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    Post  Jenetta on Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:41 pm


    The Shocking Truth About The Turkish Coup

    July 19, 2016

    Turkish Turmoil

    Some very big things happened at lightning speed in Turkey, over the weekend.  As many are now aware, there was a military coup in Turkey, that attempted to oust Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodgan from power.

    The world watched breathlessly as soldiers took up positions in Ankara, Constantinople and elsewhere, while a besieged Erdogan, who “escaped death by minutes”, assured the Turkish people that he was, in fact, okay.  Millions followed a step by step breakdown of the coup on social media, and waited on pins and needles as President Erdogan gave a rousing call to all patriotic Turks everywhere to “take to the streets to secure and support Democracy,” as the coup climaxed, and ultimately failed.  There was just one little problem with this whole “Hallmark, Feel Good” story…

    Faking a Coup

    It wasn’t true.  The entire thing now appears to have been staged….and likely by none other than President Erdogan himself.

    “What!? Ok Watchman, you lost me!  Saying Erdogan staged the coup himself is a bridge too far!”

    Not really, my friend.


    You see, we now know that the “manhunt” for Erdogan was actually anything but, as both the pursuing military and their planes knew exactly where he was at all times, but did nothing.

    In fact, Turkish F-16s not only knew Erdogan’s whereabouts, but literally had a target lock on Erdogan’s plane, but refused to fire on it.  As you can see here, they had the plane and its entire flight pattern in real time.

       This is probably Erdogan’s plane: Turkish Government GIV TC-ATA circling now @avischarf

       — David Cenciotti (@cencio4) July 15, 2016

    Yet at the very moment they could’ve ended this man’s life with one missile, they did nothing.

    Hours later, of course, Erdogan landed safely, the “rogue wing” of the army behind the uprising was easily put down by other branches of the military, and President Erdogan was given a hero’s welcome.

    Voila!  The reviled man became an instant sensation, like magic!

    The Crackdown

    Erdogan’s regime has wasted absolutely zero time in tightening the iron fist, in the wake of the coup.  He’s already rounded up thousands of folks suspected to be ‘disloyal’.  How many arrests are we talking about here?

    No one knows just how many people have been arrested so far, but the number of names is now at least over 20,000, that have been identified as “problematic” to the Erdogan Presidency.  Now, one would’ve thought that thorough investigations and tribunals would’ve been necessary for weeks in order to ascertain the true masterminds of an operation this large.

    Nope!  Erdogan’s just that good!  20,000 co-conspirators, including exhaustive lists of:

    Judges and justices

    Are all included in it, from all walks of life.  It is a very comprehensive set of ‘agitators’.
    Many of these people, truth be told, were probably merely guilty of being outspoken critics of Erdogan’s tyrannical and criminal activities as president.  However, now none of that matters right now.  The attack has seemingly galvanized vast portions of Turkey’s populace around Erdogan, which gives him nearly cart blanche to wipe away the fiercest political opponents he has.

    Oh, and brother, if you’re like me, and you feel this happenstance is just ‘too lucky’ or convenient for President Erdogan, your imagination isn’t overactive, and you’re not alone in your suspicions!

    Just read what the EU commissioner Johannes Hahn has said about the whole Turkish ordeal:

    “It looks at least as if something has been prepared. The lists are available, which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage. I’m very concerned. It is exactly what we feared.”

    Remember, the EU is lobbying hard to bring Turkey into the Christian, European EU.  EU officials want to allow millions of Turkish muslims to have unfettered access to freely travel across any and all Schengen areas in Christian Europe, and Europeans DO NO want that to happen.  For EU officials to admit that Turkey’s coup(or at least, its Purge) was planned by their own president, means it looks bad, friends!

    Very, very bad!

    Just check out this newest headline in the great, farcical Turkish Coup of 2016!

    Top Turkish Official In Charge Of Campaign Against ISIS Found Dead, Shot In The Neck

    Well, well!  So, within hours of the whole coup, the officer who was intimately involved with the botched, miserable Turkish attempts to help build up ISIS and Al-Nusra, in order to oust Assad in Syria, is executed with a bullet in the neck?

    Unbelievable.  Truly.  Erdogan must be incomparably desperate to tie up as many loose ends as he possibly can in this whole Syrian fiasco.  He sees the writing on the wall:

    He knows that Putin and Assad are now mopping up the last remnants of the US/Turkish/Saudi/Israeli terrorist organization known as ISIS.

    He knows how far public opinion in Turkey had turned against him, and that he and his coalition and allies are very vulnerable.

    He knows that his family and his son have been implicated in directly buying oil from the Islamic State, and personally propping them up.

