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    Alarm Warning! The Big Earth Wobble: Accelerated Changes! Gary Walton On The Carol Rosin Show


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    Alarm Warning! The Big Earth Wobble: Accelerated Changes! Gary Walton On The Carol Rosin Show

    Post  mudra on Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:41 am

    Alarm Warning! The Big Earth Wobble: Accelerated Changes! Gary Walton On The Carol Rosin Show

    The extraordinary deep researcher Gary Walton, creator of the world famous discusses the most alarming factual news of our time that every decision maker, every world leader, in fact, each of us has a vital need to know…NOW! “Earth has crossed the tipping point and is creaking under the strain: two-thirds of animals will be extinct by 2020! Climate changed forever! World population to hit 8 billion and accelerating!” You won’t get this info from the mainstream news! These facts will change your life! Gary courageously presents the most factual news from around the world about major issues of concern. This includes extreme planet change. Also discussed are issues related to land, water, air, food, global volcanic activity, droughts, floods, catastrophic fires, tornados-cyclones-hurricanes-earthquakes, radiation-methane-toxins. These are irreversible disasters. He makes this real with contemporary examples and amazing photos on his site with resource links. He discusses life issues from political and economic decisions in the Complex to spiritual perspectives, from the situations of refugees to crime and wars, from terrorists to ignorant decisions made causing the spreading of incurable diseases. No longer can any of us ignore these facts or accept the fake news we are force-fed every day. No longer can we be fooled by disinformation, spin, ego or distraction. Gary Walton presents facts we have a need to know…updated. He discusses beliefs, perspectives, and interpretations with an emphasis on the importance of immediately facing reality. Gary calls for fact-based input and articles from listeners and readers for We have never before seen the scale and acceleration of so much change!

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    Re: Alarm Warning! The Big Earth Wobble: Accelerated Changes! Gary Walton On The Carol Rosin Show

    Post  Carol on Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:05 pm

    Earth Anomalies Spread As 'Huge Global Event Is Underway' - Are Growing Fissures Across The Planet

    Another Sign Of More Earth Turmoil To Come?

    And Why Are The Antarctic and Arctic Plates Shifting So Uniformly?

    By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline -

    The largely overlooked story from The Watchers dated January 16th reported upon a large Earth fissure that has opened up in Northern Cape, South Africa. Still growing at nearly 1,000 feet long and nearly 100 feet deep, the crack in the Earth in South Africa has joined an increasing number of 'Earth anomalies' that have been occuring across our planet.

    As we previously reported on ANP and was reported by NPR also on January 16th, a massive crack in the ice of Antarctica has scientists concerned after the crack grew to more than 90-miles in length. That crack was nearly a 1/3 of a mile deep and according to scientists there, had grown to more than 25 highway lanes wide and has since grown to more than 100 miles long.

    The recent story from Live Science is appropriately titled "Splitsville" within which they report upon a 2-mile-long crack that has recently opened up in the Arizona .........................

    Huge Global Event Underway! Many Instruments Taken Down.

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