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    Jim Stone posts more updates on aspects of what we may call TransitionGate, i.e., the Globalist's war against the advent of Trump


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    Jim Stone posts more updates on aspects of what we may call TransitionGate, i.e., the Globalist's war against the advent of Trump

    Post  Carol on Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:06 pm

    Jim Stone posts more updates on aspects of what we may call TransitionGate, i.e., the Globalist's war against the advent of Trump
    Jim Stone link:

    Important updates:
    Many people are now noticing their cell phones are cutting straight to voice mail and that they cannot get their cell phones not to. The message box is loaded with people saying this today so rather than post every mention I'll just do a general mention. This would obviously be done to cut communications before a major event, so people will be helpless and cut off from each other. VERIFY YOUR CELL IS WORKING NOW and not just cutting to voice mail.

    2. Flight radar24 is tracking three different planes that are constantly circling DC right now. This would be done as a defensive measure because Obama has stirred things up so much with Russia. I doubt Russia will do anything but the Pentagon is having planes circle anyway.

    3. Unconfirmed: The Russian diplomats are taking off today and they are all on the same plane. That would be a perfect opportunity to shoot them down and REALLY piss Russia off. If war is the goal, I'd say there is a chance Obama would do it.

    4. Trump is going wild on Twitter, taunting snowflakes with repeated common sense tweets that are really stirring them up.

    5. As everyone probably already knows, the liberals are threatening to get violent, especially at the inauguration. That does a lot to prove just how much they cannot think, because now preparations will be made for it.

    6. Trump has threatened Obama with legal action for behaving in a way which is damaging the country. Obama has done so much to tarnish America's image with his belligerence towards Russia and the Russian hacker lies that Trump had to warn him it will not go unpunished to get Obama to stop. And he's right, Obama really has behaved badly, I'd say in a way that perfectly fits the politics of Sub Saharan Africa masterpieces like Sierra Leon and Cameroon. Enough is enough, Forget Kenya, Obama's behavior has been below even that.

    HEADS UP: Some idiot snow flakes are trying to false flag a Russian attack through a power plant in Vermont today.
    UPDATE: They gave up on this horse dung because they got so thoroughly busted for it being a complete hoax.
    They need a better story line than "Russian hackers" when we know all too well who wrote Stuxnet.

    Stux on a plane
    I had to edit this down to make it more clear.

    J sent:

    Dear Jim, since you understand many technical things: what do you think about a possible interference of a stuxnet type damaging software with the electronics of (passenger) aircraft?

    On 2010-4-10, 10:41 local time a TU154M plane with Angela Merkel's most outspoken international adversaries, the Poles around pres. Lech Kaczynski, crashed in Smolensk in a way (into thousands of pieces) that is possible only with a bomb or bombs. Shortly before however, the pilot, who had been lured in a wrong direction by the Smolensk tower (while all instruments were bugged and showed wrong info), tried to get the nose of his plane up but could not - as if also there the flaps were blocked. Now with the same type of plane a crash happened because the flaps had been blocked (as it seems) in an up position, so as to bring the plan in stall mode - this on the fetish day of 25 years after Gorbachev agreed in Malta to give up the Soviet Union. Putin, playing stupid, lets them say that "if it was the flaps it cannot have been terrorism" - how newborn does he want us to think he is?

