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    Post  Carol on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:38 am


    Remember him?

    History has a funny way of disappearing, or as Steve Miller once said, “Time keeps on slipping’ into the future.” Have you ever thought about the weight of memory and the mnenomic strategies we employ just to remember who we are against a psychic landscape that is becoming increasingly distorted and abstract? When you hear about a naked man eating someone’s face in the streets of Miami, you immediately and quite unconsciously do something that seems familiar; check a sports score, listen to a familiar song, stare at a photo of someone you love. While the past is being unmade through the de-sequencing of time lines via the eradication of people that are no longer in the present, the future is coming at us like some sort of weird phantasm that is getting harder and harder to recognize. Don’t worry, Jon Stewart will make a joke about it and make you laugh just a little–or try to.

    Flesh eating zombies, remote controlled aerial killing machines, fetuses encased in gold, smuggled in brief cases in Asia, a chef in Japan cooks, then serves his own testicles. The invisible past. The nightmarish future. You in the present.

    The Venus transit is big. Really big. We’ll get to some of that sticky syncy stuff a little later. But for now, I am going to take you down the memory hole, to try to preserve the image of a man that history here in the US is all too eager to forget and sweep under the doormat of time. John F. Kennedy.

    If and when we speak of presidents past now, Lincoln’s name is almost always near the top, followed by FDR and then Reagan. Washington gets a bit of a nod since he got first. But rarely is Kennedy spoken of or mentioned and if he is, he’s associated with some weird curse that haunts a fallen Irish family; old dirty money frayed and eaten away by invisible moths that dust them with the spell of death, from generation to generation.

    Kennedy was a Gemini–an archetypal Gemini. He lived in two worlds, dated and bed multiple women, even while married and was mastering the art of double switch and double cross. What we saw of Kennedy was the fusion of practical idealism, the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in the 10th House. What we didn’t see was the horny Mars/Jupiter conjunction in the 8th, along with just about every other planet of significance there as well; Mercury, Sun and Venus. Five very personal planets, hidden from the public’s prying eyes. But that 8th House is the skeleton key to Kennedy. To understand it and JFK, we must first meet his father Joe.

    The old man was born in 1888 and lived until 1969. His father, “PJ” made his money in saloons and was a bare fisted street politician, organizing the rough and tumble Irish immigrants into a political machine. Let’s cut to the chase with Joe. He was brilliant and shady. He made a fortune during prohibition (which he fought for BTW). He bought Canadian Whisky from the Bronfmans in the north and rum from Onassis in the south. Yes, that Onassis, who imported not only distilled sugar cane, but other, more deadly vices. Joe Kennedy made a killing on illegal booze. (Though there are those that will dispute this).

    The old man was a shark and an opportunist with an eye to the future, as a result, he got into show biz. Moving to Hollywood, he formed the famous studio, RKO Pictures and even produced a few films, mostly for his Hollywood squeeze on the side; “Gloria Swanson.” Joe made his money in movies and theaters and got out. The real killing to be made was in the stock market, where he was tipped off to the great crash before it happened. Then he sold short afterwards and made money while people were losing it. Then he moved back into the market, buying millions of shares for pennies. The old man was connected. He would later use those connections, many of them of the rather sordid, underworld type to get his son elected. In essence, Papa Joe was connected to the elites of his time. Its important to understand this, because it impacts dual nature of Kennedy and the rather secretive ways played out through is 8th House.

    Joe Kennedy called in his old pals to get his son elected. One of them was Meyer Lansky, the famous Jewish gangster. Lansky would provide money and more importantly media clout. He could spin the right headline, in the right paper, on the right day, in the right town, while suppressing news on his rival; Richard Nixon. The only thing that Lansky made the old man promise him, was the the kid would have to keep his nose out of Israel’s affairs. The Kennedy clan heartily agreed and the favor machine was in motion. This would prove to be a fatal mistake for them.

    Once JFK got elected, it didn’t take him long to go back on some of his promises. He had his brother go after Sam Giancanna. Bobby was attorney general and had the Sicilian mob boss in his cross-hairs. Meanwhile, JFK became increasingly impatient with Israel and its expansionist aims in the middle east and actually had veto measures against Israel in the UN. This did not sit well with them.

    That’s where we get double cross, double jeopardy moves that Kennedy orchestrated. One week they’re at the Sands in Vegas watching MK beta moll, Marilyn Monroe sing, while Sam Ginacanna’s in the same room. They’re buying each other drinks and passing Marilyn around like she was plate of hors d’oeuvres. John, Bobby and Sam were all doing her. The next week, they’re busting illegal trucking rings and making Giancanna’s life a mess.

    Gemini is the sign of spy craft and double cross.

    For all of his star power (Kennedy was the first rock star president), his Sun is marginally aspected. He has a Sun/Moon square, a Sun/Venus conjunction and Sun/Neptune trine. The Sun/Moon square is interesting, since his Moon was in Virgo, noted for its overly moral outlook, especially when it comes to being harshly critical of the emotions. Gemini is not into morality plays. Its into experience without judgment. The Venus conjunction of course gave Kennedy sex appeal. He was the first president that unrepentantly flashed it or maybe even had it, though I think that the traitorous (and vain) Woodrow Wilson fancied himself a dandy of sorts.