    He knows when Assad soon calls in international investigators to study every war crime perpetrated against the Syrian people, and take account of each of the countless cultural and historical treasures that were destroyed….the fingers will all point to one man:


    The Erdogan crime family is ruthless and power-hungry, but they’re certainly not stupid.  This planned coup was a calculated risk that Erdogan took, in order to stave off any serious risks to his control of Turkish politics, as well as tie up loose ends in his failed war on elected Syrian President, Assad.  I’m sure many of those involved in the coup had no idea what they were a part of, or they would’ve never participated.  After all, why risk arrest or death, if you’re only serving to further entrench the man you’re supposedly fighting?

    Erdogan has been inching Turkey away from their secular constitution for quite some time now, while playing Sultan in both Anatolia and Middle East politics.

    His antics of:

    Staging bombings of pro-peace rallies with the PKK…
    Constantly upping the conflict against the Kurdish separatists…
    Consolidating Presidential power…
    And actually funding ISIS(while pretending to wage war on them)…

    Was all beginning to wear very, very thin in the Turkish community, and beyond.

    His failed proxy war on Assad through ISIS, and the failed attempt to become the new natural gas hub for Europe was the last straw. The Turkish people were growing restless, angry, and were beginning to question Erdogan’s every action.

    It was time for the ultimate political “Hail Mary”, and for now, Erdogan seems to have pulled it off without much difficulty.

    By his thinly veiled attempt to oust himself, Erdogan has cleverly killed several birds with one stone:

    He has galvanized Turkish support for himself, by painting an attack on him as an “attack on democracy”, while simultaneously enabling himself to literally make any personal enemy, any plotter, any ‘liability’, any critic, or anyone who has ever even looked sideways at him…to just vanish.

    How very fortunate for him, and how very unfortunate for 75 million Turkish citizens, who will now find it all the more difficult to truly challenge his rule or power, without being unilaterally disposed of.

    These criminal cabal families always look after #1: themselves.  Their time will come though.

    As it is below; so it is above

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    Post  Swanny on Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:56 am

    Definitely stage IMO
    He's a DICtator with the biggest army in europe

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    Post  mudra on Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:40 am

    Behind the CIA's Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?

    As we predicted last year, the deep state coup against Erdogan finally materialized last weekend...but it fizzled out almost as quickly as it arrived. So what are we to make of this would-be putsch? Did Erdogan allow it to happen in order to further cement his control on the rebound? Or was this merely a trial run for the real CIA/NATO/Gulenist coup yet to come? And what role do the Turkish people play in all of this?

    Love Always

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    Post  mudra on Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:55 am

    The Turkish Coup in Context: Redrawing the Map of the CIA Drug Trade

    By Rusticus

    It’s been four short days since the July 15, 2016 coup d’état (color revolution?) attempt in Turkey, and already, the open-source research community is well underway in digesting what’s just occurred. President Recep Erdogan was quick to place the blame at the feet of his long-time political opponent (and likely CIA asset), a multi-billionaire “refugee” hiding out in the woods of western Pennsylvania – cleric Fethullah Gülen. Gülen, in turn, pointed the finger back at Erdogan, suggesting that the coup was staged for the express intent of centralizing authority.

    However, the Erdogan v. Gülen feud isn’t what this article is about; at least not directly. There’s a lot for the curious Reader to sink their teeth into there – from the ever-mysterious Gülen’s activities running the largest chain of Charter Schools in America (funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and currently under investigation by the FBI for money laundering) to Recep Erdogan’s love affair with NATO intelligence just a few years prior. Inquiring minds will quickly concede that this entire Turkish affair is (and has long been) a proverbial rat’s nest of Intelligencia and regime change.

    Wherever the rats are scurrying, one’s likely to find some cheese close by – and the opium flows from Afghanistan bound for the Western world provide plenty of it. Buried among the headlines of the day was a story regarding Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base losing power during the attempted coup. When the lights came back on and the dust settled, Incirlik’s NATO-led “anti-Daesh” operations were given the continued green light, though the base’s Turkish commander remains in custody.

    While many have been focused on the concerning amount of American nuclear warheads residing in Incirlik, its position as the drop-shipper of refined Afghan heroin bound for Western markets is equally pertinent. A politically uncertain climate in Turkey (to say the least) coupled with the general chaos of the region calls the future of NATO’s longstanding Incirlik drug-running operation into question – and that’s the finest wheel of Dutch Gouda the CIA’s had its mitts on since Iran-Contra.

    read on: Arrow

    Love Always

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    Post  Jenetta on Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:21 pm

    The following is intel from Cobra:

    This is what I have received on the day after the coup about the situation in Turkey from a reliable intel source from Middle East:

    The coup was carried out by 60% of the Turkish army, including staff of the air force and even the reserve soldiers came out to the streets to support their colleagues against the dictatorship of Erdogan ...