    Now I just read a short notice on Voltairenet (translated from a Romanian source) that says something similar about the KGL9628 flight (RU Airbus over Sinai): "the autopilot had received bad data and therefore let the plane execute manoevers (with 4g down, then immediately afterwards with 5-6g up) which could not have been performed manually..."o; Hey, MH370 also had these sudden up/down changes. I then remembered that Stuxnet (whose americo-israelian development must have begun with the beginning of the Obama-regime, just as the preparations for the murder of the Polish president - a first occasion to have him shot down in Tbilissi on 2008-8-8 was avoided by the brave pilot Protasiuk who Putin today slanders as "having obeyed the order of a third person in the cabin to land (in Smolensk) although it was not possible" - ok, that Stuxnet sped up the iranian centrifugues from 1000 rpm to 1410rpm (i.e. of all numbers in mathematics the same holy Merkel/Hitler number141 x 10), so as to overload them and kill them this way. My insert: I would think a nuclear centrifuge would spin at least 10X that fast (my washing machine is rated for that speed in spin cycle) end insert. KGL9628 was then another example of overload, and the newest case can again be defined as overload. I remember reading that experts said that stuxnet was built to destroy the Iranian centrifugues, yes, but that it had many parts in it for purposes that could not yet be deciphered. Thus: can stuxnet (or one of its relatives) also creep into airplane software for doing the same thing - overloading the system until it breaks?

    My response: Stuxnet does many things. The main thing it does is sit and silently watch what normal operation looks like until it thinks it has learned enough, and then does the opposite of what an infected system is told to do while it keeps all the indicators looking normal, as if the system really did do what it was told. This will cause disaster. Yes, obviously that type of thing would be put on a plane to crash it.

    If in the 2010 polish plane crash the instruments were showing wrong info, that would be CLASSIC Stuxnet. There were many variants of Stuxnet made, that would be a prime example of what a Stuxnet type infection would do.

    The Airbus is limited to 3 G's no matter what the pilot tries to do. If it ever does more than that, it can only be a virus or some sort of remote control over ride. If the crash over the sinai pulled that many g's it would sure indicate some sort of hack or virus was involved. Boeing can be operated to destruction by default (unless something changed recently).

    The big problem with Stuxnet on a plane however is it's possibility of randomness. What would make it to a plane would obviously be related to Stuxnet, but would be designed to do exactly what it is told, rather than risk raising mayhem until something blows because it would not be doing anything secret at all to a plane, whatever it did could be immediately observed and the pilots could call out if what it did was not immediately disabling or destructive.

    In an industrial setting, no one would know Stxnet was putting the pressure on the inside of a pipe to 3x normal until the pipe blew, or mixing chemicals wrong to create an explosion, or putting a nuclear reactor to full output when it says it is turned off while it holds all the pressure relief valves closed until something blows. So it's behavior does not need to be as predictable in an industrial setting as it would on an aircraft where anything it did would be immediately felt. The aircraft variants would have to be a lot more clandestine, and then suddenly act destructively without warning and with perfection. Slamming the flaps all the way one way suddenly would surely do that at cruising speed. That would snap the wings off.

    Backhanded censorship: The Wayback machine is a political tool. See this:

    From judgedredd: Hi James, I am REALLY pissed off. When trying to save the webpage about neanderthals and semites from the page came up and I thought I had saved the ENTIRE page when I clicked to save it to my hard drive. After reading my message to you on your page I went back to the file I thought I had saved only to find that only the header section of the page had been saved. I went back to to recapture that page and IT HAS GONE!!!!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxx basTURDS [sic]. OOoooohhh! This makes me Xxxxxxxx MAD. All it does is make me MORE determined to get that info back. I am actually in email communication with John de Nugent himself (to get his permission to put up his site on my site as a mirrior) so I will eventually get that page UP. What is it with these Zoodwelling Inbred Orangutan Nicompoop Incompetent Shithead Twitface Scumbags? They are stupider than the dumbest sheep on the planet."

    My response: What probably happened: The topic got attention because I posted it here. Then they looked at what you did. They destroyed the file on your computer (you archived it correctly). Then they wiped it from About a year and a half ago,they decided the "Jews are superior because they have neanderthal genes" line was not working, so they decided to axe it. You found one of the last remaining repositories. This site gets enough attention so when it was posted, they went and fixed it post haste. Simple as that.

    The same thing has happened to the Fukushima report. Even is completely dishonest about what is cached and what it says, while many of the damning source links have been expunged. It is a war. You just saw it first hand.

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