    With all those planets in the 8th House, Kennedy was aware of conspiracies. One of his greatest speeches of all time touches on this very fact. And you wonder why he’s elbowed out of the margin of the frame, edited out of the movie? One of the turning points for JFK came when he had one of his 8th House dalliances–perhaps the most potently transformational. One of Kennedy’s hottest and certainly his most fated affair was with Mary Pinchot Meyer (10/14/20).

    Mary Pinchot Meyer was the ex-wife of Cord Meyer, then head of the CIA and a 20 degree Libra. Her Sun was exact to JFK’s 20 degree Libra Ascendant. She also had Moon and Mercury in Scorpio in his first house. To say they had a connection was an understatement.

    This was also when the CIA was experimenting heavily with LSD. They had a Harvard professor by the name of Timothy Leary on their payroll. It has been speculated by insider heads that Mary Pinchot Meyer knew Tim Leary through her husband and was getting grass and tabs of acid from him. Powered by an intense Scorpio stellium, she was passing it off to her girlfriends, who were having affairs with elected officials and heads of state. This wasn’t random. This was an inside job. The goddess was supplying her minions with colorless, odorless, micro-powered gnosis. They were instigating the awakening of the feminine spirit in American politics, dosing the patriarchy, staging a psychic coup. And Mary Pinchot Meyer’s alchemical flame was JFK. She would wind up dead in a D.C. park, just less than a year after JFK’s assassination.

    When the two of them would steal away to a Georgetown apartment, Kennedy’s consciousness was getting an epic re-set between the sheets, with the ex-wife of the of the head of one of the world’s most powerful spy agencies. The Vietnam war was in its initial stages, still a “conflict” and had not yet become the blown out social battlefield it was fated to be.

    With Pluto in the 9th, JFK had a deep desire to effect profound and lasting change on the world. He was ready to not just wind down the war, but set the United States on a very different path.

    While it seems like Obama is enacting an executive order every other day now, the EOs have their genesis in the Kennedy administration and were being set up to be used in times of emergency. Well once they were put into place, Kennedy drew up “EO 1111.” With its enactment, he took silver out of circulation for the minting of coins. Kennedy, the master Gemini dualist had plan. He was going to essentially corner the silver market through the Hunt Brothers and John Connelly, then governor of Texas. They were going to run the silver table and then have it become the default currency of the US, displacing Federal Reserve notes. They were going to do this through Texas, which has the right and power to print its own money, since it is a country unto itself, with a renewable treaty, that as a formality, gets re-upped each year. Kennedy, Connolly and the Hunt Brothers were engineering their own clear break. Unfortunately the silver price was manipulated and the Hunt Brothers were left holding silver and silver certificates that dipped wel below their market value. They were ruined. And Kennedy, well you know the rest and if you don’t, well let’s get into it a bit. Grab your miners hat and follow me down the rabbit hole.

    JFK was killed on 11/22 which is of course 33 and the number of the “Sovereign Inspector General” in the Scottish Rite. Dallas is just beneath the 33rd parallel (32+).

    The Sun was in Scorpio at 29 degrees (11). The Moon was in Aquarius at 11 degrees. The True Node was in Cancer, also at 11 degrees. Add all three together and you get 33. Chiron was in Pisces at 10 degrees–in the first house. The event will the have its Chiron return in 2013 on March 13th. Chiron in Pisces is about lifting the veil of illusion, denial and shame and it is very prominently placed in this chart. The Sun at the time of his death was conjunct the mid-heaven at the anoretic degree. But the key elements/symbols to the chart are Saturn/Moon, both in Aquarius, in the 12th House. Classically, the 12th House represents hidden enemies. It has loftier meaning as well, but I am really interested in the Aquarian connection here. Saturn/Moon conjunction can be hard, especially in the air signs. In Aquarius, the emotional body in these two planets is cold, detached, almost clinical. Saturn here is about to be born into awareness as it rises into prominence, in the first house.

    If the Kennedy assassination as some speculate was a ritual, what was it for? In addition to removing a president that was becoming problematic to a number of disparate factions; Israel, The Mob, The MIC, The Black Families, it also triggered the birth of “The Age Of Aquarius.” We can see this with Saturn/Moon, cold, unfeeling and detached, getting ready to hatch.

    On the same day that Kennedy was killed, the Beatles released their second LP, With The Beatles which was their first release in North America. Their previous record, Please, Please Me made its debut on 3/22/63. They began the recording sessions for Please, Please Me on 9/11/62. The album art for both records is interesting, but notice not only the darkness and shadow of With The Beatles but also the single vision, the eye of Horus imagery on each one of the lads from Liverpool. 9/11, 3/22, 11/22. In 1968, on 11/22, The Beatles released The White Album which contained both “Revolution 1” and “Revolution 9” along with of course, “Helter Skelter.” It also happened to be the five-year-anniversary of the death of JFK.

