used florescent chalk on a special chalkboard to make his points!! He was very animated and articulate in his public-presentations!! I spoke privately with him decades later, in his retirement years. In my youth, I often argued with theology students, and we used a line "Oh Cursed Judas!!" from this film, when we disagreed with each other. We were joking, of course!! This John Huss film is actually a reasonable and balanced treatment of both sides of the horrible state of affairs leading up to the Protestant-Reformation. The Reformation of Humanity must be built upon Truth and Common-Sense. The Book of Romans is not the whole-story of how mankind is reformed and redeemed. Anyway, please watch this video. I've watched it many times. The second video is very difficult to watch, but it is accurate history (as far as I know). I've watched it many times. This sort of thing could happen again, and it could be MUCH Worse. The Major-Players might be different, but the Unseen-Rulers might be the same. Please read the Book of Revelation in light of this post.

    Try thinking in terms of Galactic Legal-Proceedings Relative to Earth-Humanity (aka the Investigative-Judgment) Commencing with the Proposal to Create Humanity and a New World Order. Consider the possibility that these legal-proceedings have been ongoing for thousands (or millions) of years. What if the so-called 'Investigative-Judgment' specified a Termination-Date for the Human-Experiment if Certain Conditions Were Not Met??!! PLEASE Watch the Dr. Who Trial of a Time-Lord (from the mid 1980's) adapting it to the concepts in this paragraph. What if that hypothetical Termination-Date is A.D. 2133??!! We might be in more trouble than ANY of US can possibly imagine!! What if the remainder of the 21st century will make these two troubling videos seem like a Sunday-School Picnic??

    I'm REALLY Burned-Out regarding This Present Madness, and regarding my recent Heart-Surgery, so I think I REALLY need to back-off BIG-TIME. It's not that I don't care. It's not that I've given-up. I frankly think the People of the World are Taking Care of Business. I also think I've gotten too close to the truth, and I do NOT wish to Know Too Much. Honestly.

 The gospel had been planted in Bohemia as early as the ninth century. The Bible was translated, and public worship was conducted, in the language of the people. But as the power of the pope increased, so the word of God was obscured. Gregory VII, who had taken it upon himself to humble the pride of kings, was no less intent upon enslaving the people, and accordingly a bull was issued forbidding public worship to be conducted in the Bohemian tongue. The pope declared that "it was pleasing to the Omnipotent that His worship should be celebrated in an unknown language, and that many evils and heresies had arisen from not observing this rule."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 1. Thus Rome decreed that the light of God's word should be extinguished and the people should be shut up in darkness. But Heaven had provided other agencies for the preservation of the church. Many of the Waldenses and Albigenses, driven by persecution from their homes in France and Italy, came to Bohemia. Though they dared not teach openly, they labored zealously in secret. Thus the true faith was preserved from century to century.

    Before the days of Huss there were men in Bohemia who rose up to condemn openly the corruption in the church and the profligacy of the people. Their labors excited widespread interest. The fears of the hierarchy were roused, and persecution was opened against the disciples of the gospel. Driven to worship in the forests and the mountains, they were hunted by soldiers, and many were put to death. After a time it was decreed that all who departed from the Romish worship should be burned. But while the Christians yielded up their lives, they looked forward to the triumph of their cause. One of those who "taught that salvation was only to be found by faith in the crucified Saviour," declared when dying: "The rage of the enemies of the truth now prevails against us, but it will not be forever; there shall arise one from among the common people, without sword or authority, and against him they shall not be able to prevail." --Ibid., b. 3, ch. 1. Luther's time was yet far distant; but already one was rising, whose testimony against Rome would stir the nations.

    John Huss was of humble birth, and was early left an orphan by the death of his father. His pious mother, regarding education and the fear of God as the most valuable of possessions, sought to secure this heritage for her son. Huss studied at the provincial school, and then repaired to the university at Prague, receiving admission as a charity scholar. He was accompanied on the journey to Prague by his mother; widowed and poor, she had no gifts of worldly wealth to bestow upon her son, but as they drew near to the great city, she kneeled down beside the fatherless youth and invoked for him the blessing of their Father in heaven. Little did that mother realize how her prayer was to be answered. At the university, Huss soon distinguished himself by his untiring application and rapid progress, while his blameless life and gentle, winning deportment gained him universal esteem. He was a sincere adherent of the Roman Church and an earnest seeker for the spiritual blessings which it professes to bestow. On the occasion of a jubilee he went to confession, paid the last few coins in his scanty store, and joined in the processions, that he might share in the absolution promised. After completing his college course, he entered the priesthood, and rapidly attaining to eminence, he soon became attached to the court of the king. He was also made professor and afterward rector of the university where he had received his education. In a few years the humble charity scholar had become the pride of his country, and his name was renowned throughout Europe.

    But it was in another field that Huss began the work of reform. Several years after taking priest's orders he was appointed preacher of the chapel of Bethlehem. The founder of this chapel had advocated, as a matter of great importance, the preaching of the Scriptures in the language of the people. Notwithstanding Rome's opposition to this practice, it had not been wholly discontinued in Bohemia. But there was great ignorance of the Bible, and the worst vices prevailed among the people of all ranks. These evils Huss unsparingly denounced, appealing to the word of God to enforce the principles of truth and purity which he inculcated.

    A citizen of Prague, Jerome, who afterward became so closely associated with Huss, had, on returning from England, brought with him the writings of Wycliffe. The queen of England, who had been a convert to Wycliffe's teachings, was a Bohemian princess, and through her influence also the Reformer's works were widely circulated in her native country. These works Huss read with interest; he believed their author to be a sincere Christian and was inclined to regard with favor the reforms which he advocated. Already, though he knew it not, Huss had entered upon a path which was to lead him far away from Rome.

    About this time there arrived in Prague two strangers from England, men of learning, who had received the light and had come to spread it in this distant land. Beginning with an open attack on the pope's supremacy, they were soon silenced by the authorities; but being unwilling to relinquish their purpose, they had recourse to other measures. Being artists as well as preachers, they proceeded to exercise their skill. In a place open to the public they drew two pictures. One represented the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem, "meek, and sitting upon an ass" (Matthew 21:5), and followed by His disciples in travel-worn garments and with naked feet. The other picture portrayed a pontifical procession--the pope arrayed in his rich robes and triple crown, mounted upon a horse magnificently adorned, preceded by trumpeters and followed by cardinals and prelates in dazzling array. Here was a sermon which arrested the attention of all classes. Crowds came to gaze upon the drawings. None could fail to read the moral, and many were deeply impressed by the contrast between the meekness and humility of Christ the Master and the pride and arrogance of the pope, His professed servant. There was great commotion in Prague, and the strangers after a time found it necessary, for their own safety, to depart. But the lesson they had taught was not forgotten. The pictures made a deep impression on the mind of Huss and led him to a closer study of the Bible and of Wycliffe's writings. Though he was not prepared, even yet, to accept all the reforms advocated by Wycliffe, he saw more clearly the true character of the papacy, and with greater zeal denounced the pride, the ambition, and the corruption of the hierarchy.

    From Bohemia the light extended to Germany, for disturbances in the University of Prague caused the withdrawal of hundreds of German students. Many of them had received from Huss their first knowledge of the Bible, and on their return they spread the gospel in their fatherland. Tidings of the work at Prague were carried to Rome, and Huss was soon summoned to appear before the pope. To obey would be to expose himself to certain death. The king and queen of Bohemia, the university, members of the nobility, and officers of the government united in an appeal to the pontiff that Huss be permitted to remain at Prague and to answer at Rome by deputy. Instead of granting this request, the pope proceeded to the trial and condemnation of Huss, and then declared the city of Prague to be under interdict.

    In that age this sentence, whenever pronounced, created widespread alarm. The ceremonies by which it was accompanied were well adapted to strike terror to a people who looked upon the pope as the representative of God Himself, holding the keys of heaven and hell, and possessing power to invoke temporal as well as spiritual judgments. It was believed that the gates of heaven were closed against the region smitten with interdict; that until it should please the pope to remove the ban, the dead were shut out from the abodes of bliss. In token of this terrible calamity, all the services of religion were suspended. The churches were closed. Marriages were solemnized in the churchyard. The dead, denied burial in consecrated ground, were interred, without the rites of sepulture, in the ditches or the fields. Thus by measures which appealed to the imagination, Rome essayed to control the consciences of men.

    The city of Prague was filled with tumult. A large class denounced Huss as the cause of all their calamities and demanded that he be given up to the vengeance of Rome. To quiet the storm, the Reformer withdrew for a time to his native village. Writing to the friends whom he had left at Prague, he said: "If I have withdrawn from the midst of you, it is to follow the precept and example of Jesus Christ, in order not to give room to the ill-minded to draw on themselves eternal condemnation, and in order not to be to the pious a cause of affliction and persecution. I have retired also through an apprehension that impious priests might continue for a longer time to prohibit the preaching of the word of God amongst you; but I have not quitted you to deny the divine truth, for which, with God's assistance, I am willing to die."--Bonnechose, The Reformers Before the Reformation, vol. 1, p. 87. Huss did not cease his labors, but traveled through the surrounding country, preaching to eager crowds. Thus the measures to which the pope resorted to suppress the gospel were causing it to be the more widely extended. "We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth." 2 Corinthians 13:8.