    The army tanks entered to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul, the largest Turkish cities, flying army helicopters carrying army personnel taking command of vital infrastructure centers to control them and that was successfully accomplished. Successful control of the TV broadcast building, Ataturk International Airport and the houses of Parliament and the Presidential Palace where Erdogan was, who was taken by military helicopter to the Ankara international airport where he asked to leave the country immediately ...

    Erdogan approved the demands of the coup leaders under condition of preservation of his life and the lives of his family and he was granted this condition. Then he recorded a Skype voice message on board of the airplane asking supporters of his efforts to go out to the streets to stop this coup. ..

    No one went out to the streets during the wee hours of the coup and the scene was blurry, those supporting this coup were by the thousands marching next to army tanks greeting the soldiers raising the banner of Turkey and referring to the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Ataturk ...

    What happened after?

    Erdogan flew from Ankara airport out of the country and he asked for asylum to Germany but Germany refused, then to Azerbaijan which closed its borders and so did Iran in the face of Erdogan.

    Erdogan had no choice but to return.  A phone call between Obama and Erdogan took place in the plane as stated in the Washington Post, and he asked and was given permission to land in Incirlik US military base in the south of Turkey.

    Moments after that, 12 unknown F-16 aircraft in the skies of Ankara and Istanbul intercepted and shot down 25 helicopters of the Turkish army, carrying soldiers and some leaders who were on their way to control the vital centers in the country, and a real war took place in the air between US Air Force and helicopters of the Turkish army... shot down all the Turkish army helicopters and killed most of the soldiers and their number reached more than 800 soldiers and 50 officers… communique from the CIA, demanding them to surrender and stop the coup otherwise they will crush all the Turkish soldiers on the border and in the streets through aerial attack.

    The leaders of the coup had no chance but to stop the coup d'état and ordered the soldiers to withdraw from the streets and end the coup .

    Do you understand now why many American bases in any country? It Is to prevent what was going to happen last night in Turkey, it's the same thing in the Gulf states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE, all surrounded by the rules of the US military to prevent a coup.

    You can find a video on YouTube showing the attack on the helicopters of the Turkish air force and them dropping like flies ..more than 24 helicopters loaded with officers and soldiers were shot down in the blink of an eye...

    Had it not been for America... Erdogan today would have been a refugee in one of the countries, that is if he was accepted for asylum by any country. If successful, the coup would have ended the suffering of millions of Syrians and Iraqis with terrorism and arms that come from Turkey... just ended the terror of Daesh in the region ... stopped the migration of peoples affected by the policy of Erdogan and those who drown in the sea trying to escape it ... would have found the leaders of Daesh and al-Nusra themselves detained in Turkey ...all this would have happened if the coup succeeded yesterday ...but this is not in the best interest of America and the interest of its policies in the region .“


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    Post  Eartheart on Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:35 am

    having brought "Peace in the middle east" Gatherings, rainbows
    where turks, israelies and iraniens mingle in our circle and
    Goa Trance festivals to Turkey, i was harrassed immensely over there...

    Girlfriend drugged and raped (with pregnancy), people wich helped
    lost jobs and had to leave town, islamic terror in its beginning as well,
    knifebackstabbing (which i could deflect with a hardcover koran-hahahah),
    and than this arrogant stupidness in turkish quarters of Berlin,
    where it was like a "No go area" allready 20 years ago, Turk sexuality
    stinks, wouldnt accept even a goldprinted invite by the turkish queen
    (shure them dont have such fems, just crazed harlots in backrooms)...

    A caliphate under turkish sultanine oppressions? Send the israelies in!
    A greater Israhell in that middle east with nato-cantons? Send the russians!
    A global russian sphere with ethnic zones and free Loove? Send me!

    sunny cheers sunny

    The tribal folk in turkish occupied terrortories would have loved it to get
    rid of western slave systems and islamic BaffomethS @ the same time,
    that must have been the test! But the kid has sympathy to the rapist,
    so the storygoes...
    After the shotdown of the russian aircraft and the official bangbang about
    Erdoclans profitiering on oil, CIA drugs and Weapons of MD, Kurds and Armenians massslaughter- the russian must have been privy to all of this,
    how they got involved?
    Did they protect Erdo to erase the nato punch? Was it an ugly forplay to
    outwitt clandestine command lines of those black OPs?
    What had that CNN bitch setting up shop in Ankara 3 days before the coup
    to sensationalize about???
    Are we saver now, with those bad guys exactly where they are???

    Those traumatic mindsets over there need healing from deepspace now,
    send in all you got! Candle in the Wind

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