    So here is is my theory; It is my belief that the Kennedy assassination was more than just a conspiracy or even a dark magical ritual–it was an event that hacked and altered this timeline. As a result of Kennedy’s death at that exact time, we’re now occupying the shadow of the the age of Aquarius, a darker, alternate manifestation of what was “supposed” to occur, which would have been a more true and organic realization of unity consciousness rather than the current synthetic version, which would be peddled by another Gemini, two decades later–we’re talking Gemini, George Bush and the “New World Order.”

    With Saturn in Aquarius and the profound Uranus/Pluto conjunctions set to happen up through the “Summer Of Love” not just the US, but the world was aligned to truly “Come Together” and what really happened was that it was ripped apart, torn asunder, trampled under foot by trauma after trauma. We saw the rise of conflict between blacks and whites, women and men, parents and children, the establishment and youth. The Vietnam war was a massive wedge cleaving through all of them, separating, dividing and conquering and not without blood. The war begat violent social activism and spawned the likes of Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground. Ayers would then go on to eventually mentor Barack Obama and even write one of his books, “Dreams Of My Father.”

    If Kennedy had lived, the Vietnam war would have ended earlier and there is no Bill Ayers as we know him and Barack Obama might have had just as good a time running a Hawaiin shirt shack on the North Shore as he’s having now as president. Nixon would have likely never served as president and the dollar would never have been adopted as the world’s reserve currency, used specifically to purchase oil and now teeters on the edge of extinction.

    When we look at cultural ciphers and touch points for the dark age of Aquarius and the crooked timeline we’re now inhabiting, we see Betty Friedan publishing “The Feminine Mystique” which becomes the Gideon Bible for feminists and ultimately fuels more division. In September of 1963, Marvel released the first “X-Men” comic. The “X-Men” are thoroughly Aquarian; rebel mutant outcasts, fighting for acceptance and fighting against the forces of evil that would enslave the world that castigates and demonizes them. And of course, there’s the Beatles, who on the heels of the death of Kennedy, would have themselves inserted into the public’s consciousness and offer up a new form of worship. LSD would become the social sacrament for a generation ready to taste a new religion of electrified revelations. The Beatles in turn would become the avatars of this alternate, dark-new-age.

    Kennedy as we established was a Gemini. George Bush, the man who is said to be intimately connected with the Kennedy assassination is also a Gemini. John Hinckley, the would be assassin of James Brady and Ronald Reagan was born on the same day as Kennedy. Hinckley was the son of one of George Bushes business partners.

    From a symbolic level, the death of Kennedy/Gemini also represents the death of duality. This would have its ultimate manifestation in the fall of the Twin Towers (Gemini) and the next great American conspiracy; 9/11.

    With the erection of the “One World Trade Center” we’re going to witness the capstone of the great plan, which may or may not coincide with the collapse of the global economy, which seems to be creeping ever closer with each passing day.

    In retrospect its easy to see why the life and death of JFK gets more generic and less memorable, whited out in the re-telling of history.

    He was the last president that was an outsider and saw the opportunity to level the playing field.
    When listening to his speech on a vast global conspiracy, one gets a sense as to where he was headed. Flawed, human, but grappling with interplay of shadow and light through the labyrinth of deceit and illusion, Kennedy was the embodiment of America and the hope of true unification for not just the USA, but the world at large. Instead we’re now being force fed a synthetic hologram of disturbed consensus, polarized deeper and deeper at every turn, closer and closer to utter demoralization.


    Something truly big is happening right now with relationships and I’m not talking about MK Beta Kitten, Mary Kate Olson (Gemini) shagging Nick Sarkozy’s brother. Something more slightly akin to the Kennedy/Pinchot Meyer connection. We’re talking soul-to-soul. Why this retrograde and why now? Well, it comes on the heels of the annular eclipse and as a preface to the Venus Transit, which we won’t see for another 155 years! And then there’s the Uranus/Pluto square, which could indeed usher in the clash of the will of the people (Uranus in Aries) and the established corporatocracy (Pluto in Capricorn). With NATO, G8 and Bilderberg all happening on American soil, together, for the first time, it signals that time is almost up here. “Prometheus” opened today and while it might be just propaganda for the gods that walk amongst us, from a Venus Retrograde perspective, its a prequel, which has us re-visit the original “Alien” and out relationship with it. There’s something about this Venus transit as it crosses the Sun, dwarfed by its solar magnificence, that is re-kindles the memory and importance of finding your kin, the members of your own lost tribe and remembering why you decided to come here. This can obviously manifest in one-on-one relationships, but the Sag Moon is not one for sitting still. The human heart doesn’t idle for long in the Sagittarian Moon. The Sag Moon is about emotional FREEDOM. So the Venus transit is sparks re-calibrating and renewing timeless bonds, but with the Sag Moon, it doesn’t settle. Its wild and free. Perhaps its the kind of love that Mary Pinchot Meyer and JFK had, re-uniting for a real purpose of somatic liberation, fusing sex and an awakened pineal gland for an opportunity to re-cast the world in a softer light with brilliant colors.

    Watch for more and more chatter about timelines in the technosphere. There’s a reason for it. Time as we know it is about to change, and we have one shot at jumping tracks back to a more congruent reality. Find your tribe.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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