    "The mind of Huss, at this stage of his career, would seem to have been the scene of a painful conflict. Although the church was seeking to overwhelm him by her thunderbolts, he had not renounced her authority. The Roman Church was still to him the spouse of Christ, and the pope was the representative and vicar of God. What Huss was warring against was the abuse of authority, not the principle itself. This brought on a terrible conflict between the convictions of his understanding and the claims of his conscience. If the authority was just and infallible, as he believed it to be, how came it that he felt compelled to disobey it? To obey, he saw, was to sin; but why should obedience to an infallible church lead to such an issue? This was the problem he could not solve; this was the doubt that tortured him hour by hour. The nearest approximation to a solution which he was able to make was that it had happened again, as once before in the days of the Saviour, that the priests of the church had become wicked persons and were using their lawful authority for unlawful ends. This led him to adopt for his own guidance, and to preach to others for theirs, the maxim that the precepts of Scripture, conveyed through the understanding, are to rule the conscience; in other words, that God speaking in the Bible, and not the church speaking through the priesthood, is the one infallible guide."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 2.

    When after a time the excitement in Prague subsided, Huss returned to his chapel of Bethlehem, to continue with greater zeal and courage the preaching of the word of God. His enemies were active and powerful, but the queen and many of the nobles were his friends, and the people in great numbers sided with him. Comparing his pure and elevating teachings and holy life with the degrading dogmas which the Romanists preached, and the avarice and debauchery which they practiced, many regarded it an honor to be on his side. Hitherto Huss had stood alone in his labors; but now Jerome, who while in England had accepted the teachings of Wycliffe, joined in the work of reform. The two were hereafter united in their lives, and in death they were not to be divided. Brilliancy of genius, eloquence and learning--gifts that win popular favor--were possessed in a pre-eminent degree by Jerome; but in those qualities which constitute real strength of character, Huss was the greater. His calm judgment served as a restraint upon the impulsive spirit of Jerome, who, with true humility, perceived his worth, and yielded to his counsels. Under their united labors the reform was more rapidly extended.

    God permitted great light to shine upon the minds of these chosen men, revealing to them many of the errors of Rome; but they did not receive all the light that was to be given to the world. Through these, His servants, God was leading the people out of the darkness of Romanism; but there were many and great obstacles for them to meet, and He led them on, step by step, as they could bear it. They were not prepared to receive all the light at once. Like the full glory of the noontide sun to those who have long dwelt in darkness, it would, if presented, have caused them to turn away. Therefore He revealed it to the leaders little by little, as it could be received by the people. From century to century, other faithful workers were to follow, to lead the people on still further in the path of reform.

    The schism in the church still continued. Three popes were now contending for the supremacy, and their strife filled Christendom with crime and tumult. Not content with hurling anathemas, they resorted to temporal weapons. Each cast about him to purchase arms and to obtain soldiers. Of course money must be had; and to procure this, the gifts, offices, and blessings of the church were offered for sale. (See Appendix note for page 59.) The priests also, imitating their superiors, resorted to simony and war to humble their rivals and strengthen their own power. With daily increasing boldness Huss thundered against the abominations which were tolerated in the name of religion; and the people openly accused the Romish leaders as the cause of the miseries that overwhelmed Christendom.

    Again the city of Prague seemed on the verge of a bloody conflict. As in former ages, God's servant was accused as "he that troubleth Israel." 1 Kings 18:17. The city was again placed under interdict, and Huss withdrew to his native village. The testimony so faithfully borne from his loved chapel of Bethlehem was ended. He was to speak from a wider stage, to all Christendom, before laying down his life as a witness for the truth. To cure the evils that were distracting Europe, a general council was summoned to meet at Constance. The council was called at the desire of the emperor Sigismund, by one of the three rival popes, John XXIII. The demand for a council had been far from welcome to Pope John, whose character and policy could ill bear investigation, even by prelates as lax in morals as were the churchmen of those times. He dared not, however, oppose the will of Sigismund. (See Appendix.)

    The chief objects to be accomplished by the council were to heal the schism in the church and to root out heresy. Hence the two antipopes were summoned to appear before it, as well as the leading propagator of the new opinions, John Huss. The former, having regard to their own safety, did not attend in person, but were represented by their delegates. Pope John, while ostensibly the convoker of the council, came to it with many misgivings, suspecting the emperor's secret purpose to depose him, and fearing to be brought to account for the vices which had disgraced the tiara, as well as for the crimes which had secured it. Yet he made his entry into the city of Constance with great pomp, attended by ecclesiastics of the highest rank and followed by a train of courtiers. All the clergy and dignitaries of the city, with an immense crowd of citizens, went out to welcome him. Above his head was a golden canopy, borne by four of the chief magistrates. The host was carried before him, and the rich dresses of the cardinals and nobles made an imposing display.

    Meanwhile another traveler was approaching Constance. Huss was conscious of the dangers which threatened him. He parted from his friends as if he were never to meet them again, and went on his journey feeling that it was leading him to the stake. Notwithstanding he had obtained a safe-conduct from the king of Bohemia, and received one also from the emperor Sigismund while on his journey, he made all his arrangements in view of the probability of his death. In a letter addressed to his friends at Prague he said: "My brethren, . . . I am departing with a safe-conduct from the king to meet my numerous and mortal enemies. . . . I confide altogether in the all-powerful God, in my Saviour; I trust that He will listen to your ardent prayers, that He will infuse His prudence and His wisdom into my mouth, in order that I may resist them; and that He will accord me His Holy Spirit to fortify me in His truth, so that I may face with courage, temptations, prison, and, if necessary, a cruel death.

    Jesus Christ suffered for His well-beloved; and therefore ought we to be astonished that He has left us His example, in order that we may ourselves endure with patience all things for our own salvation? He is God, and we are His creatures; He is the Lord, and we are His servants; He is Master of the world, and we are contemptible mortals--yet He suffered! Why, then, should we not suffer also, particularly when suffering is for us a purification? Therefore, beloved, if my death ought to contribute to His glory, pray that it may come quickly, and that He may enable me to support all my calamities with constancy. But if it be better that I return amongst you, let us pray to God that I may return without stain--that is, that I may not suppress one tittle of the truth of the gospel, in order to leave my brethren an excellent example to follow. Probably, therefore, you will nevermore behold my face at Prague; but should the will of the all-powerful God deign to restore me to you, let us then advance with a firmer heart in the knowledge and the love of His law."--Bonnechose, vol. 1, pp. 147, 148.

    In another letter, to a priest who had become a disciple of the gospel, Huss spoke with deep humility of his own errors, accusing himself "of having felt pleasure in wearing rich apparel and of having wasted hours in frivolous occupations." He then added these touching admonitions: "May the glory of God and the salvation of souls occupy thy mind, and not the possession of benefices and estates. Beware of adorning thy house more than thy soul; and, above all, give thy care to the spiritual edifice. Be pious and humble with the poor, and consume not thy substance in feasting. Shouldst thou not amend thy life and refrain from superfluities, I fear that thou wilt be severely chastened, as I am myself. . . . Thou knowest my doctrine, for thou hast received my instructions from thy childhood; it is therefore useless for me to write to thee any further. But I conjure thee, by the mercy of our Lord, not to imitate me in any of the vanities into which thou hast seen me fall." On the cover of the letter he added: "I conjure thee, my friend, not to break this seal until thou shalt have acquired the certitude that I am dead."--Ibid., vol. 1, pp. 148, 149.

    On his journey, Huss everywhere beheld indications of the spread of his doctrines and the favor with which his cause was regarded. The people thronged to meet him, and in some towns the magistrates attended him through their streets. Upon arriving at Constance, Huss was granted full liberty. To the emperor's safe-conduct was added a personal assurance of protection by the pope. But, in violation of these solemn and repeated declarations, the Reformer was in a short time arrested, by order of the pope and cardinals, and thrust into a loathsome dungeon. Later he was transferred to a strong castle across the Rhine and there kept a prisoner. The pope, profiting little by his perfidy, was soon after committed to the same prison. Ibid., vol. 1, p. 247. He had been proved before the council to be guilty of the basest crimes, besides murder, simony, and adultery, "sins not fit to be named." So the council itself declared, and he was finally deprived of the tiara and thrown into prison. The antipopes also were deposed, and a new pontiff was chosen.

    Though the pope himself had been guilty of greater crimes than Huss had ever charged upon the priests, and for which he had demanded a reformation, yet the same council which degraded the pontiff proceeded to crush the Reformer. The imprisonment of Huss excited great indignation in Bohemia. Powerful noblemen addressed to the council earnest protests against this outrage. The emperor, who was loath to permit the violation of a safe-conduct, opposed the proceedings against him. But the enemies of the Reformer were malignant and determined. They appealed to the emperor's prejudices, to his fears, to his zeal for the church. They brought forward arguments of great length to prove that "faith ought not to be kept with heretics, nor persons suspected of heresy, though they are furnished with safe-conducts from the emperor and kings."--Jacques Lenfant, History of the Council of Constance, vol. 1, p. 516. Thus they prevailed.

    Enfeebled by illness and imprisonment,--for the damp, foul air of his dungeon had brought on a fever which nearly ended his life,--Huss was at last brought before the council. Loaded with chains he stood in the presence of the emperor, whose honor and good faith had been pledged to protect him. During his long trial he firmly maintained the truth, and in the presence of the assembled dignitaries of church and state he uttered a solemn and faithful protest against the corruptions of the hierarchy. When required to choose whether he would recant his doctrines or suffer death, he accepted the martyr's fate. The grace of God sustained him. During the weeks of suffering that passed before his final sentence, heaven's peace filled his soul. "I write this letter," he said to a friend, "in my prison, and with my fettered hand, expecting my sentence of death tomorrow. . . . When, with the assistance of Jesus Christ, we shall again meet in the delicious peace of the future life, you will learn how merciful God has shown Himself toward me, how effectually He has supported me in the midst of my temptations and trials."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 67.

    In the gloom of his dungeon he foresaw the triumph of the true faith. Returning in his dreams to the chapel at Prague where he had preached the gospel, he saw the pope and his bishops effacing the pictures of Christ which he had painted on its walls. "This vision distressed him: but on the next day he saw many painters occupied in restoring these figures in greater number and in brighter colors. As soon as their task was ended, the painters, who were surrounded by an immense crowd, exclaimed, 'Now let the popes and bishops come; they shall never efface them more!'" Said the Reformer, as he related his dream: "I maintain this for certain, that the image of Christ will never be effaced. They have wished to destroy it, but it shall be painted afresh in all hearts by much better preachers than myself."--D'Aubigne, b. 1, ch. 6.

    For the last time, Huss was brought before the council. It was a vast and brilliant assembly--the emperor, the princes of the empire, the royal deputies, the cardinals, bishops, and priests, and an immense crowd who had come as spectators of the events of the day. From all parts of Christendom had been gathered the witnesses of this first great sacrifice in the long struggle by which liberty of conscience was to be secured. Being called upon for his final decision, Huss declared his refusal to abjure, and, fixing his penetrating glance upon the monarch whose plighted word had been so shamelessly violated, he declared: "I determined, of my own free will, to appear before this council, under the public protection and faith of the emperor here present."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 84. A deep flush crimsoned the face of Sigismund as the eyes of all in the assembly turned upon him.

    Sentence having been pronounced, the ceremony of degradation began. The bishops clothed their prisoner in the sacerdotal habit, and as he took the priestly robe, he said: "Our Lord Jesus Christ was covered with a white robe, by way of insult, when Herod had Him conducted before Pilate."-- Ibid., vol. 2, p. 86. Being again exhorted to retract, he replied, turning toward the people: "With what face, then, should I behold the heavens? How should I look on those multitudes of men to whom I have preached the pure gospel? No; I esteem their salvation more than this poor body, now appointed unto death." The vestments were removed one by one, each bishop pronouncing a curse as he performed his part of the ceremony. Finally "they put on his head a cap or pyramidal-shaped miter of paper, on which were painted frightful figures of demons, with the word 'Archheretic' conspicuous in front. 'Most joyfully,' said Huss, 'will I wear this crown of shame for Thy sake, O Jesus, who for me didst wear a crown of thorns.'" When he was thus arrayed, "the prelates said, 'Now we devote thy soul to the devil.' 'And I,' said John Huss, lifting up his eyes toward heaven, 'do commit my spirit into Thy hands, O Lord Jesus, for Thou hast redeemed me.'"--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 7.

    He was now delivered up to the secular authorities and led away to the place of execution. An immense procession followed, hundreds of men at arms, priests and bishops in their costly robes, and the inhabitants of Constance. When he had been fastened to the stake, and all was ready for the fire to be lighted, the martyr was once more exhorted to save himself by renouncing his errors. "What errors," said Huss, "shall I renounce? I know myself guilty of none. I call God to witness that all that I have written and preached has been with the view of rescuing souls from sin and perdition; and, therefore, most joyfully will I confirm with my blood that truth which I have written and preached."--Ibid., b. 3, ch. 7. When the flames kindled about him, he began to sing, "Jesus, Thou Son of David, have mercy on me," and so continued till his voice was silenced forever. Even his enemies were struck with his heroic bearing. A zealous papist, describing the martyrdom of Huss, and of Jerome, who died soon after, said: "Both bore themselves with constant mind when their last hour approached. They prepared for the fire as if they were going to a marriage feast. They uttered no cry of pain. When the flames rose, they began to sing hymns; and scarce could the vehemency of the fire stop their singing."--Ibid., b. 3, ch. 7.

    When the body of Huss had been wholly consumed, his ashes, with the soil upon which they rested, were gathered up and cast into the Rhine, and thus borne onward to the ocean. His persecutors vainly imagined that they had rooted out the truths he preached. Little did they dream that the ashes that day borne away to the sea were to be as seed scattered in all the countries of the earth; that in lands yet unknown it would yield abundant fruit in witnesses for the truth. The voice which had spoken in the council hall of Constance had wakened echoes that would be heard through all coming ages. Huss was no more, but the truths for which he died could never perish. His example of faith and constancy would encourage multitudes to stand firm for the truth, in the face of torture and death. His execution had exhibited to the whole world the perfidious cruelty of Rome. The enemies of truth, though they knew it not, had been furthering the cause which they vainly sought to destroy.

    Yet another stake was to be set up at Constance. The blood of another witness must testify for the truth. Jerome, upon bidding farewell to Huss on his departure for the council, had exhorted him to courage and firmness, declaring that if he should fall into any peril, he himself would fly to his assistance. Upon hearing of the Reformer's imprisonment, the faithful disciple immediately prepared to fulfill his promise. Without a safe-conduct he set out, with a single companion, for Constance. On arriving there he was convinced that he had only exposed himself to peril, without the possibility of doing anything for the deliverance of Huss. He fled from the city, but was arrested on the homeward journey and brought back loaded with fetters and under the custody of a band of soldiers. At his first appearance before the council his attempts to reply to the accusations brought against him were met with shouts, "To the flames with him! to the flames!"--Bonnechose, vol. 1, p. 234. He was thrown into a dungeon, chained in a position which caused him great suffering, and fed on bread and water. After some months the cruelties of his imprisonment brought upon Jerome an illness that threatened his life, and his enemies, fearing that he might escape them, treated him with less severity, though he remained in prison for one year.

    The death of Huss had not resulted as the papists had hoped. The violation of his safe-conduct had roused a storm of indignation, and as the safer course, the council determined, instead of burning Jerome, to force him, if possible, to retract. He was brought before the assembly, and offered the alternative to recant, or to die at the stake. Death at the beginning of his imprisonment would have been a mercy in comparison with the terrible sufferings which he had undergone; but now, weakened by illness, by the rigors of his prison house, and the torture of anxiety and suspense, separated from his friends, and disheartened by the death of Huss, Jerome's fortitude gave way, and he consented to submit to the council. He pledged himself to adhere to the Catholic faith, and accepted the action of the council in condemning the doctrines of Wycliffe and Huss, excepting, however, the "holy truths" which they had taught.--Ibid, vol. 2, p. 141.

    By this expedient Jerome endeavored to silence the voice of conscience and escape his doom. But in the solitude of his dungeon he saw more clearly what he had done. He thought of the courage and fidelity of Huss, and in contrast pondered upon his own denial of the truth. He thought of the divine Master whom he had pledged himself to serve, and who for his sake endured the death of the cross. Before his retraction he had found comfort, amid all his sufferings, in the assurance of God's favor; but now remorse and doubts tortured his soul. He knew that still other retractions must be made before he could be at peace with Rome. The path upon which he was entering could end only in complete apostasy. His resolution was taken: To escape a brief period of suffering he would not deny his Lord. Soon he was again brought before the council. His submission had not satisfied his judges. Their thirst for blood, whetted by the death of Huss, clamored for fresh victims. Only by an unreserved surrender of the truth could Jerome preserve his life. But he had determined to avow his faith and follow his brother martyr to the flames. He renounced his former recantation and, as a dying man, solemnly required an opportunity to make his defense. Fearing the effect of his words, the prelates insisted that he should merely affirm or deny the truth of the charges brought against him. Jerome protested against such cruelty and injustice. "You have held me shut up three hundred and forty days in a frightful prison," he said, "in the midst of filth, noisomeness, stench, and the utmost want of everything; you then bring me out before you, and lending an ear to my mortal enemies, you refuse to hear me. . . . If you be really wise men, and the lights of the world, take care not to sin against justice. As to me, I am only a feeble mortal; my life is but of little importance; and when I exhort you not to deliver an unjust sentence, I speak less for myself than for you."--Ibid., vol. 2, pp. 146, 147.

    His request was finally granted. In the presence of his judges, Jerome kneeled down and prayed that the divine Spirit might control his thoughts and words, that he might speak nothing contrary to the truth or unworthy of his Master. To him that day was fulfilled the promise of God to the first disciples: "Ye shall be brought before governors and kings for My sake. . . . But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you." Matthew 10:18-20.

    The words of Jerome excited astonishment and admiration, even in his enemies. For a whole year he had been immured in a dungeon, unable to read or even to see, in great physical suffering and mental anxiety. Yet his arguments were presented with as much clearness and power as if he had had undisturbed opportunity for study. He pointed his hearers to the long line of holy men who had been condemned by unjust judges. In almost every generation have been those who, while seeking to elevate the people of their time, have been reproached and cast out, but who in later times have been shown to be deserving of honor. Christ Himself was condemned as a malefactor at an unrighteous tribunal. At his retraction, Jerome had assented to the justice of the sentence condemning Huss; he now declared his repentance and bore witness to the innocence and holiness of the martyr. "I knew him from his childhood," he said. "He was a most excellent man, just and holy; he was condemned, notwithstanding his innocence. . . . I also--I am ready to die: I will not recoil before the torments that are prepared for me by my enemies and false witnesses, who will one day have to render an account of their impostures before the great God, whom nothing can deceive."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 151.

    In self-reproach for his own denial of the truth, Jerome continued: "Of all the sins that I have committed since my youth, none weigh so heavily on my mind, and cause me such poignant remorse, as that which I committed in this fatal place, when I approved of the iniquitous sentence rendered against Wycliffe, and against the holy martyr, John Huss, my master and my friend. Yes! I confess it from my heart, and declare with horror that I disgracefully quailed when, through a dread of death, I condemned their doctrines. I therefore supplicate . . . Almighty God to deign to pardon me my sins, and this one in particular, the most heinous of all." Pointing to his judges, he said firmly: "You condemned Wycliffe and John Huss, not for having shaken the doctrine of the church, but simply because they branded with reprobation the scandals proceeding from the clergy--their pomp, their pride, and all the vices of the prelates and priests. The things which they have affirmed, and which are irrefutable, I also think and declare, like them." His words were interrupted. The prelates, trembling with rage, cried out: "What need is there of further proof? We behold with our own eyes the most obstinate of heretics!" Unmoved by the tempest, Jerome exclaimed: "What! do you suppose that I fear to die? You have held me for a whole year in a frightful dungeon, more horrible than death itself. You have treated me more cruelly than a Turk, Jew, or pagan, and my flesh has literally rotted off my bones alive; and yet I make no complaint, for lamentation ill becomes a man of heart and spirit; but I cannot but express my astonishment at such great barbarity toward a Christian."--Ibid., vol. 2, pp. 151-153.

    Again the storm of rage burst out, and Jerome was hurried away to prison. Yet there were some in the assembly upon whom his words had made a deep impression and who desired to save his life. He was visited by dignitaries of the church and urged to submit himself to the council. The most brilliant prospects were presented before him as the reward of renouncing his opposition to Rome. But like his Master when offered the glory of the world, Jerome remained steadfast. "Prove to me from the Holy Writings that I am in error," he said, "and I will abjure it." "The Holy Writings!" exclaimed one of his tempters, "is everything then to be judged by them? Who can understand them till the church has interpreted them?" "Are the traditions of men more worthy of faith than the gospel of our Saviour?" replied Jerome. "Paul did not exhort those to whom he wrote to listen to the traditions of men, but said, 'Search the Scriptures.'" "Heretic!" was the response, "I repent having pleaded so long with you. I see that you are urged on by the devil."-- Wylie, b. 3, ch. 10.

    Erelong sentence of condemnation was passed upon him. He was led out to the same spot upon which Huss had yielded up his life. He went singing on his way, his countenance lighted up with joy and peace. His gaze was fixed upon Christ, and to him death had lost its terrors. When the executioner, about to kindle the pile, stepped behind him, the martyr exclaimed: "Come forward boldly; apply the fire before my face. Had I been afraid, I should not be here." His last words, uttered as the flames rose about him, were a prayer. "Lord, Almighty Father," he cried, "have pity on me, and pardon me my sins; for Thou knowest that I have always loved Thy truth."--Bonnechose, vol. 2, p. 168. His voice ceased, but his lips continued to move in prayer. When the fire had done its work, the ashes of the martyr, with the earth upon which they rested, were gathered up, and like those of Huss, were thrown into the Rhine. So perished God's faithful light bearers. But the light of the truths which they proclaimed--the light of their heroic example--could not be extinguished. As well might men attempt to turn back the sun in its course as to prevent the dawning of that day which was even then breaking upon the world.

    The execution of Huss had kindled a flame of indignation and horror in Bohemia. It was felt by the whole nation that he had fallen a prey to the malice of the priests and the treachery of the emperor. He was declared to have been a faithful teacher of the truth, and the council that decreed his death was charged with the guilt of murder. His doctrines now attracted greater attention than ever before. By the papal edicts the writings of Wycliffe had been condemned to the flames. But those that had escaped destruction were now brought out from their hiding places and studied in connection with the Bible, or such parts of it as the people could obtain, and many were thus led to accept the reformed faith. The murderers of Huss did not stand quietly by and witness the triumph of his cause. The pope and the emperor united to crush out the movement, and the armies of Sigismund were hurled upon Bohemia.

    But a deliverer was raised up. Ziska, who soon after the opening of the war became totally blind, yet who was one of the ablest generals of his age, was the leader of the Bohemians. Trusting in the help of God and the righteousness of their cause, that people withstood the mightiest armies that could be brought against them. Again and again the emperor, raising fresh armies, invaded Bohemia, only to be ignominiously repulsed. The Hussites were raised above the fear of death, and nothing could stand against them. A few years after the opening of the war, the brave Ziska died; but his place was filled by Procopius, who was an equally brave and skillful general, and in some respects a more able leader.

    The enemies of the Bohemians, knowing that the blind warrior was dead, deemed the opportunity favorable for recovering all that they had lost. The pope now proclaimed a crusade against the Hussites, and again an immense force was precipitated upon Bohemia, but only to suffer terrible defeat. Another crusade was proclaimed. In all the papal countries of Europe, men, money, and munitions of war were raised. Multitudes flocked to the papal standard, assured that at last an end would be made of the Hussite heretics. Confident of victory, the vast force entered Bohemia. The people rallied to repel them. The two armies approached each other until only a river lay between them. "The crusaders were in greatly superior force, but instead of dashing across the stream, and closing in battle with the Hussites whom they had come so far to meet, they stood gazing in silence at those warriors."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 17. Then suddenly a mysterious terror fell upon the host. Without striking a blow, that mighty force broke and scattered as if dispelled by an unseen power. Great numbers were slaughtered by the Hussite army, which pursued the fugitives, and an immense booty fell into the hands of the victors, so that the war, instead of impoverishing, enriched the Bohemians.

    A few years later, under a new pope, still another crusade was set on foot. As before, men and means were drawn from all the papal countries of Europe. Great were the inducements held out to those who should engage in this perilous enterprise. Full forgiveness of the most heinous crimes was ensured to every crusader. All who died in the war were promised a rich reward in heaven, and those who survived were to reap honor and riches on the field of battle. Again a vast army was collected, and, crossing the frontier they entered Bohemia. The Hussite forces fell back before them, thus drawing the invaders farther and farther into the country, and leading them to count the victory already won. At last the army of Procopius made a stand, and turning upon the foe, advanced to give them battle. The crusaders, now discovering their mistake, lay in their encampment awaiting the onset. As the sound of the approaching force was heard, even before the Hussites were in sight, a panic again fell upon the crusaders. Princes, generals, and common soldiers, casting away their armor, fled in all directions. In vain the papal legate, who was the leader of the invasion, endeavored to rally his terrified and disorganized forces. Despite his utmost endeavors, he himself was swept along in the tide of fugitives. The rout was complete, and again an immense booty fell into the hands of the victors.

    Thus the second time a vast army, sent forth by the most powerful nations of Europe, a host of brave, warlike men, trained and equipped for battle, fled without a blow before the defenders of a small and hitherto feeble nation. Here was a manifestation of divine power. The invaders were smitten with a supernatural terror. He who overthrew the hosts of Pharaoh in the Red Sea, who put to flight the armies of Midian before Gideon and his three hundred, who in one night laid low the forces of the proud Assyrian, had again stretched out His hand to wither the power of the oppressor. "There were they in great fear, where no fear was: for God hath scattered the bones of him that encampeth against thee: thou hast put them to shame, because God hath despised them." Psalm 53:5.

    The papal leaders, despairing of conquering by force, at last resorted to diplomacy. A compromise was entered into, that while professing to grant to the Bohemians freedom of conscience, really betrayed them into the power of Rome. The Bohemians had specified four points as the condition of peace with Rome: the free preaching of the Bible; the right of the whole church to both the bread and the wine in the communion, and the use of the mother tongue in divine worship; the exclusion of the clergy from all secular offices and authority; and, in cases of crime, the jurisdiction of the civil courts over clergy and laity alike. The papal authorities at last "agreed that the four articles of the Hussites should be accepted, but that the right of explaining them, that is, of determining their precise import, should belong to the council--in other words, to the pope and the emperor."-- Wylie, b. 3, ch. 18. On this basis a treaty was entered into, and Rome gained by dissimulation and fraud what she had failed to gain by conflict; for, placing her own interpretation upon the Hussite articles, as upon the Bible, she could pervert their meaning to suit her own purposes.

    A large class in Bohemia, seeing that it betrayed their liberties, could not consent to the compact. Dissensions and divisions arose, leading to strife and bloodshed among themselves. In this strife the noble Procopius fell, and the liberties of Bohemia perished. Sigismund, the betrayer of Huss and Jerome, now became king of Bohemia, and regardless of his oath to support the rights of the Bohemians, he proceeded to establish popery. But he had gained little by his subservience to Rome. For twenty years his life had been filled with labors and perils. His armies had been wasted and his treasuries drained by a long and fruitless struggle; and now, after reigning one year, he died, leaving his kingdom on the brink of civil war, and bequeathing to posterity a name branded with infamy. Tumults, strife, and bloodshed were protracted. Again foreign armies invaded Bohemia, and internal dissension continued to distract the nation. Those who remained faithful to the gospel were subjected to a bloody persecution.

    As their former brethren, entering into compact with Rome, imbibed her errors, those who adhered to the ancient faith had formed themselves into a distinct church, taking the name of "United Brethren." This act drew upon them maledictions from all classes. Yet their firmness was unshaken. Forced to find refuge in the woods and caves, they still assembled to read God's word and unite in His worship. Through messengers secretly sent out into different countries, they learned that here and there were "isolated confessors of the truth, a few in this city and a few in that, the object, like themselves, of persecution; and that amid the mountains of the Alps was an ancient church, resting on the foundations of Scripture, and protesting against the idolatrous corruptions of Rome."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 19. This intelligence was received with great joy, and a correspondence was opened with the Waldensian Christians.

    Steadfast to the gospel, the Bohemians waited through the night of their persecution, in the darkest hour still turning their eyes toward the horizon like men who watch for the morning. "Their lot was cast in evil days, but . . . they remembered the words first uttered by Huss, and repeated by Jerome, that a century must revolve before the day should break. These were to the Taborites [Hussites] what the words of Joseph were to the tribes in the house of bondage: `I die, and God will surely visit you, and bring you out.'"-- Ibid., b. 3, ch. 19. "The closing period of the fifteenth century witnessed the slow but sure increase of the churches of the Brethren. Although far from being unmolested, they yet enjoyed comparative rest. At the commencement of the sixteenth century their churches numbered two hundred in Bohemia and Moravia."--Ezra Hall Gillett, Life and Times of John Huss, vol. 2, p. 570. "So goodly was the remnant which, escaping the destructive fury of fire and sword, was permitted to see the dawning of that day which Huss had foretold."--Wylie, b. 3, ch. 19.

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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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    "This Thread Is $HIT!!"

    What if Margot Robbie is Right?? Should I simply "Write-Off" everything I've posted on this website?? Should I model a Science-Fictional Solar System organized into One Big Business with King and Queen CO-CEO's?? Should I incorporate Church and State into Solar Systems Incorporated?? What if THAT is the Way Things Have Been for Thousands or Millions of Years?? I mostly wanted to make everyone Think, but I don't Think that worked. My threads are Research-Projects rather than Manifestos or Ultimatums. Perhaps I should write a book completely destroying what I've modeled, hypothesized, and proposed. I'm Sirius. "Orthodoxymoron Unveiled!! The Diary of a Completely Ignorant Fool!!"

    What if a place of beginning for the modeling of King and Queen CO-CEO's of Solar Systems Incorporated might be the President and First-Lady of the United States of America?? I imply no Elevation or Disrespect. I simply think things are moving so quickly that we'd better think fast if we wish to have a Useable-Future in this Solar System. It might be later than we think.

    King and Queen
    Solar Systems Incorporated??

    Isis and Osiris??

    I've probably gotten the names and timelines wrong, but is it really that farfetched to think in terms of Ancient and Modern Star-Wars, complete with System-Lords and/or Sun-Gods fighting for power?? What Would Ellen Goa'uld White Say?? What Would Star-Lord Say?? Who?? Beware of Undod the Sun-God!! I honestly mean no harm. I've simply noticed how violent and nasty religion and history have been (for thousands of years). Are we really that much better in modernity?? I'd like to think so, but I wouldn't count on it. Just look at the 20th century. Out of Control Technology Makes Things SO Much Worse (Especially When It's In the Worst of Hands)!! What Would Dwight David Eisenhower Say??

    Imagine RA (In the Above Image) Speaking the Words in the Following Links:


    Imagine David Koresh Speaking the Words in the Above Links. Think About It.
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Try reading the ENTIRE Book of Deuteronomy (rather than just the Ten-Commandments) and the ENTIRE Book of Revelation (and not just Proof-Texts) straight-through with multiple-repetitions. This places things in a better context, but reading the Deuteronomy and Revelation portions of a reputable Bible-Commentary straight-through with multiple-repetitions is a proper way to understand these portions of Sacred-Scripture. It is interesting to note what each of the 66 Books of the Bible does with the Ten-Commandments. You might be surprised. What Was the Perfect Law of the Lord Prior to the Creation of the Human-Being?? What is the Perfect Law of the Lord Throughout the Universe?? What does the First-Chapter of the Book of Revelation say about when the Events Prophesied in Revelation Will Occur??


    1 The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, 2 who testifies to everything he saw—that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. 3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

    Greetings and Doxology

    4 John, To the seven churches in the province of Asia: Grace and peace to you from him who is, and who was, and who is to come, and from the seven spirits before his throne, 5 and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, 6 and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. 7 “Look, he is coming with the clouds,” and “every eye will see him, even those who pierced him”; and all peoples on earth “will mourn because of him.” So shall it be! Amen. 8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

    John’s Vision of Christ

    9 I, John, your brother and companion in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. 10 On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit, and I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, 11 which said: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.” 12 I turned around to see the voice that was speaking to me. And when I turned I saw seven golden lampstands, 13 and among the lampstands was someone like a son of man, dressed in a robe reaching down to his feet and with a golden sash around his chest. 14 The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow, and his eyes were like blazing fire. 15 His feet were like bronze glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. 16 In his right hand he held seven stars, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance. 17 When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. Then he placed his right hand on me and said: “Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. 18 I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades. 19 “Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later. 20 The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.


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    Re: The United States of the Solar System, A.D. 2133 (Book Three)

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 The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London, which holds the Proms concerts annually each summer since 1941. It has a capacity of up to 5,272 seats. The Hall is a registered charity held in trust for the nation and receives no public or government funding.[1] Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1871, the world's leading artists from many performance genres have appeared on its stage and it has become one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings. The location of some of the most notable events in British culture, each year it hosts more than 390 shows in the main auditorium, including classical, rock and pop concerts, ballet, opera, film screenings with live orchestra, sports, award ceremonies, school and community events, charity performances and banquets. A further 400 events are held each year in the non-auditorium spaces. The Hall was originally supposed to have been called the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences, but the name was changed to the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences by Queen Victoria upon laying the Hall's foundation stone in 1867, in memory of her husband consort, Prince Albert who had died six years earlier. It forms the practical part of a memorial to the Prince Consort – the decorative part is the Albert Memorial directly to the north in Kensington Gardens, now separated from the Hall by Kensington Gore.

    In 1851, the Great Exhibition (for which the Crystal Palace was built) was held in Hyde Park, London. The exhibition was a great success and led Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, to propose the creation of a permanent series of facilities for the enlightenment of the public in the area, which came to be known as Albertopolis. The Exhibition's Royal Commission bought Gore House and its grounds (on which the Hall now stands) on the advice of the Prince. Progress on the scheme was slow and in 1861 Prince Albert died, without having seen his ideas come to fruition. However, a memorial was proposed for Hyde Park, with a Great Hall opposite.

    The proposal was approved and the site was purchased with some of the profits from the Exhibition. Once the remaining funds had been raised, in April 1867 Queen Victoria signed the Royal Charter of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences which was to operate the Hall and on 20 May, laid the foundation stone.[2] The Hall was designed by civil engineers Captain Francis Fowke and Major-General Henry Y. D. Scott of the Royal Engineers and built by Lucas Brothers.[3] The designers were heavily influenced by ancient amphitheatres, but had also been exposed to the ideas of Gottfried Semper while he was working at the South Kensington Museum. The recently opened Cirque d'Hiver in Paris was seen in the contemporary press as the design to outdo. The Hall was constructed mainly of Fareham Red brick, with terra cotta block decoration made by Gibbs and Canning Limited of Tamworth. The dome (designed by Rowland Mason Ordish) on top was made of wrought iron and glazed. There was a trial assembly made of the iron framework of the dome in Manchester, then it was taken apart again and transported to London via horse and cart. When the time came for the supporting structure to be removed from the dome after reassembly in situ, only volunteers remained on site in case the structure dropped. It did drop – but only by five-sixteenths of an inch.[4] The Hall was scheduled to be completed by Christmas Day 1870 and the Queen visited a few weeks beforehand to inspect.[5]

    The official opening ceremony of the Hall was on 29 March 1871. A welcoming speech was given by Edward, the Prince of Wales; Queen Victoria was too overcome to speak. At some point, the Queen remarked that the Hall reminded her of the British constitution.[2] A concert followed, when the Hall's acoustic problems became immediately apparent. Engineers first attempted to solve the strong echo by suspending a canvas awning below the dome. This helped and also sheltered concertgoers from the sun, but the problem was not solved: it used to be jokingly said that the Hall was "the only place where a British composer could be sure of hearing his work twice". In July 1871, French organist Camille Saint-Saëns performed Church Scene from the Faust by Charles Gounod, The Orchestra described his performance as "an exceptional and distinguished performer ... the effect was most marvellous."

    Initially lit by gas, the Hall contained a special system where its thousands of gas jets were lit within ten seconds. Though it was demonstrated as early as 1873 in the Hall,[6] full electric lighting was not installed until 1888.[2] During an early trial when a partial installation was made, one disgruntled patron wrote to The Times declaring it to be "a very ghastly and unpleasant innovation".

    In May 1877, Richard Wagner himself conducted the first half of each of the eight concerts which made up the Grand Wagner Festival. After his turn with the baton he handed it over to conductor Hans Richter and sat in a large arm chair on the corner of the stage for the rest of each concert. Wagner's wife Cosima, the daughter of Hungarian virtuoso pianist and composer Franz Liszt, was among the audience.

    The Wine Society was founded at the Hall on 4 August 1874,[7] after large quantities of cask wine were forgotten about in the cellars. A series of lunches were held to publicise the wines and General Henry Scott proposed a co-operative company to buy and sell wines.[8]

    In 1906 Elsie Fogerty founded the Central School of Speech and Drama at the Hall, using its West Theatre, now the Elgar Room as the School's theatre. The School moved to Swiss Cottage in north London in 1957. Whilst the School was based at the Royal Albert Hall students who graduated from its classes included Judi Dench, Vanessa Redgrave, Harold Pinter, Laurence Olivier and Peggy Ashcroft.[9]

    In 1911 Russian pianist and composer Sergei Rachmaninoff performed as a part of the London Ballad Concert. The recital included his 'Prelude in F Sharp Minor', 'Prelude in G Sharp Minor' and 'Prelude in C Sharp Minor'.

    In 1933 German physicist Albert Einstein led the 'Einstein Meeting' at the hall for the Council for Assisting Refugee Academics; a British charity.

    In 1936, the Hall was the scene of a giant rally celebrating the British Empire, the occasion being the centenary of Joseph Chamberlain's birth. In October 1942, the Hall suffered minor damage during World War II bombing but was left mostly untouched as German pilots used the distinctive structure as a landmark.[6]

    In 1949 the canvas awning was removed and replaced with fluted aluminium panels below the glass roof, in a new attempt to solve the echo; but the acoustics were not properly tackled until 1969 when a series of large fibreglass acoustic diffusing discs (commonly referred to as "mushrooms" or "flying saucers") was installed below the ceiling.[2] In 1968, the Hall hosted as the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest.

    From 1996 until 2004, the Hall underwent a programme of renovation and development supported by a £20 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable it to meet the demands of the next century of events and performances. Thirty "discrete projects" were designed and supervised by architecture and engineering firm BDP without disrupting events.[10] These projects included improving ventilation to the auditorium, more bars and restaurants, new improved seating, better technical facilities and more modern backstage areas. Internally, the Circle seating was rebuilt in four weeks in June 1996 providing more leg room, better access and improved sight lines.

    The largest project of the ongoing renovation and development was the building of a new south porch – door 12, accommodating a first floor restaurant, new ground floor box office and below ground loading bay. Although the exterior of the building was largely unchanged, the south steps leading down to Prince Consort Road were demolished to allow construction of an underground vehicle access and loading bay with accommodation for 3 HGVs carrying all the equipment brought by shows. The steps were then reconstructed around a new south porch, named The Meitar Foyer after a significant donation from Mr & Mrs Meitar. The porch was built in a similar scale and style to the three pre-existing porches at Door 3, 6 and 9: these works were undertaken by Taylor Woodrow Construction.[10] The original steps featured in early scenes of 1965 film The Ipcress File. On 4 June 2004, the project received the Europa Nostra Award for remarkable achievement.[11] The East (Door 3) and West (Door 9) porches were glazed and new bars opened along with ramps to improve disabled access. The Stalls were rebuilt in a four-week period in 2000 using steel supports allowing more space underneath for two new bars. 1534 unique pivoting seats were laid – with an addition of 180 prime seats. The Choirs were rebuilt at the same time. The whole building was redecorated in a style that reinforces its Victorian identity. New carpets were laid in the corridors – specially woven with a border that follows the elliptic curve of the building in the largest single woven design in the world.

    Between 2002 and 2004 there was a major rebuilding of the great organ (known as the Voice of Jupiter),[12] built by "Father" Henry Willis in 1871 and rebuilt by Harrison & Harrison in 1924 and 1933. The rebuilding was performed by Mander Organs[13] and it is now the second largest pipe organ in the British Isles with 9,997 pipes in 147 stops. The largest is the Grand Organ in Liverpool Cathedral which has 10,268 pipes.[14]

    During the first half of 2011, changes were made to the backstage areas to relocate and increase the size of crew catering areas under the South Steps away from the stage and create additional dressing rooms nearer to the stage.[15]

    During the summer of 2012 the staff canteen and some changing areas were expanded and refurbished by contractor 8Build.[16]

    From January to May the Box Office area at Door 12 underwent further modernisation to include a new Café Bar on the ground floor, a new Box Office with shop counters and additional toilets. The design and construction was carried out by contractor 8Build. Upon opening it was renamed 'The Zvi and Ofra Meitar Porch and Foyer.' owing to a large donation from the couple.[17] In Autumn 2013, work began on replacing the Victorian steam heating system over three years and improving and cooling across the building. This work follows the summer Proms season during which temperatures were particularly high.[18]

    From January the Cafe Consort on the Grand Tier was closed permanently in preparation for a new restaurant at a cost of £1 million. The refurbishment, the first in around 10 years, was designed by consultancy firm Keane Brands and carried out by contractor 8Build.[19] Verdi – Italian Kitchen was officially opened on 15 April with a lunch or dinner menu of 'stone baked pizzas, pasta and classic desserts'[20][21]

    The Hall, a Grade I listed building,[22] is an ellipse in plan, with major and minor axes of 83 m (272 ft) and 72 m (236 ft). The great glass and wrought-iron dome roofing the Hall is 41 m (135 ft) high. The Hall was originally designed with a capacity for 8,000 people and has accommodated as many as 9,000 (although modern safety restrictions mean that the maximum permitted capacity is now 5,544 including standing in the Gallery). Around the outside of the building is a great mosaic frieze, depicting "The Triumph of Arts and Sciences", in reference to the Hall's dedication. Proceeding anti-clockwise from the north side the sixteen subjects of the frieze are:

    Various Countries of the World bringing in their Offerings to the Exhibition of 1851
    Princes, Art Patrons and Artists
    Workers in Stone
    Workers in Wood and Brick
    The Infancy of the Arts and Sciences
    Horticulture and Land Surveying
    Astronomy and Navigation
    A Group of Philosophers, Sages and Students
    The Mechanical Powers
    Pottery and Glassmaking

    Above the frieze is an inscription in 12-inch-high (300 mm) terracotta letters that combines historical fact and Biblical quotations:

    This hall was erected for the advancement of the arts and sciences and works of industry of all nations in fulfilment of the intention of Albert Prince Consort. The site was purchased with the proceeds of the Great Exhibition of the year MDCCCLI. The first stone of the Hall was laid by Her Majesty Queen Victoria on the twentieth day of May MDCCCLXVII and it was opened by Her Majesty the Twenty Ninth of March in the year MDCCCLXXI. Thine O Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty. For all that is in the heaven and in the earth is Thine. The wise and their works are in the hand of God. Glory be to God on high and on earth peace.

    Below the Arena floor there is room for two 4000 gallon water tanks, which are used for shows that flood the arena like Madame Butterfly.[23] The Hall has been affectionately titled "The Nation's Village Hall".[24] The first concert was Arthur Sullivan's cantata On Shore and Sea, performed on 1 May 1871.[25][26] Many events are promoted by the Hall, whilst since the early 1970s promoter Raymond Gubbay has brought a range of events to the Hall including opera, ballet and classical music. Some events include classical and rock concerts, conferences, banquets, ballroom dancing, poetry recitals, educational talks, motor shows, ballet, opera, film screenings and circus shows. It has hosted many sporting events, including boxing, squash, table tennis, basketball, wrestling including the first Sumo wrestling tournament to be held in London as well as UFC 38 (the first UFC event to be held in the UK), tennis and even a marathon.[27][28]

    On 6 April 1968, the Hall was the host venue for the Eurovision Song Contest which was broadcast in colour for the first time.[29] One notable event was a Pink Floyd concert held 26 June 1969, the night they were banned from ever playing at the Hall again after shooting cannons, nailing things to the stage, and having a man in a gorilla suit roam the audience. At one point Rick Wright went to the pipe organ and began to play "The End Of The Beginning", the final part of "Saucerful Of Secrets", joined by the brass section of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (led by the conductor, Norman Smith) and the ladies of the Ealing Central Amateur Choir.[30] A portion of the pipe organ recording is included on Pink Floyd's album The Endless River.[31] On 30 June 2 and 3 July 2011, Janet Jackson brought her Number Ones, Up Close and Personal Tour here, These were her first headlining UK shows in 13 years.

    Kylie Minogue performed a show here on 11 December 2015, to promote Kylie Christmas, her first Christmas album and thirteenth studio album. She will return with two more shows on 9 & 10 December 2016. Benefit concerts in include the 1997 Music for Montserrat concert, arranged and produced by George Martin, an event which featured artists such as Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Elton John, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney,[32] and 2012 Sunflower Jam charity concert with Queen guitarist Brian May performing alongside bassist John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, drummer Ian Paice of Deep Purple, and vocalists Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper.[33] On 2 October 2011, the Hall staged the 25th anniversary performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, which was broadcast live to cinemas across the world and filmed for DVD.[34] Lloyd Webber, the original London cast including Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford, and four previous actors of the titular character, among others, were in attendance – Brightman and the previous Phantoms (aside from Crawford) performed an encore. On 24 September 2012, Classic FM celebrated the 20th anniversary of their launch with a concert at the Hall. The programme featured live performances of works by Handel, Puccini, Rachmaninoff, Parry, Vaughan Williams, Tchaikovsky and Karl Jenkins who conducted his piece The Benedictus from The Armed Man in person.[35] On 19 November 2012, the Hall hosted the 100th anniversary performance of the Royal Variety Performance, attended by the Queen and Prince Philip, with boyband One Direction among the performers.[36] Between 1996 and 2008, the Hall hosted the annual National Television Awards all of which were hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald. In 2017, the Hall hosted the 70th British Academy Film Awards, often referred to as the 'Baftas', replacing the Royal Opera House at which the event had been held since 2008. The Royal Choral Society is the longest running regular performance at the Hall, having given its first performance as the Royal Albert Hall Choral Society on 8 May 1872. From 1878 it established the annual Good Friday performance of Handel's Messiah.

    The BBC Promenade Concerts, known as "The Proms", is a popular annual eight-week summer season of daily classical music concerts and other events at the Hall. In 1942, following the destruction of the Queen's Hall in an air raid, the Hall was chosen as the new venue for the proms.[37] In 1944 with increased danger to the Hall, part of the proms were held in the Bedford Corn Exchange. Following the end of World War II the proms continued in the Hall and have done so annually every summer since. The event was founded in 1895, and now each season consists of over 70 concerts, in addition to a series of events at other venues across the United Kingdom on the last night. In 2009, the total number of concerts reached 100 for the first time. Jiří Bělohlávek described The Proms as "the world's largest and most democratic musical festival" of all such events in the world of classical music festivals.[38] Proms (short for promenade concerts) is a term which arose from the original practice of the audience promenading, or strolling, in some areas during the concert. Proms concert-goers, particularly those who stand, are sometimes described as "Promenaders", but are most commonly referred to as "Prommers".[39]

    Cirque du Soleil has performed annually, with a show being staged every January since 2003. Cirque has had to adapted many of their touring shows to perform at the venue, modifying the set, usually built for arenas or big top tents instead. The following shows have played the RAH: Saltimbanco (1996, 1997 and 2003), Alegría (1998, 1999, 2006 and 2007), Dralion (2004 and 2005), Varekai (2008 and 2010), Quidam (2009 and 2014), Totem (2011 and 2012), Koozå (2013 and 2015) and most recently, Amaluna (2016 and 2017). Amaluna's visit in 2016 marked Cirque's '20 years of Cirque at the Royal Albert Hall' celebration. [40][41] Cirque's insect themed show, OVO is next to play the RAH in 2018.

    Since 2000, the Classic Brit Awards has been hosted annually in May at the Hall. It is organised by the British Phonographic Industry.

    The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance is held annually the day before Remembrance Sunday.[42]

    For 60 years the Institute of Directors' Annual Convention has been synonymous with the Hall, although in 2011 and 2012 it was held at indigO2.

    Since 1998 the English National Ballet has had several specially staged arena summer seasons in partnership with the Hall and Raymond Gubbay. These include Strictly Gershwin, June 2008 and 2011, Swan Lake, June 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013, Romeo & Juliet (Deane), June 2001 and 2005 and The Sleeping Beauty, April – June 2000.[43]

    Starting in the year 2000 the Teenage Cancer Trust has held annual charity concerts (with the exception of 2001). They started as a one off event but have expanded over the years to a week or more of evenings events. Roger Daltrey of the Who has been intimately involved with the planning of the events.[44]

    The Hall is used annually by the neighbouring Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art for graduation ceremonies. Kingston University also held its graduation ceremonies at the

    The venue has screened several films since the early silent days. It was the only London venue to show William Fox's The Queen of Sheba in the 1920s. The Hall has hosted many premières, including the UK première of Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen, 101 Dalmatians on 4 December 1996, the European première of Spandau Ballet's Soul Boys of the Western World[45] and three James Bond royal world premières; Die Another Day on 18 November 2002 (attended by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip), Skyfall on 23 October 2012 (attended by Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall)[46] and SPECTRE on 26 October 2015 (attended by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge).[47] The Hall held its first 3D world première of Titanic 3D, on 27 March 2012, with James Cameron and Kate Winslet in attendance.[48] The Hall has curated regular seasons of film-and-live-orchestra screenings since 2009, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gladiator, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Interstellar, The Matrix, West Side Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Back to the Future and the world première of Titanic Live in Concert.

    The Hall hosts hundreds of events and activities beyond its main auditorium. There are regular free art exhibitions in the ground floor amphi corridor, which can be viewed when attending events or on dedicated viewing dates. You can take a guided tour of the Hall on most days. The most common is the one-hour Grand Tour which includes most front-of-house areas, the auditorium, the gallery and the Royal Retiring Room. Other tours include Story of the Proms, Behind the Scenes, Inside Out and School tours. Children's events include Storytelling and Music Sessions for 0 - 4 year olds which take place in the Door 9 Porch and Albert's Band sessions in the Elgar Room during school holidays. "Live Music in Verdi" takes place in the Italian restaurant on a Friday night featuring different artists each week. "Late Night Jazz" events in the Elgar Room, generally on a Thursday night, feature cabaret style seating and a relaxed atmosphere with drinks available. "Classical Coffee Mornings" are held on Sundays in the Elgar Room with musicians from the Royal College of Music accompanied with drinks and pastries. Sunday brunch events take place in Verdi Italian restaurant and features different genres of music.[49]

    Eric Clapton is a regular performer at the Hall, it having played host to his concerts almost annually for over 20 years. In December 1964, Clapton made his first appearance at the Hall with the Yardbirds. It was also the venue for his band Cream's farewell concerts in 1968 and reunion shows in 2005. He also instigated the Concert for George, which was held at the Hall on 29 November 2002 to pay tribute to Clapton's lifelong friend, former Beatle George Harrison. Since 1964, Clapton has performed at the Hall almost 200 times, and has stated that performing at the venue is like "playing in my front room".[50][51]

    David Gilmour played at the Hall in support of two solo albums, while also releasing a live concert on September 2006 entitled Remember That Night which was recorded during his three nights playing at the Hall for his 2006 On an Island tour. Notable guests were Robert Wyatt and David Bowie (who sang lead for "Arnold Layne" and "Comfortably Numb"). The live concert was televised by BBC One on 9 September 2007 and again on 25 May. Gilmour is set to return to the Hall; having previously played five nights in September 2015, to end his 34-day Rattle That Lock Tour on September 2016 by playing another four nights at the Hall. He will also make an appearance on 24 April 2016 as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust event. Shirley Bassey has appeared many times at the Hall, usually as a special guest. In 2001, she sang "Happy Birthday" for the Duke of Edinburgh's 80th birthday concert. In 2007, she sang at Fashion Rocks in aid of the Prince's Trust. On 30 March 2011, she sang at a gala celebrating the 80th birthday of Mikhail Gorbachev.[52] In May 2011, she performed at the Classic Brit Awards, inging "Goldfinger" in tribute to the recently deceased composer John Barry.[53] On 20 June 2011, she returned and sang "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Goldfinger", accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, as the climax to the memorial concert for Barry. James Last appeared 90 times at the Hall between 1973 and 2015, making him the most frequent non–British performer to have played the venue.[54]

    The Hall's Education & Outreach programme engages 100,000 people a year. It includes workshops for local teenagers led by musicians such as Foals, Jake Bugg, Emeli Sandé, Nicola Benedetti, Alison Balsom and First Aid Kit, innovative science and maths lessons in partnership with Samsung, visits to local residential homes from the venue's in-house group, Albert's Band, under the 'Songbook' banner, and the Friendship Matinee: an orchestral concert for community groups, with £5 admission.

    The Hall is managed day to day by the chief executive Chris Cotton and five senior executives: the chief operating & financial officer, director of operations, director of business development, director of events and director of external affairs. They are accountable to the Council of the Corporation, which is the Trustee body of the charity. The Council is composed of the annually elected president, currently Mr Jon Moynihan OBE, 18 elected Members (either corporate or individual seat owners) and five Appointed Members, one each from Imperial College London, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, British Museum of Natural History and the Royal College of Music.[55]

    The Hall has won several awards across different categories. From 1994 to 1998 and in 2003, the Hall won 'International Venue Of The Year' in the Pollstar Awards. In 2004 and 2005 the Hall won 'International Small Venue Of The Year' in the Pollstar Awards. In 2006 to 2010, the Hall won 'International Theatre Of The Year' in the Pollstar Awards.[56] The Hall has won International Live Music Conference Award for 'First Venue to Come Into Your Head' in 1998, 2009 and 2013.[57] From 2008 to 2012 the Hall was voted Superbrands leading Leisure and Entertainment Destination.[58] On 17 October 2012 the Hall won 'London Live Music Venue of the Year' at the third annual London Lifestyle Awards.[59] The Hall won the Showcase Award for Teenage Cancer Trust and Event Space of the Year (non Exhibition), both at the Event Awards 2010.[60] The Hall has been voted a CoolBrand from 2009 to 2013 in the 'Attractions & The Arts – general' category.[61] In 2010 and 2011 the Hall won 'Best Venue Teamwork Award' at the Live UK Summit.[62] The 'Life At The Hall blog won 'Best Venue Blog' at the Prestigious Star Awards in 2012[63] and the Prestigious Star Award Landmark in 2013.[64]

    A famous and widely bootlegged concert by Bob Dylan at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester on 17 May 1966 was mistakenly labelled the "Royal Albert Hall Concert". In 1998, Columbia Records released an official recording, The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert, that maintains the erroneous title, but does include details of the actual location. Recordings from the Royal Albert Hall concerts on 26–27 May 1966 were finally released by the artist in 2016 as The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert. Another concert that was mislabelled as being at the Hall was by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). An album by CCR titled The Royal Albert Hall Concert was released in 1980. When Fantasy Records discovered that the show on the album actually took place at the Oakland Coliseum, it retitled the album The Concert.

    A large mural by Sir Peter Blake, entitled Appearing at the Royal Albert Hall, is displayed in the Hall's Café Bar. Unveiled in April 2014, it shows more than 400 famous figures who have appeared on the stage.[65]

    In 1955, English film director Alfred Hitchcock filmed the climax of The Man Who Knew Too Much at the Hall.[66] The 15-minute sequence featured James Stewart, Doris Day and composer Bernard Herrmann, and was filmed partly in the Queen's Box. Hitchcock was a long-time patron of the Hall and had already set the finale of his 1927 film, The Ring at the venue, as well as his initial version of The Man Who Knew Too Much, starring Leslie Banks, Edna Best and Peter Lorre.[67] Other notable films shot at the Hall include Major Barbara, Love Story, The Seventh Veil, The Ipcress File, A Touch of Class, Shine and Spice World. In the song "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles, the Albert Hall is mentioned. The verse goes as follows:

    I read the news today, oh boy
    four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    and though the holes were rather small
    they had to count them all
    now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall
    I'd love to turn you on.
    The song "Session Man" by the Kinks references the Hall:
    He never will forget at all
    The day he played at Albert Hall.

    In the song "Shame" by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, Barlow mentions the Hall in his verse:

    I read your mind and tried to call, my tears could fill the Albert Hall.
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    9. Isis.

    10. Gabriel.

    11. Michael.

    12. Lucifer.

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    'Order out of Chaos'... get it?  They cause chaos using their 'laws' -- their 'authority' -- to get their perverted version of 'order'. It is the belief in authority (in whatever form it takes eg. governments, religions) that takes our power away, makes us live in fear, turns us into slaves, and finally destroys us. I found this Pagan perspective... amusing to say the least.

    The only one I obey is myself.  Sometimes. Very Happy

    Red, you said: 'Think of GOD as your Father and yourself as a fourteen year old teen... it helps put things in perspective.'  LOL!  In this context, I am the grownup.  Nice try though. rendeer As a religious person, Red, you are always talking about 'God' as your 'Father'.... never a mention of your 'Mother'... I found this which I thought to be quite logical from the Pagan perspective.

    Pris wrote:
    orthodoxymoron wrote:


    That's 'Ra' wearing the symbol for Saturn of course (in the movie Stargate). The 'horns' represent Saturn's rings. Guess who's 'Lucifer'? Those who worship 'Lucifer' worship Saturn (a.k.a. 'Satan' worship).

    Here's another symbol for Saturn:

    Here's the north pole of Saturn.  Coincidence?  Very Happy

    Pris wrote:'Lucifer' (Satan, devil)... may have been the 'good guy' originally.  But, if he returns as 'the beast' and wants everyone to worship and obey him, then he's no different than 'God' lol.

    Hey, Oxy... this 'Ra' wouldn't happen to be the same 'ancient Egyptian deity' you keep mentioning would it?  Mr. Dick Head ?.....Toast
    orthodoxymoron wrote:Interesting Posts!! The Internet is sort of 'Law Without Law' and 'Order Out of Chaos'!! It is somewhat Self-Governing!! Is this Fallen and Sinful Human-Nature at Work?? I continue to think that Law and Law-Enforcement are two of the most important topics imaginable!! You'd probably have to be me (or read through all of my threads) to understand the scope of my concern. People wish to be Protected and Rescued BUT they Do NOT Wish to be Told What to Do!! BTW -- Sometimes I think RA = Lucifer = Ancient Egyptian Deity = An Unnamed Angel. Did I talk to the Real-Deal (and drive them to Starbucks) OR was some alphabet-agency playing games with me?? I'm honestly trying to stop posting. This stuff is taking too many years off my miserable life!!
    Pris wrote: Actually, we're capable of entirely self-governing.  We're not only capable, it's required.  Otherwise, we're slaves.  That's the whole point. Very Happy

    People have been programmed to think they need to be protected and rescued by someone or something from 'out there'.  It really comes down to taking responsibility for our lives as individuals and taking action, but that truth has been beaten out of us.  The hand that's been feeding us has been poisoning us all along.  What they don't want us to know is our power has always been there -- it's only been suppressed.

    Look how they proudly display us:

    .....................................................................................Slaves in chains

    It's time to remember who we are!

    Carol wrote:

    David Laufman of DOJ (Chief of counter-intelligence of espionage) is the leaker, according to Cernovich. David Laufman is an Obama holdover who donated to Obama and was responsible for clearing Hillary Clinton. He led the independent investigation of the Clinton emails. The other suspect is McMasters whose having problems with Trump. What better way to repair the relationship is to create a crisis and come to the Trump's rescue.

    The real story is that who ever leaked the story put American Special Forces in great danger. This was leaked to hurt Trump and our partners on terrorism to believe that they can't trust the US.

    1. Wapo story was true in that it had sources.
    2. The sources lied to Wapo and played them.

    and there is this other person's perspective:

    The reason the Washington Post is running this fake Russian story is because John Podesta works for them. His pal Jeff Bezos is a liar protecting Hillary Clinton and Obama.

    Obama even met with Jeff Bezos yesterday at WAPO, ask yourselves why would he do that? Jeff Bezos is pals with Richard Branson and they are working towards destroying the USA as a nation...remember Richard Branson? Obama spent a lot of time with him on his private billionaire island after he left the white house.

    The other crooked connection is David Brock. David knows what happened to Seth Rich...and this is coming out now that Comey is gone.

    If Jeff Bezos is smart he will back the off before he is indicted for aiding and abetting murderers, but I suspect he more cocky than smart. He actually believes he will succeed in destroying the country with his leftist agenda, he feels he is above the law. And thanks to Obama quietly letting the Media Propaganda Act expire in 2013, I understand why he would feel empowered to make fake news up.

    But we remember everything!

    Last year Control the Record was hacked. Control the Record is a David Brock shill farm that was established to spread fake crap about the other candidates all over the internet for Hillary Clinton. A lot of news reporters worked for CTR...which should explain why Twitter is teaming with verified blue checks that constantly attack President Trump and spread fake info. They are CTR employees. Jack Dorsey knows exactly what I am typing about!

    This was hacked from the CTR chat logs, it is a convo between David Brock, Elliot Fink, and Elizabeth Kim. They were talking about taking out lead Trump Supporters on forums ala Seth Rich if necessary:

    ekim [6:26 AM]
    What are we going to do with that?

    brock [6:27 AM]
    dof u really want tio Xxxxxxxx know, kim?

    ekim [6:27 AM]
    i’m good.

    ekim [6:30 AM]
    I’m on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

    efink [6:31 AM]
    google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

    We have more of their logs, some were shared on GLP before the election. We also have their full addresses and info, which I shared with the FBI (before I knew Comey was bad).

    Hillary Clinton and David Brock need to be fully investigated along with Obama, Jeff Bezos and the pedostas.

    I'll add Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who owns the New York Times as another one that needs to be looked at for actually using his newspaper to destroy an American election and actively working towards taking out the standing president. He is a real foreigner equal to his fake Russian accusations. He is doing what he is accusing Russia of doing!

    This is serious.

    WAPO and the NYT are in committing crimes and abetting criminals. And all their CTR shills are accomplices.


    "Trump says Washington Post owner Bezos has 'huge antitrust problem'"

    The Washington Post cites “former U.S. officials” as a primary source for the story.

    Now this is interesting...HOW would a FORMER US Official get access to what was discussed in that private meeting?
    Carol wrote:
    Reince Priebus Is Outed As a Leaker By Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones And Roger Stone

    "We Built Vegas With Bugsy!!"

    "These Erudite Scholars Always
    Give Me Something to Think About!!"

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